4 Body Care Routines You Definitely Should Follow

 With the frantic stress and excitement of Diwali preparations for the upcoming festive season, along with the approach of harsh winter winds, your skin could use some extra care. It tends to get a little dull and lifeless while being preoccupied with the constant chaos of life. To solve this problem, what you need is a significant body care routine with products from brands like Just Herbs to provide organic nourishment to rejuvenate your skin and retain its healthy glow.

Just Herbs products are bound to refresh your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients. Here are 4 essential body care items that you must always keep at hand to never overlook your skin's needs:

Body Wash: A body wash is a current alternative that replaces bar soap everywhere because of its more gentle and beneficial formulation. You can find great body washes in the market made with lotus extracts, rose petals, orange, neem, turmeric, etc., along with distilled waters of rose, sandalwood and more. The combination of these ingredients gently and effectively exfoliates, cleanses, brightens your body and leaves behind a smooth feel. You can top your body wash off with some body scrub to eliminate any remaining dirt.

Hair Mask: Your hair is an essential part of your body that needs to be taken care of very carefully. Without proper care, hair tends to get damaged and leave you with hair fall issues. Hair masks are created as an intense conditioners meant to soak into your hair and revitalise its roots to make it stronger and healthier. Masks infused with the goodness of amla, bhringraj and such without any toxic chemicals like parabens, sulphates and cruelty-free products are just what you need. These are suitable for all hair types, and you will need a change with just 20 minutes of application.

Body Lotion: When you take a shower, the layer of natural oils and dead skin cells that acts as a protectant against bacteria gets stripped off, leaving your body skin unguarded for skin damage. When stepping out of the shower, replacing these oils with a compelling body lotion is best. You can find creams and body butters made with paraben-free formulas featuring ingredients like coconut oil, wheatgerm, moringa, aloe vera and jojoba to take care of all skin types and keep your skin soft and safe.

Eye Cream: The area around your eyes is among the ones that are majorly affected by stress and lack of rest. Going without eye cream would result in baggy, constantly growing dark circles that will diminish the glow of your entire face. Applying eye creams enriched with the goodness of refreshing ingredients like cucumber, green tea, carrot seeds, almond and more will brighten, hydrate as well as soothe these dark circles.

With the Just mentioned above Herbs body care items and many more, you can ensure your body is always taken care of. So check out the latest range on Myntra and start shopping for your favourites!

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