Cheese Paratha Recipe - How To Make Cheese Paratha For Kids

Cheese paratha is the one which I wanted to try long time before. It is a very easy recipe and it will definitely please the kids who love cheese. I prepare cheese paratha for my kid when I prepare some other spicy parathas for me and my hubby. You can adjust the cheese quantity according to your preference. Calorie conscious people may think twice before having cheese paratha. But eating one or two cheese paratha once in a while should not harm you much:-) I liked Cheese paratha more than my kid. Ok. Let us see how to make cheese paratha. It is a great lunchbox recipe too for your kids.

Cheese Paratha Recipe - How To Make Cheese Paratha For Kids:

Cheese Paratha Recipe
Cheese Paratha

Cheese Paratha Recipe - How To Make Cheese Paratha For Kids:

Cheese Paratha Recipe - How to make Cheese Paratha

Prep Time: 30 mins    |  Cook time: 30 Mins    |  Makes: 4 - 5
Easy Cheese Paratha Recipe - Kids Recipes


  • Wheat Flour - 200g
  • Cheese - As required(I used 1 tbsp of grated Milky mist cheddar cheese for each paratha)
  • Salt - As required
  • Water - As required
  • Oil - 1 tsp 

Other Ingredients:
  • Wheat Flour - for rolling
  • Oil- for cooking


1. Take the cheese from fridge and keep it outside to bring it to room temperature. Make dough for cheese paratha like normal chapathi dough using wheat flour, salt, oil and water. Keep it covered for 15 minutes.

2. Grate the cheese and keep it aside.

3. Make smooth balls from the dough prepared. The ball size for cheese paratha should be little bigger than normal chapathi balls we prepare.

7. Flatten the ball slightly and keep a generous amount of grated cheese in the center. Bring together all the sides of the ball in the center and seal it completely. I kept 1 tbsp of grated cheese inside each cheese paratha.

8. Flatten it and start rolling using rolling pin with the help of wheat flour for dusting. 

9. Heat tawa and cook both sides of Cheese paratha. Drizzle little oil or ghee.

Your cheese paratha is ready to serve. I love to have it without any side dish to enjoy the cheese stuffed inside the cheese paratha in every bite.

Hope you liked the recipe 'Cheese Paratha Recipe - How To Make Cheese Paratha For Kids'. Please try it and leave your valuable comments.

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