Tips on travelling with a baby

Tips on travelling with a baby:

It could be that you have finally decided to go on a weekend trip with your baby to get some relaxation and fun. But to ensure safety and comfort of your beloved little one, you need to take into consideration several points. Going for an outing can be really exciting. Also there are
chances of the little one feeling anxious about his/her first trip. But when it comes to travelling
with the babies, many mothers are found to worry, especially when going to distant places. If the
travel is not properly planned and all safety and comforts aspects for the baby not considered,
then the whole trip can be jeopardized and boring. Therefore, it will be useful for the parents to
ensure that they do some research on the web and discuss the same with other parents who might
have gone on outing trips with their babies, to get some useful tips. I am sharing my experience
of my recent travel. We took the Mumbai to Varanasi flight and the whole travel was a good

Some useful tips to consider when travelling with the baby: 

Choose countryside resorts:

The fact is babies get easily disturbed with crowded and
noisy environments. Therefore, party destinations that are abuzz with loud music and
laughter is to be avoided, since it is likely to disturb your little one badly. You should try
to select quiet and calm countryside nearby. These places can be ideal weekend getaway
locations while travelling with babies. Leisure stay should be planned instead of moving
around place to place.

Select open space destinations: 

Babies tend to get claustrophobic in congested areas.
Therefore, it will be wise to select spots that are lush with greenery around and open. You
should avoid going to those closed locations like malls, museums, etc. when travelling
with your baby. Open spaces will offer fresh, cool air and the environment will be quite
soothing, such that it will help your small one to grow up to love greenery and the bright

Choose destinations that are baby friendly: 

There are readily available facilities such as
baby care rooms, sensitive staff and amenities that you can make use of. These aspects
can help make your vacation a memorable one.

Select suitable homestay: 

There are many parents who are of the opinion that their babies might not recognize their home and bed. The baby can be made feel comfortable only by creating home-like environment. You can bring along blankets, sheets and other fun stuff to provide your little one with that homely feeling.

Carry travel cot: 

Whenever an outing trip is planned, make sure you carry along the travel
cot for your baby. These days, you can easily come across portable, foldable, handy
models and attractive colors and designs to select from. This will help make your baby to
sleep comfortably and you can enjoy exploring, appreciating and admiring nature’s

Visit grandparents:

This can be a fabulous idea to enjoy the weekend. Your baby can
enjoy visiting his/her grandparents place. You can enjoy the weekend by visiting your
parents, if they are located nearby. You are sure to feel relieved and delighted meeting
your parents and they are sure to have a great time with your child and cuddle him/her. It
also offers relief from worries and stress.

Rent an apartment:

It will be useful to book apartment or individual villa to enjoy ultimate comfort. Those who desire home food can also get utensils, groceries and other essential items within the apartment to cook. There are also apartments that serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner on time and are affordable, hygienic and delicious. If you want to relax and not engage much during the trip and stay comfortably with your baby, then this can prove to be an excellent option. If apartment is not a good option in the place you visit, choose a very good hotel to stay as you have to consider the comfort
of your baby. We once stayed at the Lalit Mumbai and the stay was quite good.

Going through the tips and following them will help both you and your little one to enjoy the weekend trip fully.
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