#SachchiAdvice From My Dad

It was almost 12 years ago when one of my cousin was diagnosed with a critical illness. She was too little to get cursed by the almighty. Everyone in her family, relatives including me and friends were all in grievous mode after listening to the news. I was very close to her and at that time I did not know how to handle that situation.

My parents did everything to help her get better, they were mostly busy in traveling with her and her family. They use to leave me at my grandma's house with my sister, for time they used to be away. My sister was very young and obviously I could not share my worries with her. It felt like I was left alone in the sea of sorrows. I could not eat. I could not sleep. I could not concentrate on my studies. I could not control my thoughts and worries. I always used to think about my cousin, as how life changed for her at such a young age. Then my cousin underwent a major surgery and it was successful fortunately. The whole family was happy and so was I but I kept thinking about life in general, as how a person who looks so healthy can suddenly fall sick. Anything could happen to anyone at any time.

After few days of the surgery when my parents retuned back, they noticed my behaviour. I was not talking to anyone, I hardly used to eat anything and due to that I got unwell. My dad took me to the doctor and while we were on our way he talked to me about how I was feeling about the whole situation at home. After I opened up with him, he only gave me one Sachchi Advice which I remember till date. He made me understand that Life is full of up’s and down’s, we should live for the moment. Life does not stop for anyone, we need to move on and accept what comes in. We should always have a positive attitude about life and accept all challenges. After my dad's advice, I understood what’s the importance of life is and we should spend each moment with a smile. As there’s no point thinking over something which we could not change and the best part was my little cousin also started feeling better after the surgery. 

The advice given by my dad really brought positive change in my life. Even now, I am following the same advice and stick to it whenever I feel sad and I am happy now and face all problems on my own.

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  1. Although it's possible and inevitable to accept that life is full of ups and downs, it's very difficult to keep smiling in all situations.