Lehenga Blouse Designs with images

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Half Saree Blouse Designs Blouse:

Hello, Peeps. Being in India, Don’t we all adore ourselves in Sarees and Half-Sarees also known as lehengas in today's trend? Definitely! Aren’t we right? Well, but that is not simple. We aren't used to wearing them often. Many wouldn't even have an idea on how to wear a saree but lehenga are quite simple when compared. We, for sure will rock all the traditional occasions in these ethnic attires. And the process behind it is a little lengthy that only we know ;) 

Lehenga or Lehnga also called as Ghagra, Chaniya  is basically a full ankle-length skirt that is embroidered and pleated. Lehenga is being used only for festivals and functions like wedding functions as most of the lehenga designs are heavy with different works like embroidery work, zari work, patch work, sequins work, artificial glass work. Lehenga is worn as the bottom portion for Gagra choli or Langa Voni. Gagra Choli is nothing but a combination outfit of a Lehenga, tight Choli and dupatta. It is the most preferred festive attire in India nowadays. 

Names of Lehenga or Lehnga in different Indian Languages:

Ghagra -  Hindi

Ghagra -  Urdu
Ghagra - Punjabi
Ghagra - Gujarati 
Ghagra - Kashmiri 
Pavadai - Tamil
Lacha - Malayalam 
Langa - Telugu 
Langa - Kannada

Gota Patti is one of the popular lehenga types that is picked for festivals, weddings and  other functions.To pick out one for an occasion, We confuse ourselves to choose it by considering various factors! The material on which would go well with our body type and shape, those that is of ease to carry around that whole day, the colour combination that will make us look fabulous and of course special and unique design to be highlighted among the crowd. 

Lehengas come in a lot of fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, net, crepe, satin, chiffon, brocade and khadi. As lehenga is seen as party wear, silk is the most preferred fabric for making lehenga. When it comes to lehenga, options are unlimited. Women even have the choice of customization of lehnga. As they are available in different colours, patterns, fabrics, work, lehengas are the most preferred wedding attire by brides, especially for wedding receptions. Not only the brides, even their close friends, family members, relatives would love to flaunt in lehengas during wedding receptions.

In olden days, only the dupatta was given more importance and women made sure that it has a heavy work. Mostly the lehenga and choli were kept simple with least or no work. This outfit was their everyday wear. But nowadays, lehenga and choli are given more important whereas dupatta stays simple.

Even after choosing by sorting out all these, the lehenga blouse design is yet another major thought in all our minds. There are many ready made blouses available but the key on the fantastic and awesome look lies in getting the blouse stitched perfectly. As the blouse of the saree can transform the entire look of the saree so effortlessly. Here we help you to resolve that confusion and to give you an idea on many available blouse designs that are on the rise in the market.

We have picked out the top 10 blouse designs for lehenga and Here goes the choosy list of lehenga blouse designs especially handpicked for you, the gorgeous and wonderful ladies.

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #1:

$_12 (1)

This lehenga blouse design is one of the latest best-suited designs for lehenga. The high neck with a partition in between followed by the bust area gives an entirely different look for the design.

Transparent ¾ net sleeves are also on the trend these days. Even if the blouse material does not come with the net material, you can buy net material on your own that will suit the colour of the lehenga and use it for stitching the blouse.

The end of the sleeves possesses thread embroidered design similar to the skirt border gives an elegant look. This lehenga blouse design will look good on all the lehengas that are light in colour with a bright blouse.

This lehenga blouse design pattern will go well with synthetic, georgette kind of sarees that has a free flow in it. The half white skirt with pink patches and works does complete justice to the blouse colour and style. You can very well go for this if you want to add glam to your look.

Choose this beautiful lehenga blouse design

  • if you have a netted lehenga.
  • if your blouse and dupatta come in the same colour.
  • if the blouse does not have a heavy design on it to show-off.
  • if you want to try a different neck pattern in the front.

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #2:


Ah! This lehenga blouse design with round collar will certainly stand out in the crowd as many do not opt for this. This is a full sleeved blouse with floral self-design that matches the border of the skirt. If your blouse comes with a heavy self-design, choose this blouse pattern.

The high-necked collar with floral designs and golden zari enhances the neck pattern blouse design. It is a low back neck cut out that has a golden designed border as in the shawl to take off the monotonous look. Even if the blouse does not come with golden thread work, you can buy it separately and ask the designer to use it on the back side. 

This doesn't require a neck piece and minimal accessories are more than enough to suffice the look. The model is wearing a single heavy neck piece and big earrings. You can choose the lipstick shade to match with the self-design of the blouse that will make you look elegant.

Choose this beautiful lehenga blouse design

  • if you want to showcase a new lehenga blouse design on the back side.
  • if the blouse has a self-design.
  • if the lehenga and dupatta are simple.

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #3:


Any combination with golden colour will obviously rock the show, especially for the wedding ceremonies. This authentic red, gold and cream combo will be stealing many hearts for sure. The netted ¾ sleeve with a small golden border is at its pure elegance. The non-pointed blouse with a mid length U-cut with few golden works and a piping at the bottom of the blouse will be perfect for every delightful occasion. 

Small and simple accessories are the best bet on them. The model is wearing a simple yet elegant neck piece with a matching earring and bangle. If the accessories are in golden colour, you will look more traditional. Hip chain adds a lovely charm and is an interesting accessory to pair up with sarees, half sarees or lehenga.

Choose this beautiful lehenga blouse design

  • if you want to stitch your blouse with a simple net material
  • if you want to show off a beautiful design on the front side of the blouse
  • if you want to keep the neck work simple yet elegant
  • if you want to stitch a blouse with 3/4th hand

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #4:


Here comes the pattern for our most worn silk kind of sarees. The usual square neck with a heart shaped bottom is the little twist in the design that makes the look so new and fabulous. It is full sleeved with a border at the end. This eliminates the necessity for us to accessorise the hands. Pink and gold blouse and skirt is self-designed and has few patch works. The contrasting blue shawl with a gold border for the pink blouse and skirt gathers the attention of everyone.

Choose this beautiful lehenga blouse design:

  • if you want to keep the lehenga blouse design simple yet attractive
  • if you are looking for a new blouse design with a simple twist in the design
  • if you want to stitch the blouse with full sleeves and a border at the end.
  • if you do not love accessorising your hands with jewellery but do not want to leave unattended.
  • if you like to have the blouse stitched with a thin border around the neck.

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #5:


The short sleeves with a lot of thread work make the little sleeve so complete. The body of the blouse itself is patterned in stripes similar to skirt border. The front neck is broad not so sharp edged square and the back neck is a low cut square. The low cut is compensated with a knot along with the few hanging embellishments to make it look complete and not plain. It would best suit for skinny people to look broader. The model has very well matched the ear drop with the knot. This is a type of a choli cut that has a tight fitting, low neck, and short sleeves. It is best to wear during hot seasons like summers. 

Choose this beautiful lehenga blouse design

  • if you want to stitch your blouse with a lot of thread work.
  • if you do not like to stitch the blouse with sharp edges.
  • if you want to have a knot at the back.
  • if you want to look fatty
  • if you want to keep the sleeves short.

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #6:


This Collared v neck is certainly a stand out in the blouse patterns. The simple and plain gold with a few coloured lines showcase the different neck pattern. ¾ sleeves to match with the design are epic. The gold colour blouse with a pink stripe, pink and gold shawl, blue and gold heavily worked skirt makes up this lehenga. This triple colour combination is a new element in this saree that adds grace as well as uniqueness to the appearance.

Choose this beautiful lehenga blouse design

  • if you flaunt with a new blouse design that is simple and beautiful.
  • if you like to collared neck blouse patterns.
  • if you like to have coloured lines in the blouse design to showcase.
  • if the dupatta is transparent or in net material
  • if you like to wear the dupatta on a single side alone.

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #7:


This definitely gives a chic look and no doubt about it at all. That's one kind of Chinese collar incorporated in blouse designs. The collar is filled with so much of embellishments and the minute designs make a broad line of the collar and the bust area. The netted shawl reveals the design of the blouse and that's a wise move by the designers.This gives a royal look as well as modern look to the ethnic attire. The colour combination of navy blue and red is not quite common and are much welcomed among the youngsters.

Even if the blouse does not have any self-design, you can ask the designer to buy sequins or threads separately to create beautiful blouse design.

Choose this new blouse design

  • if your dupatta is transparent 
  • if you want the front of the blouse to have rich work
  • if you want a new blouse design with beautiful collar

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #8:


The bright color combination is the major head turn for this blouse. Contrast colors works wonders in portraying the beauty. Here it is orange and black blouse for a green and gold skirt. These are paired with a yellow shawl with a designed border. Also the thread work is in the middle of the full sleeves. That is quite different in this case. The back neck is a cut out pattern with a lengthy knot to hang down till hip. Color as well as the design, both will give you a stunning and bold look that everyone aspires to possess. 

Choose this new blouse design

  • if the blouse has a lengthy work on the hands.
  • if the blouse has contrast colours in it.
  • if the blouse has a work that will look good if kept in the middle of the blouse
  • if you want to flaunt the blouse with a knot

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #9:


Heavily Embellished close neck on a velvet material is a different pair up. No pointed blouse with a skinny fitting is a great added value for any blouse and for everyone. High front neck and a low back neck go hand in hand in this kind of blouse. The colour choice of the shawl is so subtle to compensate the brightness of the orange skirt and black blouse. Since it is heavily worked in neck pattern, neck accessories can be avoided and the big ear statement piece can be worn along with this for a complete content look.

Choose this new blouse design for lehenga

  • if you have the blouse in velvet material.
  • if the blouse has beautiful work like embroidery work, golden thread work, sequin work, patch work etc.
  • if you want to flaunt the blouse with a knot
  • if you do not like to wear heavy neck piece yet you want to look rich

Lehenga Blouse Designs with images - Design #10:

half saree1

The most casual new blouse design for everyday use is this simple and neat design. The transparent netted, full sleeve with contrasting colour and a thick border is all that is needed to fulfil the look. For netted lehenga or half saree, this is the best blouse design. The border given in the blouse is used in the lower portion of the sleeve which makes the blouse more attractive.

Actress Tamannah is looking very beautiful in this simple yet elegant lehenga. Red shawl on the red blouse is yet another daring combination that shows the difference in attire. Most of the lehengas will have contrasting dupatta and blouse. But this lehenga has matching blouse and dupatta while it has a contrasting lehenga. The golden zari is the only decorative part in the upper portion. Even if the blouse piece does not have a net in it, you can ask the tailor to take some cloth from the lehenga if possible. Or else, you can try outside of buying a net cloth matching the lehenga. 

Cream skirt with threaded design at the bottom gives a pretty look. The low front neck is for comfort and ease. If this were for an occasion or any festival, bold accessories can be worn to add richness.

Choose this lehenga blouse design:

  • if the blouse and dupatta come in the same colour with lehenga in a contrasting colour.
  • if you would like to wear heavy work jewellery which you want to showcase
  • if you want to look simple and elegant
  • if you are wearing for simple occasions
  • if the lehenga is netted one.

Hope you loved the latest lehenga blouse design images along with few tips on accessorising them. Hope you find the post as a useful one. We would love to add many more new blouse designs to help you out in choosing the best and new blouse design each time you buy a saree.

What is your favourite lehenga blouse design? Share with us. We are interested to hear from you! After choosing the blouse design for lehenga/half saree, your job is not going to over. You have to find a great tailor who can stitch it perfectly for you. You can show these new blouse design images which you have chosen and ask his inputs.
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