Homemade Paneer Recipe | How To Make Paneer At Home

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I would like to start this post first by telling you that making Paneer is not at all a calculus problem. Making Paneer at home requires very minimal effort and it is as simple as addition problem.Homemade Paneer is very good for health and great nutritious food item for kids.  Read more to find out how to make Paneer at home.  The instruction may look lengthy but they are very easy steps explained in a well descriptive manner.

I do not prefer buying Paneer from outside for two reasons. I cannot have the assurance of quality. It has very less shelf life and I am not getting fresh paneer packs most of the time. If I buy Paneer outside I am forced to prepare Paneer recipes continously at least 2 to 3 times to avoid wastage. These reasons forced me to try Paneer at home. I make it fresh and consume it in the next day. Yes, I use 500 ml milk and make Paneer. I use it in the next day for preparing some gravy with Paneer. Check the Paneer Butter Masala recipe in restaurant style here.

I have made Paneer lot of many times at my home. But I got time to shoot the step by step pictures only this time since my mom is taking care of all the work :-) I am totally relaxed. Just giving food for my kid, enjoying with family and spending my free time with my blog. Nice na..

Homemade Paneer Recipe | How To Make Paneer At Home:

Homemade Paneer Recipe | How To Make Paneer At Home:


Milk - 500 ml(without adding water)

Lemon juice - 2 - 3 tbsp or curd - 125 ml(I used lemon juice)

Note: This is to make Paneer for one time usage in a gravy which can be served for 2 - 3 people. If you want more Paneer, increase the quantities of the ingredients appropriately. You can check how much Paneer you can make using 500 ml in the pictures below.


1. Boil 500 ml milk in medium flame. Once it starts boiling, put the stove on simmer.

2. Add 1.5 tbsp of lemon juice to the milk and stir well for some time. Add the remaining lemon juice little by little and stir continuously till the whey separates completely. Use the leftover liquid to make Naan, Parottas to make it sweeter.

3. Take a vessel and a cheese cloth/clean dhoti cloth or any other clean white cloth which can help you in draining. It should be big enough to drain it and to tie it up later.

4. Wash the Paneer if you use lemon juice for curdling to remove the lemon flavor if you wish. 

5. Place the cloth on the vessel. Strain the Paneer. Keep the liquid for making roti, parotta or naan if you wish.

6. Tie and hang the cloth with the Paneer on top of a sink/pipe or any other place. Do not disturb it for at least an hour. I used rubber band to air tight it.

7. Flatten the cloth with the Paneer on a flat base which can hold a huge weight. I used the bottom of a stainless steel plate. Place something which weighs more on the Paneer to take up the excess water. I used chapathi maker. Also, I kept another stone for more weight. Let it sit for another hour.

8. Carefully remove the Paneer from the cloth and shape it in a square or rectangle shape. Keep it in a container and refrigerate it for at least an hour. Do not keep in freezer.

9. Take out the Paneer and cut it in the size as you wish.

Storage Instruction:

Keep it in an air tight container. If you store Paneer in fridge, it will be soft and good for 4 days.

Hope you try to make the Paneer at home. Be healthy by using only homemade Paneer as far as possible.

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