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Gone are the days when you need to wait till you can go to a digital lab, give photos for printing and waiting for days to get them into your album to cherish your beautiful memories. From the comfort of your couch, you can get them done easily. I started using Zoomin when I wanted to get my son's photos printed. My first order was around 600 photos of him. Thank God, I did it. We never know when our phone will no longer work. The next order was getting a photobook of our wedding and kid's childhood memories. I have ordered a customized foldable desk this time.

About Foldable Desk:

I have been using a foldable desk for more than 6 years. Initially I was using a plastic one. It just broke down when my sister accidentally fell on it. Then I went with a wooden desk which lasted longer. But it started breaking slowly as the years passed on. Foldable desk is such a useful product for kids and adults. We cannot make the kids to sit on their designated desk and chair all the time. Sometime, my kid likes to sit with me wherever I am.

We can imagine how well he can write when he sits in random places without any desk. So, I thought of getting one for him. That's when I saw this foldable desk in Zoomin. 

I have decided to buy from Zoomin immediately as I know I don't need to wait for the assurance on quality till I receive the product. Zoomin is known for the quality and saves us from the hassle of multiple returns. I also felt very happy to see that it can be customized. I immediately ordered from it after choosing the design which we liked.

I got the order delivered very soon than I expected. My elder son likes it so much and he started using it for writing, drawing and working on laptops whereas my younger kid finds it very comfortable to sit :) The theme and name we gave was printed in Acrylic print. It has a canvas cotton handle which makes it to carry easily wherever we want. Whenever we don't use it, we can also fold it.

The desk looks simply elegant. The subtle color of the desk and the acrylic print on the top make the desk looks more vibrant. The quality of the product is too good and it is quite stable too. I am so happy with the product and it makes my blogging easier too.

About Zoomin:

Zoomin is digital photo personalization and printing platform. They have world-class and proprietary print personalization infrastructure. They have framed prints, photobooks, calendars, decor items, gifts, card stock prints, photo prints, bags, pouches, stationery and many more which are completely customizable. Their online platform is so easy to use. Even kids can create the photobooks easily. We can import the photos from Google Photos or our device easily. They have free delivery all over India.

What are you waiting for? There is no gift better than a customized one. Get your loved ones name printed on the gift and enjoy their smile.

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