Recipe for Poha(Aval Upma/Flattened Rice)

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Today comes the wonderful recipe for Poha. I got this recipe from my Maharashtrian friend. I love it very much. It was yummy. Try this easy recipe for Poha and it will be one of your whole family's favorite breakfast recipe from now on. Your kids will never say no for this mouthwatering breakfast.

Recipe for Poha


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Homemade Curry Leaves Hair oil for hair fall and premature greying

I am sharing how to use curry leaves for hair and uses of curry leaves for hair growth. Healthy hair is a result of healthy hair care. Hair oil plays a vital role in the hair care . Hair will be more strong and shiny if you choose the right hair oil for your hair. Think about how healthy your hair will be if you use homemade hair oil with no chemicals and side effects that too with richness of curry leaves. Find out how to make homemade curry leaves hair oil here.

Benefits of Homemade curry leaves hair oil:

Promotes hair growth

Stops premature greying
Stops hair loss
Strengthen the hair
Gives black and shiny look

Homemade Curry leaves Hair oil

Option 1(Ancestral Method):


Curry leaves - Generous bunch

Coconut oil - 1/2 litre
Cardamom powder - optional


1. Wash the curry leaves.

2. Grind it in Mixer with little water.
3. Filter and extract the juice.
4. Heat oil in a pan and add juice.
5. Put the stove in simmer and stir it frequently till it starts turning into dark color(black residues start forming) or the bubbles start coming. Filter the oil and use it. The black residues can also be applied on hair since it is also good. 
6. Add cardamom powder if you like the fragrance.Add it now and then.

Option 2(Very quick and easy method):


Curry leaves - Handful

Coconut oil - 100 ml
Cardamom powder - A pinch(optional)


1. Take a handful of fresh curry leaves. Rinse them well.

2. Allow it to dry till there is no moisture left in the curry leaves.

3. Grind it in a mixer and make a coarse powder.

4. Heat 100 ml coconut oil in a pan in low flame.

5. Once the oil starts becoming hot, add the curry leaves and stir it continuously. Add 1 cardamom if you want to get a good fragrance. Do not go anywhere leaving the pan unattended since oil will catch fire easily. Once the curry leaves starts turning to brown color, switch off the stove immediately. By this time, the oil also should have turned to golden brown color. Allow the oil to cool down.

6. Strain the oil using a filter and the homemade curry leaves hair oil is ready for use. Store it in an air tight container or glass bottle.

Your healthy homemade curry leaves hair oil is ready with the goodness of curry leaves.

Check out the video on how to make instant curry leaves hair oil for massaging with fresh curry leaves. You can also follow the same way to make in large quantity.

Note: More videos on different ways to prepare curry leaves are coming up soon. Stay tuned!!


The oil should not be heated very high. It should be in simmer or medium flame only based on the pan and stove you are using. High heat can cause the oil to become rancid. You can also use double boiler to infuse oil with curry leaves if you have one. I will post how to infuse oils in double boiler method soon in case you do not have double boiler.

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Biotique Review - Bio Walnut Bark Shampoo review

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share my experience with the Biotique Bio Walnut shampoo. I tried this product when my friend suggested that all the Biotique products are herbal and can be used without side effects. She has been using the Biotique products for all her needs starting from hair, skin etc.

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Kasturi Turmeric | Make turmeric Face mask with Kasthuri Manjal(curcuma aromatica) at home

Kasturi Turmeric - A widely used natural ingredient in cosmetic herbal medicines which has a unique flavor. It can effectively prevent pimples and give natural fairness to the skin. In Tamil Nadu, most of the ladies apply this on skin daily while taking bath. It is common especially in south regions of Tamil Nadu. People mostly make kasturi Turmeric powder and keep it an airtight container for easy usage. Ladies who apply Kasturi Turmeric daily on their face do not need chemical fairness creams and creams to fight pimples and acnes.

Where you can buy Kasturi Tumeric?

Super markets, Organic stores, Naatu marundhu kadai, Online stores. Previously Kasturi Turmeric was used as one of the ingredients in face creams. Due to its effectiveness and the interest among youngsters to go natural, many brands have started selling pure kasturi turmeric powder.

Kasturi Turmeric in different languages:

Kasturi Turmeric is called Kasthuri Manjal(In Tamil). It is called as Aromatic Turmeric and Wild Turmeric(In English). Scientific Name is Curcuma Aromatica. It is called as Jangli haldi in Hindi, Ran Halad in Marati, Kasthuri pasupa in Telugu, Kasthuri Arishina in Kannada, Kasthoori Manjal in Malayalam, Zedoari in Gujarati. In India, it is popularly known in the name of Kasturi Turmeric. It is widely known as Wild Turmeric in World.

Beauty Benefits of Kasturi Turmeric powder:

1. Fair and Glowing skin:

You cannot understand how much your skin can glow by using this kasturi turmeric unless you try it once. Just apply it on one day. You will love the fairness and glow it gives to your face. When you continuously use it, your face will be ever glowing and fair.

2. Treats skin tanning:

In our native place, we apply kasturi turmeric for face, hands and legs, the parts which are exposed to sun. It prevents you from getting tanned. It is a good home remedy to get rid of skin tanning. Even if you are tanned so much, you can get rid of tanning completely in few days of application of kasturi turmeric powder.

3. Prevents acne and acne scars:

You cannot spot pimples, acne and acne scars on the people who use kasturi turmeric daily. Buying good quality turmeric powder is important to reap the full benefits of kasturi turmeric powder. You can buy it in whole form and you can make your own kasturi manjal powder at home. The recipe is shared at the end of the article.

4. Removes unwanted hair from face and skin:

Regular usage of kasturi turmeric helps to remove unwanted facial hair. Ladies who use kasturi turmeric daily will not have more hair in this skin. It is also one of the main reason for the glowing skin. It easily reduced the facial hair growth on continuous usage.

5. Does not stain much:

When it comes to beauty, Kasturi Turmeric is the one which is widely used. Normal turmeric which we use for daily cooking is not preferred for application on face and skin as it stains the skin and dresses with yellow color. Kasturi turmeric powder does not stain like normal turmeric powder. But it is too good for your skin and face. When there is a natural ingredient to keep you glowing without much staining, there is no need to run behind chemical products.

Kasturi Turmeric Face Mask recipe:

Today I am going to share you a wonderful recipe for the turmeric face pack with the great Kasthuri Manjal/Kasthuri Turmeric which is going to be a secret behind your glowing skin soon. It will also surely increase your fairness.

Find out how to make turmeric face mask with Kasthuri Manjal (curcuma aromatica) at your home. It is very effective to treat acne and other skin problems. It has good antiseptic and anti bacterial properties which helps to keep your skin problem free. 

Turmeric Face mask with Kasthuri Manjal:

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Puli Kulambu Recipe | Tamarind Curry Recipe

Hi friends,

Puli kulumabu recipe(Tamarind Curry) is a very easy to make South Indian recipe if you have the Puli kulambu podi in stock. Check how to make puli kulambu podi(Tamarind curry powder) here. It will be very useful for making lunch for the family even in the busy morning time. It will be yummy if you have this along with boiled Toor Dal. You can store this Puli kulambu in fridge even for a week. The taste will not change. I usually make in large quantity of puli kulambu and store in fridge. It tastes good to have with curd and rice. Thus, you can avoid having pickle for curd rice. If you are a bachelor and do not have fridge, no worries. Puli kulambu can stay good even for 2 days minimum without refridgeration.

Puli Kulambu Recipe:

Puli kulambu
Puli Kulambu

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Puli Kulambu Podi(Tamarind Curry powder) Recipe

Puli Kulambu Podi(Tamarind Curry Powder) is very difficult to get in the market. In fact, I have never seen outside for buying. So, I always go with preparing this Puli Kulambu Podi(Tamarind Curry Powder) at home itselft. If you prepare it once, you can use multiple times whenever you need. This podi will be very useful when you prepare puli kulmabu, vatha kulambu, theeyal at home. It will save your time a lot. Believe me!! So, try this Puli Kulambu Podi(Tamarind Curry Powder) at your home. It has very long shelf life. So do it once and save your time everytime you make kulambu varieties.

Want to make puli kulambu like this one? Go ahead and read out the recipe.

Puli kulambu

This recipe is for long term usage. Click here to see the recipe to make instant puli kulambu podi/kara kulambu podi for one time usage which can serve 4 to 5 people.

Puli Kulambu Podi(Tamarind Curry Powder) Recipe

Puli Kulambu Podi

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