Choosing the Right type of Slippers for Girls: A Guide to Comfort and Style

 One of the most essential criteria of dressing right is wearing and paring the perfect attire and a good footwear. Yes, style is definitely a game changer for your personality. But you shouldn’t forget that your comfort level should be highly optimum as well. Especially, when it for choosing the attires or footwear for girls, you have to be very particular of picking the right size, the great style and of course something that is extremely comfortable and trendy. Let’s talk about the slippers for girls today. These are one of the most essential and highly used footwear in a girl’s wardrobe. Simply because you get these slipping on your feet super easily and very conveniently. Furthermore, the slippers for women can be worn during any season and most of your dresses. So, here is a guide to choose the perfect slippers for girls, take a look!

·   Check the style first — You get some incredible options of the styles available in the slippers for girls. There are some which are flip flop types the others are broad front styled and others are thumb fitting. Simply look for the style that you think suits your feet the most. Also, your personal choice is extremely important here. And now, the next thing you have to look for the trending styles in the slippers for girls. For example, nowadays the flip flop style slippers for girls are trending and we think these are the best ones to buy for your girls if you are looking for the same.

·   Look for a good brand — Yes, we agree there are plethora of options available in the brands that offer you some really good choices in the slippers for girls. However, it is important that you consider the right brand for yourself. For example, there might be brands which promise you a good quality and very less priced slippers for women. But instead of only checking the images and prices, be sure to look for good quality of these slippers for girls. You definitely don’t want a slipper that will be too hard on your feet and might not even run for few months. A good quality slipper from a nice brand is highly durable, extremely comfortable and soft under your feet and looks good too.

·   The right size — Never ever, we repeat, never ever buy slippers for girls without looking for the exact size for yourself. It is important that these fit in your feet completely and provide you the right appearance you desire from them. When you are spending so much to buy good slippers, ensure that you are at least checking the size chart before buying them. If you are getting it from an offline store, of course from where you have to try it before purchasing it.

·   The budget — You will get slippers for girls ranging from around ₹3000 to ₹300 per pair. Now, it is upon you us how much you can afford to spend for these footwear. There is no logic in opting for a highly expensive pair just for the sake of getting something exclusive. (Unless you can afford it!) Yes, there are some slippers for girls which are extremely durable and of good quality even though they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.
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How to Grow and Maintain a Man Bun: Advice for Men with Long Hair

 In recent years, the man bun has become an increasingly popular trendy hairstyle. This style isn't just trendy, but in addition practical for men with long hair. However, without proper guidance, growing and maintaining a man bun can be difficult. How to grow and maintain a man bun for men with long hair will be discussed in this article.

1.Start with healthy hair 

Having healthy hair is the first step in growing and maintaining a man bun. This necessitates using a shampoo and conditioner that are appropriate for your type of hair, avoiding heat styling tools, and limiting the application of harsh chemicals. It is additionally fundamental to safeguard your hair from the sun and other natural factors that can harm it.

2.Be patient.

It takes time and patience to grow a man bun. The length of your hair now, the rate at which it grows, and the length you want your man bun to be will all affect how long it takes to grow. A man bun usually grows from short to medium length in six months to a year.

3.Get standard trims

While you are developing your hair, it is as yet fundamental to get standard trims to keep it solid and prevent split closes. Your hair will grow faster and stronger if you trim it every six to eight weeks.

4.Right Hairstyle 

To avoid awkward and uncomfortable stages while growing your hair, it is essential to choose the right hairstyle. In order to maintain a neat appearance, we recommend getting your haircut every few months. You can also experiment with various hairstyles to keep your hair looking fashionable and new as it grows.

5.Use Bands

You can begin tying your hair back into a man bun once it is long enough. It matters what kind of hair tie you use. Use elastic bands sparingly because they can break your hair and cause damage. All things considered, use fasteners made of fabric or other delicate materials that won't pull or harm your hair.

6.Hair care 

Good hair care habits are necessary for maintaining a man bun. This means washing your hair on a regular basis, applying conditioner to keep it hydrated and soft, and avoiding harsh styling products that can dry out your hair. Your hair must also be shielded from the sun and other damaging elements in the environment.

7. Experiment with a variety of styles 

When your hair reaches the length required for a man bun, you can begin experimenting with a variety of styles. Tie your hair back into a bun at the top of your head for the classic man bun. However, you can also experiment with a number of different styles, such as a messy bun, half-up man bun, or low bun. You can also play around with various accessories, like headbands, to give your look some flair and style.

8. Keep the hair hydrated 

Keep your hair hydrated because long hair needs more water than short hair does, so it's important to keep it hydrated. This requires drinking a lot of water and using products that hydrate the hair, like hair masks and leave-in conditioners. When washing your hair, it's also important to avoid using hot water because it can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dry and brittle.

9.Avoid overstyling 

While it can be tempting to experiment with various hairstyles and products, it is essential to avoid overstyling. It can be more difficult to maintain a man bun if you use too much product or heat styling tools. The best thing to do is stick to natural, simple hairstyles and use only minimal styling products.

 This is how you care for your man bun!

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Summer Ready: 10 Must-Have Sandals for Women in 2023

 Other than the clear sky and cool vacations, one thing that women definitely anticipate when it is summer are the choices of sandals they can wear during this season. In India, the monsoons make it pretty difficult for women to wear sandals for women at various locations. Even in winter, you are forced to wear shoes with closed toes, which provide you warmth. So, when it is summer, you are free to opt for the open toed sandals and other search footwear that not only look stylish, but are extremely comfortable as well. So, here are some must have sandals for women in 2023 that you should definitely look for.

  1. Classy mules — one of the best choices of sandals for women that are must buy are mules. These look entirely stylish, are extremely comfortable and sophisticated that match all your sundresses and even cotton ethnic wear. 

  1. Sleek high heels — Summer weddings and parties call for trendy, sleek high heels. These can be glass heels with thin striped sandals or regular metal heels with sexy toe design. 

  1. Comfy platform heels — When you’re  heading off to day picnics or beaches during summers, you’ll require a tough footwear that not only is cool, but firm to walk-in too! The platform heel sandals for women are ideal choices for such day time explorations.

  1. Basic flat heels — Don’t forget to grab a pair of flat heel sandals for women in your summer style collection. These flats can be of any design, as long as they provide you a nice solid surface below your feet and ample coverage on the toes, they are perfect for your work and casual outings. 

  1. High heel slides — If you really want to make a classic appearance at work meetings or Summer events, then go for a leather high heeled slide. Though these sandals for women might be a bit expensive, in neutral colours, they match your office wear subtly making you look confident and admirable. 

  2. The ankle tie sandals — So, it is summer and you want to wear all those skin revealing short dresses and skirts! With them, the ankle tie sandals with long heels are a must buy! These make you look sexy, stylish and definitely ready to grab attention at the parties! 

  1. The broad front sliders — When you are off to go anywhere during the summer season, a go to sandal is the need of the hour! Invest in a broad front sliding sandal that is easy to slip on and look magnificent too! 

  1. The pillow top sandals — If you are looking for comfort along with style, then invest in one of the pillow top sandals that are ideal for summer days. These cushioned sandals provide you a layer of comfort under your toes and a good design on the top of it makes it a perfect footwear to wear over your ethnic attire.

  1. The buckled sandals — Ladies, buckles and buttons are trending this summer! So, even when you are opting for a summer footwear, go for the sandals for women which have buckles over this side or on top to look stylish in them.

Stringed sandals — For ideal fit when you are off on the beaches and vacations, go for the stringed sandals that clasp your feet naturally. For the styles in these, you can opt for the sleek ones or thick layer on the top or even the ones that are partially covered.
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