Gingelly Oil in Tamil and Benefits

Gingelly Oil in Tamil and Benefits:

Gingelly oil in Tamil is Nalla ennai. We use gingelly oil in Tamil Nadu widely for both cooking and beauty care purposes. Gingelly oil is very good for health. Taking gingelly oil bath is regularly followed here. How many ever cosmetic products may step into the market they are all made of artificial colors and fragrance. We can get so many benefits if we follow the homemade beauty products which are being followed from the age of our ancestors. They are all organic, can be made easily at home and can be very effective on skin for a longer run. Right from the powder, body wash, cream and moisturizers we have an alternate homemade product available easily. As the winter is approaching we might look for the best cream and moisturizers in the market to take care of the skin dryness. Oils are the best product to maintain the skin moisture. We have heard people using coconut oil, sesame oil, and olive oil for cooking and they provide a lot of goodness to the health. Apart from cooking these oils can also be used for beauty purposes.

We use gingelly oil especially with idli chutney powder, also known as idli milagai podi and various chutneys. For children, we always mix this gingelly oil directly with chutney to reduce the hot and spiciness of chutneys. It gives a nice aroma and flavor for any food item. Sesame oil is called as queen of oils.

The Gingelly oil is made by extracting the sesame seeds and can be very effective in curing skin problems. Let’s have a look at various uses of gingelly oil for beauty purposes.

Gingelly oil for skin:

Gingelly oil acts as a sunscreen and helps you from getting rid of the sun tan. Lots of exposure to the sun may leave you a tanned skin. Gingelly oil acts as a natural lotion for the sun tan removal. The oil consists of vitamin E and B complex substances that leave your skin lubricated.

You can mix lavender oil, or rosewood oil with the sesame oil for the best benefits and a very pleasant aroma. Be sure that you use pure gingelly oil to get best results. Cold pressed gingelly oil gives you amazing results.

Gingelly oil is the best for the aged skin. Everyone will be worried that their skin is getting aged once they cross theirs 30’s. Gingelly oil acts as an antioxidant that removes the wrinkles and fine lines in the skin. It leaves the skin supple and soft.

Another big skin problem we face in our day to day life is the skin dryness. Gingelly oil can also help you get rid of the skin dryness. You can add few drops of gingelly oil to the water before you take bath. This will keep your skin moisturized the entire day. You need not look for the moisturizers that come with a bottle of chemicals. This oil gives you all the necessities for the skin. After using gingelly oil for few times, your need for moisturizer will go away for sure.

Gingelly oil for Hair:

Gingelly oil is the best oil for the body or head massage. We are prone to many toxins in our day to day life and our body gets overheated. All you have to do is just set a free time and get your body and head massage is done with the gingelly oil. This detoxifies your body and keeps the body really cool.

You can heat the gingelly oil to a warm temperature and apply it on the head and body including your face, leave it for 15 – 20 minutes and take bath. Wash it with shikakai for best results. This will detoxify the body and leaves your skin smooth. Most of us have a custom of taking this bath after applying gingelly oil in Tamil Nadu. Women take this bath on Tuesday and Friday and Men on Wednesday and Saturday. Also, we do not take this bath on Sunday.

You can add ajwain seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorns, crushed garlic for enriching it with more benefits. All you have to do is, take a small frying pan, add the gingelly oil as much you want, followed by cumin seeds, ajwain seeds, crushed garlic, peppercorns one by one. Do not overheat and burn it. Allow the oil to come to a warm temperature so that you can use it for massaging on your head and body. We are also asked not to sleep in the afternoon on the day of this bath. On the day of Diwali, this custom is followed in overall India. We start the day of Diwali with this head bath after gingelly oil massage.

The gingelly oil is also used for the hair. This gives numerous benefits for the hair and helps get rid of dryness and early greying. The oil is rich in anti -bacterial and it can help you remove the fugal and bacterial infections that causes head lice. You can apply the oil to the hair and leave it overnight, then wash it with shampoo. Mssaging the head with gingelly oil promotes hair growth, leave the hair moisturized and conditions the hair leaving the hair bright and shiny. It acts as a coolant and helps you come out of stress caused by over heat.

Different Names of Gingelly Oil in Tamil, Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi:

Common Name in English -  Gingelly Oil
Gingelly oil Tamil -  Nalla ennai or Nallennai
Telugu -  Nuvalu Nuna
Marathi -  Til Che Tel
Malayalam -  Nallenna
Kannada -  Ellennai
Hindi -  Til Ka Tel
Konkani -  Teelel

Hope this article gives you good information on the benefits of Gingelly oil. Please start using gingelly oil. After regular usage of this gingelly oil for hair and skin, you yourself can find a great difference for sure. Do you have practice of using gingelly oil for your skin and hair? If yes, please share your experiences and feedback with us in the comment section. 

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