7 Healthy Tips to Help You Maintain Your Hair Texture and Retain its Beauty

Hair problems are currently one of the most common issues for people of all ages, genders and hair types like straight hair, curly, etc. Factors like stress, pollution, and lack of care drive your hair through progressively worse stages until you are left with dull, lifeless hair with severe hair fall issues.

Taking care of your hair is a process that yields slow results, but the end is undoubtedly worth it. Here are 7 simple steps that you can incorporate into your daily routine to maintain your hair texture and retain its beauty:

  1. Know Your Hair Type: This is the most important tip, as not knowing your hair type will lead to the wrong kind of care and cause all your efforts to go down the drain without reflecting any real benefits on your scalp. The various hair types are curly, wavy, coily, combination, afro-textured and straight hair.

  2. Shampoo Your Scalp: It is essential to concentrate only on your scalp as the whole purpose of shampoo is to get rid of the dirt on the scalp. Plus, shampooing your hair will cause dry and undernourished flyaway follicles.

  3. Condition: While it is unnecessary to condition your hair after every wash (especially if you have smooth, straight hair), conditioning at least a few times a month is essential. It protects your hair from external damage and increases shine, strength, etc. Make sure only to condition the length.

  4. Oil Before Washing: Your scalp naturally produces oils that alert you when your hair needs washing. This oil is essential to avoid any damage shampoo can cause to your hair and protect it from stripping away its natural protein, texture and such. So, apply a bit of oil and leave it on for an hour before washing.

  5. Lay Off the Heating Tools: Heating tools are among the most harmful products for your hair. The sun's heat is harsh enough; this additional heat can make the damage irreversible. Make sure to limit your usage of heating appliances like curlers, straighteners, hair dryers, etc. If you need to, apply some heat protectant or serum beforehand.

  6. Choose the Right Products: The hair care industry only sometimes recommends the most beneficial products to its customers as it is a profit-run industry. You have to know your issues and choose organic products that will benefit your hair and care for it naturally. Avoid parabens, sulphates and other such toxic chemicals.

  7. Eat Right: Lastly, your diet significantly impacts your hair, so if you are not eating right, your hair care efforts might not even work. Fill up on protein, poultry, fish, beans, lean meat, zinc, omega acids, vegetables, fruits and more to give your hair all the necessary nutrients.

With these simple tips and more from Myntra Studio, you can flaunt your shiny, smooth straight hair without any problems. Check out Myntra Studio for more information!


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4 Body Care Routines You Definitely Should Follow

 With the frantic stress and excitement of Diwali preparations for the upcoming festive season, along with the approach of harsh winter winds, your skin could use some extra care. It tends to get a little dull and lifeless while being preoccupied with the constant chaos of life. To solve this problem, what you need is a significant body care routine with products from brands like Just Herbs to provide organic nourishment to rejuvenate your skin and retain its healthy glow.

Just Herbs products are bound to refresh your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients. Here are 4 essential body care items that you must always keep at hand to never overlook your skin's needs:

Body Wash: A body wash is a current alternative that replaces bar soap everywhere because of its more gentle and beneficial formulation. You can find great body washes in the market made with lotus extracts, rose petals, orange, neem, turmeric, etc., along with distilled waters of rose, sandalwood and more. The combination of these ingredients gently and effectively exfoliates, cleanses, brightens your body and leaves behind a smooth feel. You can top your body wash off with some body scrub to eliminate any remaining dirt.

Hair Mask: Your hair is an essential part of your body that needs to be taken care of very carefully. Without proper care, hair tends to get damaged and leave you with hair fall issues. Hair masks are created as an intense conditioners meant to soak into your hair and revitalise its roots to make it stronger and healthier. Masks infused with the goodness of amla, bhringraj and such without any toxic chemicals like parabens, sulphates and cruelty-free products are just what you need. These are suitable for all hair types, and you will need a change with just 20 minutes of application.

Body Lotion: When you take a shower, the layer of natural oils and dead skin cells that acts as a protectant against bacteria gets stripped off, leaving your body skin unguarded for skin damage. When stepping out of the shower, replacing these oils with a compelling body lotion is best. You can find creams and body butters made with paraben-free formulas featuring ingredients like coconut oil, wheatgerm, moringa, aloe vera and jojoba to take care of all skin types and keep your skin soft and safe.

Eye Cream: The area around your eyes is among the ones that are majorly affected by stress and lack of rest. Going without eye cream would result in baggy, constantly growing dark circles that will diminish the glow of your entire face. Applying eye creams enriched with the goodness of refreshing ingredients like cucumber, green tea, carrot seeds, almond and more will brighten, hydrate as well as soothe these dark circles.

With the Just mentioned above Herbs body care items and many more, you can ensure your body is always taken care of. So check out the latest range on Myntra and start shopping for your favourites!

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Check out this latest anarkali suits on Libas for Diwali Celebration!

 Anarkali suits are a latest trend which has engulfed the Indian fashionistas nowadays. And when the style is so much appreciated, you’ll definitely find it on Libas, the best site offering fabulous ethnic wear. And since it is Diwali coming nearby, you will be searching for some good attire to wear during this festive season. So, why not look into the Libas website and find these amazing Anarkali suit pieces from there.

  • Printed cotton Anarkali suit – If you love prints, then Libas has some really enticing designs and patterns stored. In for you. Their 100% pure cotton Anarkali suits with lovely prints are definitely a must have this festive season. You pick from the marvellous floral prints, geometrical patterns or random shapes and look fabulous during your festive gatherings.

  • Embroidered georgette Anarkali suit – For all those who love to look royal and elegant during the festive functions, georgette is the perfect fabric to opt for. When this material turns into glamorous attire like an Anarkali, its beauty increases. Then you have these suits in different embroidered patterns on Libas. So, it’s the perfect match for your sophisticated appearance for the festive outings this Diwali.

  • Printed pastels in Anarkali suits – Anarkali suits look attractive in all shades. But there is a unique charm in this dress if you wear it in pastel shades. These colours like light peach, purple, pink and cream can look marvellous with the flared pattern of Anarkali tops. You can pick the ones from the Libas website in light prints and look really superb wearing it on all occasions.

  • Blue zari work chanderi Anarkali suit – Chanderi Anarkali suits have that lovely feel to them that are sure to look impressive in all patterns you wear them. And libas offers this chanderi Anarkali suit with light blue zari work on it. You will love the gorgeous glow of this zari work over this attire which makes the dress look even more engulfing and definitely worth wearing during the different functions during Diwali.

  • Green solid rayon Anarkali suit – We are sure you are going to attend all the formal Diwali meetings this festive season as well. So, have you decided what to wear at those events? Well, Libas has the solution for you here too. You can pick the green solid coloured rayon Anarkali suit that not only looks attractive, but is also pretty subtle and suitable for such formal events.

  • Grey self design chanderi Anarkali suit – For self design pattern lovers, you have some really cool designs presented in the Libas website. You will love the grey self design Chanderi Anarkali suit that has a lovely appearance and looks perfect on semi-formal events and functions.

  • Yellow striped cotton Anarkali suit –We just love the spectacular bright yellow colour of the striped cotton Anarkali suit on the Libas website. It is extremely comfortable and totally cool – perfect for your day parties during the festive season.

This Diwali, look different and trendy flaunting the lovely Anarkali suits collection from Libas and enjoy the festivities like never before.

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Stylish Shoes for Mens

Stylish Shoes Guide: Different shoes that you can wear based on your outfits

Finding stylish shoes for mens is a huge task. Stylish shoes for mens are not rare but quite expensive to get. The stylish shoes for mens are costly enough that not every time you can buy a new pair of stylish shoes for mens. One can have basic black shoes or brown formals or a pair of sneakers or boots, but what more?

What can one like in excess of a phenomenal closet of stylish shoes for mens? They're the sovereign of embellishments, the cherry on top of each and every outfit — and a piece of the time, they can be as large an arrangement as your outfit itself.

Stylish Shoes for mens is an unquestionable requirement — on the off chance that you finish every one of the styles that are in pattern as well, you can bring back the old style and wear those footwear. You shouldn't play with multiple choices; you basically need not very many footwear that you can wear with a wide assortment of outfits.

Anticipating that you should avoid quick plans and sleek matches, you can rather pick steadily persevering through choices. You can go over the top and pick a couple of crazy footwear as well! Everything relies upon you!

To overcome your confusion of what kind of stylish shoes for mens to buy, we have a stylish shoes guide right here for you. We have here for you different kinds of shoes that you can pair with various outfits and look more than amazing!

  1. Loafers

Loafers are a couple of shoes that can look great on all outfits. They look wonderful with pants, quick jeans and chinos. The right loafers will amaze your date and guarantee you look handily cleaned.

Finding the right arrangements of shoes for a date might at any point look like finding the ideal individual - there are lots of components to think about preceding chasing after an extreme end. While we can't help you with finding your ideal pair, we can help you with finding the right arrangements of shoes.

  1. Classic White Sneakers

A portion of the time even the most intelligent of men like to go nice and subsequently wear Tennis shoes. Likewise, with the nice taste as renowned as anyone might imagine, it's perfect to have a go-to loosened up footwear decision. Shoes are ideal for many agreeable shoes. These look great on your ordinary pants and shirts and even look great with regards to wearing them under plain shorts with a printed half sleeved shirt!


  1. Boots

The phenomenal thing about boots is that as it advances with wear, the shoe begins to recap a story. Several calfskin lace up boots are a really important development to each man's colder season wardrobe. Select a lower leg high, dull, or faint gritty shaded boot and sleeve your pants for a nice, edgier snazzy. Wear this for a cowboy look!

Now if you have read through all of the above stylish shoes for mens guide, grab yourself one of these and ace every outfit in these stylish shoes!

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Girls guide to buying best undies based on current fashion trends

 girls underwear is a very important inner garment. The girls underwear is the first piece of clothing that a woman wears before wearing other clothes. Considering the fact that girls underwear is very important, the market of girls underwear has grown to a large.

Lately, girl underwear come in all styles and patterns and colors and moods! They have the best kind of fabric used than any other piece of clothing because it happens to cover the very sensitive part of the woman's body.

Everyone wears clothing regularly, however the majority of us don't discuss these private clothes enough. It is likely the main thing of dress in the closet.

They could not just represent the deciding moment of an outfit, the correct styles at any point will likewise ponder for you — by helping your certainty and solace levels.

Girls underwear is a crucial garment. Another review proposes that your innerwear might uncover a ton about what sort of a sweetheart you are, thus a rising measure of ladies are picking consistent undies, and that implies they don't have anything to stow away. We can all concur that noticeable underwear lines are a no. They can be hard to stay away from, particularly with regards to tight or sheer dress. With the different unsettled style, it tends to be precarious to track down the right underwear to wear.

Hence, in order to choose the correct pair of Girls underwear, we have a list of trending Girls underwear for you. These are some must-have Girls underwear that a woman needs to have in her closet!

Printed Boyshorts:

The boyshorts will forestall the abnormal undies line at the base. The high abdomen boyshorts will likewise make your body look slimmer under the tight dress. Wear a bare or white shaded pair under pastel dresses in the event that the material is excessively sheer.

Bikini Undies:

Commonly, they are thin on the sides with a high-scaled leg line and back inclusion with a belt that lays on the hips. You can consider it in the middle between the strap and briefs. They give you a perfectly measured proportion of inclusion while still keeping an alluring outline.

Sexy Thongs:

The higher cut of straps won't have noticeable undies lines and you will not need to stress over your clothing being longer than your garments. A few shorts will generally ride up, so the higher cut will keep your undies stowed away from view.

Each lady ought to possess no less than one of these, despite the fact that they probably won't be the most agreeable of clothing to wear in fact. A swimsuit underwear sports a high-cut leg, with a slight portion of material running up the rear of your butt.



Each woman ought to have no less than one of these, for times when boyshorts consistent clothing actually don't cut it. G-Strings cover barely enough, while ensuring that there are no unattractive underwear lines under skin tight apparel.

So, these as per us are the most trending and must have girls underwear that one must have!

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Must Have Shoes For Women

 The importance of footwear has been etched into our memories very wisely by movies. Whenever you watch a film, you must have noticed how an important character is introduced in a special way: their footwear is shown before their face is revealed. This itself means how much the right kind of footwear is crucial to complete our look.

You can’t be trying to pull off a dapper look wearing flip-flops with your jeans or flats with a mini dress. Matching inappropriate footwear with a perfect outfit is a recipe for disaster, which is something you’d want to steer clear of. Also, since different shoes for women are available these days, you cannot be wearing sneakers on every occasion. 

Shoes for women are more than just accessories. Women’s shoes complete the outfit in the best possible manner, and having the right pair to be combined with that dapper outfit is something that you can master with this little guide. If you want to know which shoes are suitable for particular events, you need to read this quick footwear guide. 

  1. Sandals: Sandals are synonymous with women’s footwear because they are the first thing that comes to our mind when talking about ladies’ footwear. Having a pair of sandals is extremely crucial because they are so versatile, you can pair them with different outfits such as your dresses and skirts too. They are super casual and can be worn on a daily basis.

  2. Party boots: Imagine being invited to that exclusive party where your crush would be making a dapper appearance. If you want to steal his heart, the only way would be to wear that sequined mini dress and complete the look with party boots. These thigh-high boots will set you for an exclusive look at the party. Just slip your legs into these leather babies and be assured of making heads turn.

  3. Slides: If you’re looking for something casual but also chic, slides are a decent option. Instead of opting for plain slides, you can settle for the ones embellished with either pearls, sequins, or glitter. This will give them a heavier look. 

  4. Ballerinas: Ballerinas are one of the most comfortable shoes for women that you will ever find. These versatile footwear can be worn both during a casual outing and at parties, depending upon their design. The elastic grip on the lining will ensure your feet stay firm in the shoes.

  5. Sneakers: Let’s bring the street style look back into fashion by pairing your casual look with chunky sneakers. White sneakers are a classy option to be worn with your skirts, dresses, and jeans. But if you want a more trendy look, you can opt for pop-colored sneakers such as pink, orange, green, and even neon palettes to make a style statement. When in doubt, just wear sneakers, and you’re good to go. 

These are the best shoes for women that you can start shopping for. Make a style statement everywhere you go, with one right pair at a time.

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Chest workouts at home

Most of the time, for some reason or the other, people are not able to keep up with their promises, especially the promise of good health. But if you’re firm on taking a step towards better health, congratulations! Whether or not you plan on joining a gym should be a hindrance to a better physique.

If you have a gym membership, but at times you cannot go, due to your conflicting work schedules or the traffic or simply because you’re feeling lazy, we bring to you some chest workouts at home.

If you have always dreamt of that hot body like your favourite celebs and models sport, you need to start doing chest workouts at home. These workouts can be done in the comforts of your home, with and without any equipment. If you are dreaming about showing your buff body in those shirts with a few top buttons undone, start doing these chest workouts at home right away.

  1. Incline push ups: This is a good warm up and an easy chest workout at home where you can start with your hands on the wall with your body making a 45 degree angle with the floor. Keep your body straight and lower yourself towards the wall, pause for a few seconds before you go back to the start position. Do at least 20 repetitions of this exercise.
  2. Flat bench press: Lie on your back on the bench with your legs on the floor. Hold barbells in both your hands and keep your hands above your chest. Slowly lower the weight towards your chest and pause for a few seconds before repeating the movement.
  3. Pushups: Get into a plank position, keep your core tight and maintain a straight spine. Bend your elbows at 45 degrees and lower your chest towards the floor while maintaining a straight line from head to heels. Aim to go as low as you can and press your chest away from the ground until your elbows are straight. Do 3 sets of this exercise with 8-12 repetitions each.
  4. Chest dip: Stand facing the two parallel bars and grasp them with your hands. Straighten your elbows and press into your hands while lifting your body so it is in line with your hands. Bend your elbows and lower the chest towards the hands. Pause and go back to the start before repeating the process.
  5. Resistance band pullover: Anchor the band on something solid and lie on your back with your head towards the anchor point. The band should be 1-2 feet above your head. Hold the band and keep your core tight and elbows straight while you pull the band towards your hips. Slowly return back to the start point with control. Do 3 sets of this chest workout with 8-12 repetitions each.

These are the best chest workouts at home which you can do with and without equipment. If you keep doing these exercises regularly, alongwith a proper diet, you will start noticing results.

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5 effortless morning outfit to create a cozy look

Mornings are boring, especially when you have to get ready and pick an outfit which is both comfortable and trendy. What is an appropriate morning outfit? We had the same question. But as we've got an answer, we'll help you find an answer too. Following are 5 effortless morning outfit to create a cozy look-

  1. Oversized shirts 

Wearing an oversized shirt is probably the most comfortable morning outfit. It takes literally zero effort and still is enough to make you look trendy. Oversized shirts, especially white ones, can be worn in multiple ways. You can wear it with a belt on the waist or if you’re skeptical of stepping outside your house, you can pair it with jeans with the lower buttons of the shirt open. Trust us, this is going to make you fall in love with oversized shirts and you will surely ask for more. 

  1. Track pants and a T-shirt

Track pants, be it any style or colour, is comfortable and trendy enough for you to take your morning outfit to the next level. Pairing any track pants with an appropriate t-shirt is a must. Styling your track pant or sweatpants with baggy t-shirts is trending now-a-days. You can style your track pants in multiple ways for every occasion. 

  1. Oversized dress t-shirts

Just like oversized shirts, oversized t-shirts can also be a perfect morning outfit. You can either wear just an oversized t-shirt, or add a belt, an open shirt over, or wear it over biker shorts, or even baggy jeans. These oversized t-shirts are both extremely comfortable and fashionable. Pairing them with appropriate Chunky or y2k jewellery will make you trendy!

  1. A comfy dress 

Dresses are designed in such a way that you feel both confident and comfortable altogether. These dresses can be worn for every occasion and even for a casual day out. Wearing a bright dress on a sunny morning will make you feel like the main character. A cotton dress is the most comfortable outfit for the morning but any loose dress is perfect as a morning outfit. 

  1. Simple t-shirt and shorts 

Shorts are easily the most breezy part of an outfit. Styling shorts is easy and simple. You can wear it with literally anything, a shirt, a t-shirt, a coat, a crop top anything. From biker shorts to barmuda shorts, from sweat shorts and from wool-twell shorts to knit shorts, there are over hundreds of styles of shorts you can select from. The best part is, styling your shorts for your morning outfits is very simple and almost effortless. 

These are a few of the morning outfit inspirations you can select from to entertain your boring mornings. We are sure you would rock each and every outfit mentioned here. These outfits are easy to put together and even easier to look trendy in them. Do try these outfit ideas and make your mornings less boring and more bright and shiny. 

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