Satiate your cravings at ice-cream parlours in Bangalore

Summer has arrived and it is time to relish yourself with some brilliant flavors of smooth and creamy ice creams. I am sure that scorching summer is torturing you not only physically but also mentally. Take time to chill yourself by heading into some of the best ice cream parlours in your city. We present you a list of best ice-cream parlours in Bangalore.

1. Cream & Fudge:

If you want to taste ice creams with ultra creamy textures in a fantastic parlour, you just need to head into Cream & Fudge Ice cream parlour. They have a wide range of brilliant flavors to entice you. We can select our favorite flavors. The ice cream is hand folded on a frozen marble stone with our choice of mix-ins of nuts, fruits, candies and fudge. Do not forget to take your kids when you go. They will praise you for sure:)

Cream & Fudge operates not only in India but also in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. They have branches in most of the important cities in our country.

Right now, Cream & Fudge is available in the following locations.

Address #1: Cream & Fudge: Kmj Arcadia Industrial
No.15, Kmj Arcadia Industrial Main Road, 5th Block, Koramangala, Near Jyoti Nivas College Bangalore – 560095 Tel: 080-40943794, India

Address #2: Cream & Fudge: New BEL Road
#202, New BEL Road, Bangalore – 560054 Tel: 8041270999, India

2. Haagen-Dazs:

Want to taste some international luxury ice creams? Haagen-Dazs is the right place to taste international ice creams in the city. The ice creams are expensive but still you will not get disappointed. Sorbets and Fondues are huge hits among the people.


1 MG Road Star Centre, Shop No 9, Ground Floor, 1/2, Swami Vivekanda Road, Trinity Circle, MG Road, Bangalore

3. Corner House:

Corner House is one of the popular ice cream parlours in Bangalore. It is established in 1982. Corner House has different branches in various locations. You can check the addresses in their website. They proudly say that they are delighting customers over 25 years with their irresistible ice creams. They have some unique ice cream creations like the DBC(Death By Chocolate), Trilogy and Cake Fudge. The bill will not hurt your pocket too much. So, make sure that you visit Corner House in this hot summer.

Are you ready to taste the best ice-creams in Bangalore? Also tell me, what is your favorite ice-cream joint in your city?
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