1. ru200812 September 2015 at 14:34

Great recipe. My son loves SB sambhar, and keeps telling me to learn how to make it. Finally he enjoyed the sambhar I made today using your recipe. Thanks!!
Recipe Link - http://www.pinkandpink.com/2013/10/saravana-bhavan-sambar-recipe-idli.html

Semma soooper sambar. Loved it.....love ur blog .thanks

3. ahalya24 January 2016 at 00:57

Dear sundari...Made rava cake. Came out well. This s really an amazing set up.very well written instructions. Thank you so much.
Recipe link - Eggless Rava Cake

4. santhosh sana5 January 2016 at 22:12

first time am drink this musk melon juice nice.. nice article...
Recipe Link - Musk Melon juice

5. AshokGuganesan Annadurai11 December 2015 at 21:56
Thanks for sharing good thing . gas gone ..

6. Post Link - Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil review

I just started using it 10 days back, starting to see some difference in hair fall..hope I get good results like u.

I have Used this Hair oil , its work well on my hair. Hair growth is there but hair fall not tat much controled. We should use this hair for 1 month then we can see the result. still now i am using it .. it nice :-) :-)

Hi your blog was very helpful, i lost half of my hair in 2 months due to change in water and shampoo, i just tried this oil feeling good and relaxed after applying it. 

Recipe Link - Kollu Rasam Recipe

Tastes so amazing and supeeer easy ! Love it !

Great job.......... Super.....
Nice blog, Keep it up!
Great to see your blog. It's really informative.
Nice blog. Lot of information. I like the name of your blog, sounds catchy:)

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