June 2017 Fab Bag Review

What is in Store For You in the June 2017 Fab Bag ?

Hello beautiful ladies,

Its time to go for the June Fab Bag. With a theme of “The Bold and the Beautiful” the Fab Bag contains the beauty and cosmetic products – just the ones that you deserve – like every Fab Bag. It’s blazing hot outside, extremely difficult to keep looking fresh and beautiful in this sultry weather. Profuse sweating, coupled with the intense heat – its hard to keep your head straight. At least the Fab Bag will help you keep your appearance in some semblance of sanity. In fact, coming to think of that, they actually make you look yourself – nice and good and bold and beautiful.

The total number of products in the Fab Bag is 4, whose aggregate value comes to approximately INR 1400. If you subscribe to the Fab Bag, you have to pay just INR 599! You can also go for the 3 – month subscription of INR 1599, and save a fortune.

What are the products available in my June 2017 Fab Bag?

·         Johara Crème Rich Lip Color – Poppy Coral (Full Size 10ml worth INR 395
·         SUGAR Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal – Black Velvet (Full Size: INR 399)
·         Biobloom : Foot cream (Eucalyptus) (50 gm tube for INR 335)
·         APS Cosmetofood : Activated Organic Spring Water (50 ml phial for INR 290)

Johara Crème Rich Lip Colors – Enhancing Your Identity and Personality:

Let us talk about our respective weaknesses today. Mine happens to be a lip color that highlights me without being too gaudy or deep. It’s actually Poppy Coral, a colour that is bold and bright without being too artificial. I like the coral shade in everything that I buy. And this time, the lip colour seems to match all of my other favourite collections.

Johara Crème Rich Lip Color is a highly popular cosmetic for adorning lips of the beautiful ladies, as the product has a lot of moisture that helps to keep the lips soft and supple throughout the day. The lipsticks are all primarily free from Parabens, Nano – ingredient, Lanoline and Mineral Oils. Enriched with the goodness of Ricin Oil and Vitamin E, the lipstick is the best agent to keep your lips hydrated and moist. A must – possess for all of the nice ladies to carry to work as well as the party.

SUGAR Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal – Black Velvet:

I am always on the lookout of the perfect kohl for my eyes. Like everyone, I am extra careful about the skin around my eyes and the eyes themselves. In my quest I came across this Black Velvet one from SUGAR Cosmetics. The kajal I got from this vendor is just right for me for at least the following reasons:
·         I wear contact lenses, and the kajal takes care of my sensitive eyes that way.
·         It matches my skin tone to the ‘T’
·         My acne problem is not flared up by the use of the kajal.
I am happy, and my eyes look different. They actually look great.

Biobloom : Foot cream (Eucalyptus) – Keeping my Feet Happy

Maybe it’s not winter. Maybe your feet are not dried, chaffed and cracked. So what? Have you watched how they sweat and get smelly and damp. I have always paid the same amount of attention to my feet as I do to the rest of the body. And so, when I discovered the Eucalyptus foot cream from Biobloom, I was more than elated. For one thing, it is 100% natural – no chemicals, no parabens. The very feel on my skin is out of the world. This cream needs to be tried on your feet irrespective of whether its summer or winter.

APS Cosmetofood : Activated Organic Spring Water

And lastly, I come to the tiring, tedious, yet the essential part of removing your make-up at the end of the day. This is something that I believe, you must make as top a priority as deinking lots of water throughout the year. And doing this must – do routine using APS Cosmetofood Activated Organic Spring Water gives me the maximum satisfaction, every night.

Now about a final word on the June Fab Bag. I have got all my favourites in it, and that too at such a fabulous price! I am going to get it. Why don’t you try as well? Grab it at www.fabbag.com.

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