Best Face Serum for Oily skin and Dry skin in India

Top and Best Face Serum for Oily skin and Dry skin in India - Best Serum for Face of different types - Anti-aging, wrinkles, Vitamin C serum, dry skin, oily skin for men and women:

Women are the majority users of cosmetic products (Make-up).Make-up, are substances or products used to enhance the appearance of the body. When we talk about beauty what runs in immediately is the Facial part of the body. Women take a step ahead in maintaining the beauty at its best. Gone are the days where beauty was defined only to the people in cine industries or in professions like air hostess, receptionist etc. Now people want to bring the best of their beauty by taking a step ahead just from home itself.

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The Pirate Ship - Colgate Magical Story

Whenever my kid watched the all new Colgate Ad with magical stories, he asked me to buy Colgate. I promised him to get him Colgate, but asked him to weave stories like those children. He also promised me to come up some great stories if I get Colgate for him. Colgate wrapper is not something that you can easily throw off. It has free magical sea world inside just to mesmerize your kids.

After sending my kid to school, I spent a little more time than usual in the supermarket located in my community. I had observed that there are 4 sets to collect. They are Pirate Ship, Coral Reef, Sea Magic, Treasure Hunt. I wanted to give all 4 sets to my kid.

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Free hand Rangoli Designs

Free hand Rangoli Designs - New and Latest Free hand Rangoli design images for Diwali, Pongal, Margazhi, New Year etc:

What are Freehand Rangoli designs?

Freehand Rangoli designs are rangoli designs that can be easily drawn with your hands without any instruments or measurements. Free hand rangoli designs can be easily drawn without dots. 

Most of the freehand rangoli designs are drawn using a structure like curves, leafs, shapes, flowers etc. Many people find free hand rangoli designs to be easier than rangoli designs with dots. 

With rangoli designs with dots, you cannot be more creative. You have to follow the rangoli pattern considering the dots. But, with free hand rangoli designs, you can be quite creative and you can cover even the whole street.

People who do not have more experience in Rangoli designs or basic drawings should learn with simple free hand rangoli designs first. After learning to draw simple freehand rangoli designs, they can easily upgrade to difficult rangoli designs. 

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10 Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees - Pattu Sarees

Top 10 Blouse Designs for Silk Sarees - Blouse designs Pattu Sarees, wedding silk sarees, bridal sarees:

Sarees are one among the prettiest and gracious attire for us, women. There are several varieties of sarees available in the market but the most traditional and authentic variety is the silk saree. We fondly call the silk sarees as Pattu sarees in Tamil Nadu. Silk sarees are mostly only preferred for festivals and important occasions. Even in silk saree, there are numerous kinds that keep popping up on the market very often. 

Well, whatever be the kind, the blouse of the silk saree plays an important role in enhancing your look. The blouse has to be stitched according to the body shape, structure and the saree pattern. Also, the occasion for which it will be worn should be kept in mind. Blouse design for silk sarees play a major role in enhancing the look and lustre of the saree. Plenty of blouse designs for pattu sarees are available in the market. Here is a list of few of our favourite silk saree blouse designs that many popular actresses have opted to wear. You will definitely love every single blouse design that they have carried out. Of course, they do not choose the blouse designs for silk sarees simply. They choose the blouse designs for pattu sarees and other sarees according to the suggestions of their designers. Few of the actresses will have personal designers who know what type of blouse designs would suit the actresses. Some of them go for designers who are specialised in the particular type of costume.
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How to make French Fries at home, French Fries Recipe on Stove Top, Tawa, Without Deep Frying, Without Oven

How to make French Fries at home  - French Fry Recipe on Stove Top, Tawa, Without Deep Frying, Without Oven:

Don't you have an oven but love to make French Fries at home? You might think that you can make homemade french fries by deep frying only. Many of you might already know the fact that deep frying potatoes are not good. The next option you could think immediately would be baking. If you are someone who do not own an oven, then this is not an option for you. So, what will be the last option? This 'Homemade French Fries Recipe on Stove Top Tawa Without Deep Frying, Without Oven, Low Fat' post will be the answer for you.

How to make French Fries at home, French Fries Recipe on Stove Top, Tawa, Without Deep Frying, Without Oven

This is the third time I make French Fries at home. I had already tried to make homemade french fries 2 times before. Though I managed to make some tasty homemade french fries without deep frying in the first attempt with boiling and toasting, I failed to do in the second attempt as I tried to completely bake them without oven as I bake cake without oven. So, I stick to boiling and toasting when I make french fries at home.

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Lehenga Blouse Designs with images

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Half Saree Blouse Designs Blouse:

Hello, Peeps. Being in India, Don’t we all adore ourselves in Sarees and Half-Sarees also known as lehengas in today's trend? Definitely! Aren’t we right? Well, but that is not simple. We aren't used to wearing them often. Many wouldn't even have an idea on how to wear a saree but lehenga are quite simple when compared. We, for sure will rock all the traditional occasions in these ethnic attires. And the process behind it is a little lengthy that only we know ;) 

Lehenga or Lehnga also called as Ghagra, Chaniya  is basically a full ankle-length skirt that is embroidered and pleated. Lehenga is being used only for festivals and functions like wedding functions as most of the lehenga designs are heavy with different works like embroidery work, zari work, patch work, sequins work, artificial glass work. Lehenga is worn as the bottom portion for Gagra choli or Langa Voni. Gagra Choli is nothing but a combination outfit of a Lehenga, tight Choli and dupatta. It is the most preferred festive attire in India nowadays. 

Names of Lehenga or Lehnga in different Indian Languages:

Ghagra -  Hindi

Ghagra -  Urdu
Ghagra - Punjabi
Ghagra - Gujarati 
Ghagra - Kashmiri 
Pavadai - Tamil
Lacha - Malayalam 
Langa - Telugu 
Langa - Kannada

Gota Patti is one of the popular lehenga types that is picked for festivals, weddings and  other functions.To pick out one for an occasion, We confuse ourselves to choose it by considering various factors! The material on which would go well with our body type and shape, those that is of ease to carry around that whole day, the colour combination that will make us look fabulous and of course special and unique design to be highlighted among the crowd. 

Lehengas come in a lot of fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, net, crepe, satin, chiffon, brocade and khadi. As lehenga is seen as party wear, silk is the most preferred fabric for making lehenga. When it comes to lehenga, options are unlimited. Women even have the choice of customization of lehnga. As they are available in different colours, patterns, fabrics, work, lehengas are the most preferred wedding attire by brides, especially for wedding receptions. Not only the brides, even their close friends, family members, relatives would love to flaunt in lehengas during wedding receptions.

In olden days, only the dupatta was given more importance and women made sure that it has a heavy work. Mostly the lehenga and choli were kept simple with least or no work. This outfit was their everyday wear. But nowadays, lehenga and choli are given more important whereas dupatta stays simple.

Even after choosing by sorting out all these, the lehenga blouse design is yet another major thought in all our minds. There are many ready made blouses available but the key on the fantastic and awesome look lies in getting the blouse stitched perfectly. As the blouse of the saree can transform the entire look of the saree so effortlessly. Here we help you to resolve that confusion and to give you an idea on many available blouse designs that are on the rise in the market.

We have picked out the top 10 blouse designs for lehenga and Here goes the choosy list of lehenga blouse designs especially handpicked for you, the gorgeous and wonderful ladies.

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #1:

$_12 (1)

This lehenga blouse design is one of the latest best-suited designs for lehenga. The high neck with a partition in between followed by the bust area gives an entirely different look for the design.

Transparent ¾ net sleeves are also on the trend these days. Even if the blouse material does not come with the net material, you can buy net material on your own that will suit the colour of the lehenga and use it for stitching the blouse.

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Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Best Hair Growth Oil for Hair Growth in India:

Hair fall has become a common problem due to different reasons. Insufficient maintenance, poor diet, poor lifestyle, environmental influence are few of the many reasons that affect the health of your hair. Like every other part of our human body, hair needs proper nutrition to stay healthy and shiny. There should be a balance between the intake and external care when it comes to hair. Without proper diet, the hair growth cannot be controlled by just external application of any hair oil. Without proper external products and maintenance, hair growth cannot be controlled by just intake of foods. Even if you take a good amount of almonds, curry leaves, amla, sesame seeds etc, the hair growth will not be good if you do not apply oil, regularly or if you do not do proper combing. So, if there is a proper nutrition, hair and right products used, hair fall can be highly controlled and a good amount hair growth can be expected.

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Hello girls, how are you all doing? I have received this month's July fab bag with some interesting products. I received the bag  on July 4th itself. The theme is 'HELLO GORGEOUS'. It comes in a blue bag with lips printed all over in pastel pink color. As usual, I expected some stunning products inside this cute bag. I was literally waiting for the lipstick from SUGAR COSMETICS. Read on to know about all the products in detail.

July fab bag review

SUGAR It's A-Pout Time! Vivid Lipstick - Peachy Little Liars:

About the product:

A stunning lipstick from SUGAR cosmetics. It is a creamy and moisturizing lipstick. It is a classic matte lip. The lipstick is available in 6 shades. If you have opted for 3,6 or 12 month's subscription, you will be given an option to choose your favorite shade. Shade for 1 month subscribers will be customized by the team.


It is enriched with micronized pigments and silica micro-beads that glides easily and settles to a gorgeous matte finish. 


  • Start from the center of the upper lip and move outwards to the corners. 
  • Blot your lips with a tissue and reapply.

Received Full-size product.
Price: Rs.599.

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Creamy Potato Wrap Recipe | Aloo Frankie Recipe with Sour cream

Creamy Potato Wrap Recipe | Aloo Frankie Recipe with Sour cream:

This creamy potato wrap recipe will not be rejected by most of the kids. It makes a great breakfast or evening snacks. Actually I was planning to make this wrap with fresh cucumber slices and tomato slices along with homemade sour cream. I realised that I did not have tomato later. I ended up making aloo wrap finally as I could not think of any other recipe in the last minute. This aloo frankie was too good and tasty. I am very sure that it is a very healthy too. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and read the full recipe.

Potato takes time to cook. I was already running out of time and I did not have time to pressure cook the potatoes. So, I grated the potato and boiled it. I had confidence that it would get cooked very soon. It got cooked quickly as I thought.

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Easy and Simple Rangoli Designs for home, housewarming and competitions

Easy and Simple Rangoli Designs for home, housewarming, and competitions:

Though most of the women do not have opportunities to draw rangoli daily due to their time constraint, rangoli still takes a sweet corner in every woman's heart. Be it celebrations, festivals, functions like housewarming, college symposiums, conferences, competitions or any special occasions, women take the pride to draw beautiful rangolis.  Time has changed and rangolis are not being drawn regularly in any home. But still, they are alive during special occasions.

Before going through the rangoli designs, let us see a simple checklist that will be helpful for you.

The first thing you have to do is choosing the right rangoli design for you. You need to keep the space constraints, timing constraints, and color availability in mind before choosing your rangoli design. Then, you can proceed with choosing the rangoli design that satisfies most of your requirements even if you not all.  You can even choose 3-4 designs initially. Then you can choose the final one at last.

Try drawing this in a paper. Yes, if you are a beginner, you must try drawing it on a paper before you jump directly in the drawing. If you cannot draw neatly in a paper, drop that design and try another design. If you find the rangoli design is difficult to be drawn even in paper, you cannot draw easily on the floor. Now, you can shortlist 2-3 designs based on your choice and confidence level.

Go for a shopping to buy the colors. If you are already having few color powders at home, check them out. If you are going to draw rangoli for any special occasions, do not try to manage with few colors. If you want to draw eye-catching rangoli designs, you really have to take a pain of going outside for shopping color powders. Do not forget to buy a chalk piece.

Now, you are all set and ready for drawing rangoli on the floor. If you are drawing the rangoli design for home or housewarming, your pre-planning job is done. If that is not the case and you are going to draw rangoli designs for competitions, college or any other place, you have to pack all the colors carefully.

Here are easy and simple rangoli designs for home, housewarming, and competitions. All the rangolis added in this post are really simple and takes only a little time to draw. We have picked the rangolis carefully so that they are simple and easy enough for even a little girl. All the rangoli designs shown here need only less space, less time and do not need any expertise. If you have ever drawn a drawing in a paper, you can draw this with proper planning.

Simple Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #1:

Rangoli chennai

This simple rangoli design can be drawn by anyone including kids. This is one of the best simple rangoli designs that you can do. The beauty of this simple rangoli design lies in the border given the yellow color flowers in a contrasting color. The green and yellow combination is mesmerizing and makes this simple rangoli design a very attractive one. Flowers in the middle makes this rangoli kolam gorgeous. I personally feel that if dark red roses are used along with the yellow color, this pookolam will look more attractive.

Choose this rangoli design to decorate the spaces which have less area to put rangoli. When you are lacking in time but want to draw rangoli, you can choose this easy rangoli design. This is a very easy rangoli design that can be easily drawn by kids too.

You can either decorate this rangoli kolam with flowers or rangoli powder. The choice is yours. But make sure that you choose contrasting colors to make it attractive. Also do not forget to draw borders in contrasting colors to make it absolutely stunning.

Simple Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #2:

This rangoli takes place in the list of simple rangoli designs. You do not need to ignore this rangoli kolam as it looks smaller. With contrasting colors, this easy rangoli design looks very beautiful and make the place very attractive. It will surely attract everyone who sees this rangoli.

Do not choose dull colors for this rangoli as the kolam might not look brighter. Always choose bright and contrasting colors to draw this rangoli. Before drawing this rangoli, you need to plan ahead as you might need to buy more colors. Avoid using yellow color completely in this rangoli. You can use it in the center flower of this rangoli in case you are keen on using yellow color or a bigger fan of yellow color. But it is better to avoid it in the outer layer. As yellow color stands out and looks odd. It suppresses the beauty of other colors and the kolam might not look a well balanced in terms of color combination.

You can draw this either as a bigger rangoli design or a smaller rangoli design. If you have a pretty much larger space with no restriction in the space limit, you can draw this kolam as a bigger one. If you are limited by space, simply draw this a small rangoli kolam. All you need to do is resizing according to your space availability.

If you really want to make a bigger rangoli design for competitions, just draw another outer layer similar to the current outer layer.

If you are planning to draw this rangoli design for competitions or home, do not forget to buy contrasting colors that can make this kolam a stunning one.

This simple and easy rangoli design can be drawn with rangoli powder or flowers.

Simple Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #3:

This simple rangoli design is an exclusive rangoli design for rangoli. Pongal pot is the main thing for Pongal and there can be no better rangoli without Pongal pot drawn. This easy rangoli kolam is very simple that can be drawn for Pongal rangoli competition even if you are a beginner. Just make sure that you draw a proper circle outside the pot. It is better to put this rangoli with chalk piece first if you are a beginner as you have to draw the circle very neat. Otherwise, the rangoli will not look good.

You can draw sugar canes on both the sides of the kolam to make it more attractive. I would suggest having the pink color as it is. It is better if that circle does not look either bright or dull. The pink used in the rangoli is apt for this easy rangoli design.

If you are looking for a rangoli design for competitions with any other theme, you can just replace the Pongal pot with any other drawing that is related to your theme. You can maintain the other layers as they are.

Simple Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #4:

This is a peacock rangoli design that looks simple and neat. Even if you have space restrictions, you can choose this peacock rangoli as it can be drawn even in small spaces. The only difficulty with this peacock rangoli is the availability of peacock blue and green colors. The peacock blue might not be available everywhere and they are not easily accessible to everyone.

I highly recommend you to choose this peacock rangoli design for competitions but you should ensure that it has peacock blue color before choosing this rangoli design. If you use any other color instead of peacock blue, this peacock rangoli design will not look good.

Even though it is highly apt for competitions, this is an easy rangoli design for home too even on normal occasions. Though we might think that it is difficult to draw peacock rangoli design, this design is so simple and can be easily drawn by anyone.

Simple Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #5:

This is one of the easy rangoli design for home. The highlight of this rangoli design lies in using the orange color which takes this simple rangoli design to an extraordinary one. The leaves are beautifully colored with green color. The number of outer layers is moderate and they are making the kolam more crowded. 

You have to start drawing this rangoli with a simple star. Then continue with the outer layers. Please note that there are no color restrictions to draw this rangoli. Any colors will do. But make sure that you replace the orange color only with some other bright color so that this simple rangoli looks elegant.

Easy Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #6:

If you are in a real hurry, just choose this simple rangoli design blindly without any second thought. You can complete this rangoli in few minutes. It is really helpful when you do not have more time to spend in drawing a rangoli. There is nothing complicated in this rangoli.

Even kids with a little practice of drawing kolams can draw this rangoli in a jiffy. Choose some bright colors to transform this easy rangoli to an outstanding one. You do not need to be someone who draws rangoli frequently. Women who draw rangoli very rarely can pick this simple rangoli design as choosing big rangoli designs might land you in a painful job that can really make you sick most of the times.

You can choose this simple rangoli design for house warming in apartments. In apartments, you might not have more space to draw big rangolis. You can draw only small rangolis in front of flats. This rangoli can be picked in that case. It can also be chosen to draw in front of pooja shelves. It is suitable for even very small pooja rooms too. 

Easy Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #7:

This simple rangoli design was sent by one of our readers as her entry of  rangoli design for competition. This easy rangoli looks beautiful with plenty of flowers. Though it can be colored with rangoli powders, this kolam looks very good when you decorate flowers. She has beautifully chosen the right combination of colors without much distraction. If the outer circle is drawn properly, this rangoli should look more beautiful. If you get red rose petals, do not ignore it. You can draw a layered border outside the white flowers. You can decorate the borders of the layers with bright red rose petals and decorate inside with white flowers. That will look more stunning. 

This rangoli can be drawn in the home, pooja rooms, in front of pooja shelves and lobbies. This rangoli is best for competitions held for Onam as you can simply place a lamp in the middle of the kolam. You can even place number of small lamps or diyas on the border of the outer circle. 

You can choose this rangoli to draw in colleges. When you conduct symposiums, festival celebrations, conferences, you can choose this rangoli design blindly to make the area colorful. You can draw this in the middle of a big hall too. 

Easy Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #8:

This is an elegant and simple rangoli design that can be drawn by anyone. Flowers can be used in this rangoli but you can also use rangoli powder of different colors to color this easy rangoli. Do not try to save powder or flowers while coloring. It should be crowded so that it should look beautiful. Even in this rangoli design, you can use bright red flower petals to make it outstanding.

Ignore the outer circles if you do not like it. You can also ignore it if you have space constraints or time constraints.

You can choose this simple rangoli design for house warming, home, college conferences, college festivals, competitions, college symposiums etc. Drawing this rangoli in the middle of a big hall will be really attracting everyone.

Easy Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #9:

This is another easy rangoli design for home, competitions, and house warming. The design is quite simple. Even the coloring is very simple and easy that can be done very quickly. You do not need any fancy colors to draw this kolam. Just ordinary colors will make the kolam look beautiful.

Do not miss drawing the lotus flowers outside the rangoli if you want the rangoli to be a bigger one. If you have a space constraint, just ignore drawing the flowers.

As this rangoli has been originally drawn for pongal, the person has drawn Pongal pot, sugar cane and also left a written message. You can do the same as per your theme. 

Easy Rangoli Design for Home, competitions, housewarming #10:

This is our last rangoli design in this series. This rangoli design looks graceful without much effort. A few simple layers are drawn very easily and then they are colored beautifully with simple colors.

As this rangoli was drawn for Karthikai deepam, small deepams have been drawn in the outer layer. You can also note that not too many colors were used in this rangoli. So, if you have only very few rangoli powders, you can choose this kolam. Even if you draw with repetitive colors, this rangoli will still look good. 

The bright and light blue colors used are very contrasting and make the colors more interesting. The pink color outer layer makes this rangoli look beautiful.

Hope you like the post 'Easy and Simple Rangoli Designs for home, housewarming and competitions'. If you like this simple rangoli designs , please share this post with your friends and family through social media sharing buttons.

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Importance of catching up the lost growth of your children

Mothers always tend to become panic even if their children catch cold. Although we know that it will take 7 days to get rid of the cold, we constantly monitor them. We take utmost care starting from giving medicines and trying out different home remedies. We will feel relaxed only after the child is fine. It is a problem of 7 days. But some mothers have to constantly worry about their children if they are lagging behind in height and weight.

Heredity plays an important role in deciding the child's height and weight. But we must ensure that the problem is with the food and lack of nutrients. Some child might look slim because of their heredity. Some children might look fat because of their heredity. It is not always a problem. The problem is when your child is lagging behind in height and weight because of the poor nutrition.

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