How to Wear a Kanchipuram Saree Perfectly – 3 Variations

This is wedding season if there’s anything that will get you to channelise your inner diva, it’s the Kanchipuram sarees. A Kanchipuram saree is not necessarily worn by the bride only. It is the first choice of south-indian women who want to make a classy yet ethnic statement in their traditional look.

If you think Kanchipuram sarees are only for older ladies, you need to check out the trending ways the younger generation is carrying this drape. To make your Kanchipuram saree a modern affair there are several different ways to style and drape it.

From wearing your Kanchipuram number with designer blouses to accessorising it with statement jewellery and styling your hair in a certain way, there are numerous ways you can style your saree to make a statement.

If this festive season you are planning on going all ethnic, we suggest you wear a

Kanchipuram saree. You don’t necessarily have to buy a new one because you can even style one of your mom’s Kanchipuram sarees in a trending manner. So, let’s check out a couple of trending ways to wear this drape.

Designer blouses: Instead of wearing your saree with the same blouse, you can beg to differ in a designer blouse. Since your Kanchipuram saree will comprise golden prints, you can pair the look with a golden embroidered blouse. Puffy sleeves or cold-shoulder blouses will give your traditional look a bit of a modern twist. These days high neck blouses are a hit, which can be paired with your plain Kanchipuram saree. In such cases, it is ideal if your blouse is heavily embroidered because that will balance out the look. You can opt for contemporary touches in your blouse designs such as tassels on the back or the hem of the sleeves or even a little feature work on the sleeves.

Amp up your jewellery game: Traditional gold jewellery will look regal with your Kanchipuram number. Long gold necklaces will give you a traditional look but if you are aiming for a modern look, choker necklaces are the ones to opt for. To tweak up your look, even more, you can accessorise with pretty headbands or even bracelets and bangles. Jhumkas and ear cuffs can also make a beautiful impact on your traditional look.

Play with the draping style: Instead of wearing your Kanchipuram saree in the same old way, you can amp up your style by changing the way you drape your saree. You can wear the saree in a lehenga style if you want a princess look. To keep your style aligned with the modern trends, you can accessorise your saree with a gold belt, which will also keep your pallu and pleats secured. But if you’re the bride, a nice, sheer veil on top of your head will set you up for a royal yet elegant look. You can opt for a different-coloured veil to keep up with the contrasting trend.

Try these amazing ways to style your Kanchipuram sarees and set yourself up for a whole new look which will make you turn heads in every party you walk into.

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