Elle 18 Nail Polish Review With Photos/Elle 18 Nail Pops Review

Elle 18 Nail Polish Review With Photos/Elle 18 Nail Pops Review:

Elle 18 nail pops deserve to become popular because of the best quality and variety of shades. Even though I am not very crazy about nail polish, I never fail to buy if I see very good shades from prominent brands. I purchased Elle 18 nail pops shade no 08 from a nearby shop. The shop did not have a wide range of nail pops shades but shade no 08 attracted me so much. The colors are so vibrant and youthful. Read my review on Elle 18 nail pops shade no 18 here. 

Elle 18 nail pops
Elle 18 Nail Pops

Elle 18 Nail Polish Review With Photos/Elle 18 Nail Pops Review:

Elle 18 nail pops

Elle 18 nail pops

Elle 18 Nail Pops Product Information:


Not mentioned in the bottle.


Rs. 50 for 5ml


Widely available in online shops, cosmetic shops and super markets.

How To Apply:

No information on bottle. However check my post on tips of applying nail polish perfectly here - nail polish tips.

Manufacturer - Hindustan Unilever Ltd

My review on Elle 18 Nail Pops:

I bought Elle 18 nail pops shade no 08. You can easily see the color in the photos. Almost I took 
the Elle 18 nail pops bottle from all angles. There is no much information about the product in the bottle. 

I was impressed looking at the bottle itself and the color of the polish inside it. I just wanted to grab it with no more thoughts. The bottle is very cute and compatible. You can carry this bottle in your handbag and take it anywhere without any fuss. I have packed it once and applied it in our car itself while travelling. So, if you do not have any time you can carry it to your office too :-)

Coming to the color, it is such an awesome color. It makes your nails look great and goes well with any skin tone. If your skin tone is dark to medium, then Elle 18 Nail Pops Shade No 08 is a must try for you. It makes your nails glow and look gorgeous. 

I am going to talk about the consistency of the nail polish now. I feel that the consistency of Elle 18 Nail pops is perfect. It helps you to apply easily and quickly without any fuss. I fell in love with it once again when I applied it on my nails. 

The staying power of Elle 18 nail pops depends on how well you applied and how much water it goes through. I applied the nail polish perfectly using the how to apply nail polish tips. I do all the household work myself. Dish washing is the main culprit of removing the nail polish easily. So, the Elle 18 nail pops shade no 08 stayed well for 3 days which I feel reasonable.

Elle 18 nail pops

Pros of Elle 18 Nail Pops:

1. Affordable price
2. Nice packing
3. Cute round good looking bottle
4. Awesome shade colors
5. Widely available
6. Good staying power
7. Nice consistency
8. Easy to apply
9. Easy to carry the bottle
10. Product from trusted brand 'Hindustan Unilever Ltd'.

Cons of Elle 18 Nail Pops:

I see no Cons really.

Friends, it is time to try Elle 18 nail pops now. It will make you to look at your nails all the time. Hope you will love it as much as I love.
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