Basics Life Online Shopping Experience & Haul

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Do you know something about the great brand Basics life already? Then, you might have a question why I am writing a post on Basics Life Online Shopping Experience & Haul in this site which is specially for ladies. This is for all the ladies who want to buy dresses for the their lovable hubby, daddy, brother, friends or sweet hearts. You can certainly trust the brand Basics Life to buy quality and trendy dresses as surprise gift. Just check with them casually about the size of the dress and the fit they like.  This is what I do when I do shopping for my hubby or dad. Or else, I will just go through their few of the dresses which they wear frequently and find out the right size and fit.

My Basics Life Online Shopping Experience:

Wow.. They had a very good front page which is full of attractive Tees, Jeans, Pants and other trendy collections in awesome colors. Just have a look at the page and you will agree with me. I like their site very much. I just want to share my view on their quality, pricing, delivery and packing.

About their collection:

They have lot of trendy jeans, pants, trousers, plain shirts, Jackets, Socks, Cargo Pants, Sun glasses and so on. The list is very big. So, I recommend you to check their website.

About their quality:

Their quality is simply awesome. I always ask my hubby why he is buying every time from the same brand- Basics Life and why he is not even bothering to look for other brands whenever we go for shopping. His answer is very simple. Quality and Fitness which made him to be a fan of Basics Life for almost 5 years.

About their Pricing:

He is traveling to a foreign country next week and he wanted to buy some fresh collections. He just ordered 1 Jeans and 2 Tees. He was forced to order one more T-Shirt just for free for the Jeans :-) They have adjusted the amount in the bill. Also, he got around 25% discount without applying any kind of coupon codes or discount codes for the other 2 T-Shirts.

About their Delivery:

We ordered the dresses on Saturday afternoon and we received the dresses on Tuesday afternoon. Wow.. it was just 2 business days as waiting time.

About their packing:

They packed the dresses very nicely along with the bill. One great thing I was so much impressed was, they sent a pack for courier along with another paper with their address to help us in case we want to return for any reason which they have listed on their website. This was enough for me to get fond of their service.

30 Days Easy Return Policy:

They will just refund the amount through net banking or credit card if we have used those modes for paying. If we paid by cash, they will send us the cheque.The return is free of charge. If we used our own choice of courier, they just give us the equivalent shopping voucher.

Other notable points:

1. Free shipping on all orders above Rs.499.

2. Cash On Delivery for the purchases above Rs.799.

3. Size guide in their website.

4. Separate gift shop in their site.

Hope you have enjoyed the post on Basics Life Online Shopping Experience & Haul. If you have any kind of experience with the Basics life, add your comment here.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite dresses for your favorite people now !!

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