#BestforBaby Event by BabyChakra in association with Johnson & Johnson

You must have attended a lots of events and sessions related to the parenting and baby care, most of all would be about thousands of lectures and seminars. I recently had an opportunity to attend an event by the best parenting community Baby Chakra in association with Johnson & Johnson. Baby Chakra is one of the prominent trusted childcare network in India. If you are looking to connect with other moms, experts or childcare services, BabyChakra is the right platform for you.

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Chinos and Cargos – Summer Essentials

Everybody loves their semi-casuals. It allows us to throw on some sophistication without being too restricted. Chinos are the focal point of many a smart casual portrait and come in more shades than just the traditional khaki we normally associate with them. Ideal for a business coffee meet as much as a couple of pints at the pub, chinos are versatile and come in a range of cuts and designs. Add this cool and refreshing fashion item to your wardrobe this summer.
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How to plan a vacation with twins or multiples?

How to plan a vacation with twins or multiples?

Managing twins or multiples is double the task, and we always fall into very tired mommies criteria. We will be desperately longing for a me time. How about planning for a vacation sound for you? Wow, that’s so exciting is it? Well, I can read your mind saying on the other hand “vacation? And that too with twins? That’s another mess, staying at home will be much better”.  Even after getting the flight tickets booking done for vacation, I always have this second thought. Here’s this article to help you with few tips while planning for vacation with twins or multiples.

Plan for the right place: 

Plan for the right place for vacation. The change in climatic condition will have an effect on the babies and they should be able to cope up with the same. The climatic conditions should be good, extreme heat will cause a lot of problems, you can choose areas with mild climate or cool climate.

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Himalaya Herbals Pure Hand Sanitizer Review

Himalaya Herbals Pure Hand Sanitizer Review:

By Lavanya.

For those of you, who are spending a lot of time outdoors, need to take special care of their skin and hair. We all know this and we are also ready to spend a lot of time, money and energy to have the glow back to our skin and hair. But, how many of you pay the right amount of attention to your hands? These were the hands which were once soft and smooth. But now the hectic outdoors schedule and the excessive pollution has taken away all the beauty and glamour from your hands. But the hands are most probably one of the most important organs – most in use and most abused. 

We need to keep our hands not only good – looking, but also completely sanitised as we perform most of the vital functions like eating and handling our kids. However, utter neglect turn our hands into two freckled, rough and smelly surfaces, the sight of which is surely going to turn people off.

These were the problems that I was facing a few years back. The problem was aggravated when I was posted in a place away from home, and had to manage my laundry, wash my dirty dishes and utensils all be myself, continuously for two years! And the result was two hands, which looked like the hands of a 80 years – old lady. I was so shocked with the effect that all those detergents were having on my skin, that I started to look for remedies on that very day. Also, the pollutants, dirts, impurities made it worse.

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Mama Earth Products Review India - Face Mask, Body Lotion, Body Wash

Mama Earth Products Review India - Face Mask, Body Lotion, Body Wash India:

By Sangeetha.

We received a sample of Mama Earth Calming body wash, Mama Earth Nourishing Body Lotion and Mama Earth C3 Face mask for review. All the products are primarily made with natural ingredients. They are not loaded with chemicals. Nowadays, many products are made solely with harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and synthetic fragrances. According to MadeSafe.org, there are 8k known harmful chemicals. Mama Earth is the only MadeSafe certified brand in India.

Mama Earth Products Review India

Mama Earth calming body wash Review:

Fresh feel and a clean skin is what a mom requires in this summer to have a much closer bonding with the baby. Mama Earth calming body wash works miracles on your skin. This gel type body wash deeply cleanses you skin and gives a soothing effect. Its fragrance is one of the major factor that makes you fall in love with the product. Mama Earth calming body wash is free from any harmful chemicals. 

Mama Earth Products Review India - Mama Earth Body Wash

Mamaearth calming body wash is not very soapy, it acts as a cleanser and does the job really well. It thoroughly cleanses the skin and nourishes it. 

Aloevera helps in cleansing the skin and Vitamin E present in it nourishes the skin. Vitamin E also helps in retaining moisture and avoids dryness in the skin. 

The fragrance is not very strong, it has a mild fragrance that gives you a fresh feel and calming effect which makes uplifts your mood. 

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Project Thiramai to Empower Rural Women By Smile Foundation & Pepsico

Project Thiramai to Empower Rural Women By Smile Foundation & Pepsico:

Project Thiramai is an initiative by PepsiCo and Smile Foundation that has provided a vocational training in tailoring to underprivileged women across 12 villages in Tamil Nadu. There are 4 training centers set up in Mamandur, Nelvoy Road, Salavakkam and AP Chathiram. 235 women who graduated from this vocational training program were facilitated with certificates and free sewing machines in the convocation ceremony held on May 10, 2017, at Kancheepuram.

Project Thiramai came into being post floods that struck Chennai and its neighboring areas, leaving many villages in complete distress. The purpose of Thiramai is to equip disadvantaged women with skills through free vocational training, thereby improving their livelihood.Not just that, it also offers graduating students job placements at the business houses that are located around the area. The graduates, who are all women, also have the option of working from home, making it easier for them to maintain a work-life balance.

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Elite Matrimony Feedback

Every girl has big dreams about her wedding and even bigger dreams about her life partner. For a few, such a wedding happens like a breeze. For few others, it’s quite a toil. Especially in a country like India, where marriages are like a celebration with supreme importance, it becomes even more cumbersome. It is just not about finding the right partner but also about identifying the perfect family. That’s because marriages are just not about the unison of two individuals but of two families. All of us would have a friend or relative who has been unsuccessful in finding the perfect match. We also would have heard tales of not-so-successful marriage due to various reasons.

From my family’s personal experience, I have an interesting story to share. There is this cousin of mine named Haritha. A very well bred, intellectual and independent girl from a financially sound background. Being born and brought up in Bangalore, she was very specific and keen on what she wanted out of her partner and her marital life. The downsides of her was her weight and few knots in her astrological charts.

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Kilimanjaro Climbing

Kilimanjaro Climbing:

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountains in Africa that is free standing. It has turned interest of many climber to its side and impresses everyone to take an adventurous tour. Kilimanjaro is composed of three volcanic mountains Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. Uhuru peak is the highest summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro never fails to have its visitors increasing every year. Its mountain beauty and a natural landscape becomes a good trekking experience for the visitors. However you can never start your trekking alone, you will always need to have a guide beside you to help you. There are many online services who assist in planning a trek to Kilimanjaro, Mojhi.com does its best to make your trekking experience easy and memorable.

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Fab Bag May 2017 Review

Fab Bag May 2017 Review:

Hello  girls,

Here is the review of May Fab Bag. The theme is 'The Beauty Trippin'. The Fab Bag contains some of the best beauty and makeup products to keep you looking and feeling best during any adventure in this scorching heat. May is the month when everyone thinks about vacation eve though it is summer. The total number of products is 6 and the total value comes around Rs.1200. The 1-month fab bag subscription is available for Rs.599. You can also avail the most popular 3-month subscription which costs Rs.1599.

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Himalaya Neem Face Wash Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash: A Wonderful Friend For Your Skin

Greetings to all the lovely ladies. Recently, the prominent brand Himalaya Herbals conducted an event 'Chennai Ponnu' at Chennai. Chennai has seen a lot of changes in the recent years. Even a lot of changes in the lifestyle of Chennaites. Most of think that Chennai has changed a lot and we have lost our own culture. The 'Chennai Ponnu' event including their ad video made us to realize that we never gave up our culture and tradition irrespective of the radical changes we have seen so far. I got a complimentary Himalaya neem kit including neem face wash, neem face pack and neem face scrub. Himalaya Neem face wash is not something new to me. I have been using it for few months. Neem and turmeric are widely used in Tamil Nadu for skin care their beauty benefits. Any girl who knows the value of neem and turmeric who definitely love Himalaya Neem kit as the products contain neem and turmeric.

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Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub: For The Freshness and Brightness You Had Always Wanted

By Lavanya.

My love story with the Himalaya skin products started with the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash. My acne – prone skin had great relief and the pimples were no more. I was happy. So was my skin – soft and supple and glowing with the goodness of neem. 

But problems never seem to abandon me as far as my skin is concerned. Once I had heavy make up on on my cousin’s wedding. And before the night was over, my skin started itching. There were red spots and a burning sensation. I removed the make up with a regular soap and also used neem face wash. But the aftermath of putting on make up taught me that my skin needed extra care as far as removing the everyday dirt and make up is concerned.

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Himalaya Neem Face Pack Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Pack Review:

By Lavanya.

I am back with more of neem products. This time with the Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Pack.
All of you working ladies, with your skin getting a lot of exposure to sun and dirt, heat and sand and the endless pollutant gases emitted by the vehicles, know what these do to the skin. After a few days of moving out, your skin starts showing effects – pimples, blackheads, lifelessness, roughness. It even gets darker and loses its softness altogether. All in all, you might stop loving your skin anymore.

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