Tata Gold Tea Product Information and Review

Tata Gold Tea Product Information and Review:

As many of us know, Tata Global Beverages Limited has four flavorful tea products. Those are Tata AGNI tea, Tata Kannan Devan Tea, Tata Gemini Tea, Tata Gold Tea and the most popular Tata Chakra Gold Tea. Today I am going to talk about Tata Gold Tea which I saw first time in a super market and bought it for a change. Also, I saw that the Tata Gold Tea is blended with 85% strong CTC and 15% of the choicest long leaves in the packing. This was also another reason to choose Tata Gold Tea for trying. They say that  they are 15% long leaves that release superior aroma.

Tata Gold Tea Product information and review
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What is CTC in tea - Meaning of CTC?

Before moving to Tata Gold Tea product review, let me tell you something more about CTC in Tea which I just talked above. CTC is machine processed tea. The process has the following three stages. Crush, Tear and Curl or Cut, Tea and Curl. The tea leaves are placed through cylindrical rollers with small teeth and the rollers crush,tear and curl the tea leaves. That is why we call it as CTC. 

The resultant product is what we use mostly. 3 Roses and Chakra Gold tea are the best examples. The CTC tea is e strongly flavored which is used for boiling. This is the one which are used in most of the tea bags too. It is also used to brew black tea without milk. CTC tea infuses very quickly and requires less quantity for brewing. 

Tata Tea Gold Tea Product information and Review:

Price -  Rs. 38 approx for 100g

Brand - Tata

Blend - 85% CTC processed tea and 15% long leaves.


My experience with the Tata Gold Tea:

I feel really different to see long leaves while making tea. They give the tea nice aroma. I have tried Chakra Gold and 3 Roses tea. I would say the differences are the texture and the quantity required for making the tea. Chakra Gold and 3 Roses tea are fully processed tea and they are more like powdered form. Whereas Tata Gold Tea is a mixture of CTC and long leaves.

Since it is not fully CTC tea, we need more for making a cup of tea when compared to chakra gold and 3 Roses. Yes, the aroma is slightly more because of the long leaves but not a large extent.I would say to try Tata Gold Tea if you love trying different products.

You can check out more details at http://www.tataglobalbeverages.com
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