How To Make Ghee From Milk At Home | Desi Ghee | Clarified Butter | Homemade Ghee Recipe

Homemade Ghee can be made from milk, cream, butter and curd. The quantity of the homemade ghee is low when compared to the cream you use. So, I suggest you to collect at least 1 cup of cream before you make the ghee.

Ghee Recipe 

I make ghee once in a week or twice a month nowadays. I use it for daily consumption especially for my kid. I use homemade ghee to add it to the rice. I also keep a bottle of store bought ghee to use while making sweets at home which require more amount of ghee. I strongly believe that homemade ghee is definitely better than the store bought one. So, I make sure that I add homemade ghee for my kid as far as I can. Elder people advise that vegetarians(especially kids) should consume more ghee.

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Order food online from the comfort of your home

Time has gone when you need to stand in a very long queue to taste your favorite food. There are lot of food takeaway restaurants which have online food ordering facility available in Chennai. Ordering food online is easier than ordering in person or over phone call. Even small restaurants started accepting orders online. There are lot of food takeaway restaurants emerging in Chennai. Ordering food online has a lot of advantages.

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Paneer Fried Rice Recipe | How To Make Paneer Fried Rice

Paneer Fried Rice Recipe | How To Make Paneer Fried Rice:

Paneer fried rice is a very easy one pot meal recipe which can be made in a jiffy. Yes. One day my hubby went for his friend's marriage in Kerala. I had to cook only for me and my kid. I opened my fridge to see what to prepare for lunch. There was crumbled paneer sitting for more than 3 days. Immediately I decided to make paneer fried rice.

About the taste:

Tastes great with nicely coated olive oil. Tomato sauce, Carrot and sugar gives sweetness. Drop capsicum if you want only sweet flavor.

Paneer Fried Rice

About the recipe:

Quite easy and very tasty. You need to chop only onion, carrot and capsicum. Crumbled paneer or finely cut paneer cubes works well. Great for lunch and dinner. Serve it for guests, kids to delight them easily. Best for bachelors and to pack in lunchbox.

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Time to Get.Set.Bolt - Amazing features of Tata Bolt and Review

Its time to Get. Set. Bolt. Yes, I am going to review the all new Tata Bolt today which has lot of interesting features.

Tata Motors' newest offering, the all new Bolt helped me to give a relishing moment to my hubby and kid. I was truly excited when I was invited to check out the new Bolt. Due to several personal appointments, my hubby promised to take me to Chennai Trade Center last Sunday. The day was too hectic with lot of shopping and traveling. We had planned to visit post lunch. But it became too late to reach the place. There were lot of traffic and few traffic diversions as well due to political events. It was actually last hour of 3 day event. Every other stall people started closing the stalls and packed their items to leave the place. We were rushing directly to the place where Tata Bolt was available. To our surprise, Tata Bolt was standing bold with too many people hanging around. More people were standing in queue to get inside the car. The people in the help desk were too busy in answering lot of enquiries. It was the only stall which was active even in the closing time. Thank God! It was not a hasty visit as the place was overcrowded:)

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