Jabong.com Kids Online shopping review

Today I am sharing my review about the dresses which I have bought for my kid from Jabong.com. Shopping for my kid has been easier till he was a baby. Myself and hubby just look for few things like quality, fabric, brand and color. My hubby is very quick in shopping. So, he just picks quickly. We have never looked for particular designs or prints before.

Those days are gone. We involve our kid nowadays in choosing dresses for him. It is definitely a fun to see how he spends his time in choosing the dresses on his own.

Problems we face with shopping for kid in stores:

Though we enjoyed letting our kid to choose the dresses, we started facing problems too. He picks all dresses with vehicle prints blindly. He does not bother about color, quality or brand.

Most of the shops do not have more collection especially for boys. Most of them do not have many designs in different color shades. Sometimes my kid asks us to buy t-shirts with same print but in different colors. He might not get bored. But we get bored to see same prints again and again. If a shop has different designs and prints, color options are limited.

My hubby stopped him taking to different stores for shopping his dresses. He directly takes him to branded stores and asks him to choose his dress. My son is not happy with the limited collection and I am not happy with the price tags. My hubby also started feeling bored to look at the same designs again and again every time.

Transition to Online shopping:

I thought of trying online shopping for my kid. Though myself and hubby buys most of the dresses online, we have never bought dresses for my kid online. Finding the right brand is the tough task when it comes to shopping online. Once you find the right brand for you, it becomes breezy.

With different requirements from each one of us, I have to be very careful with my shopping. My kid has to love the design and print. My hubby has to love the fabric, brand and quality. I should be happy with the quality, fabric, color and price. I also prefer dresses which just requires normal wash.

I have shopped many dresses and accessories for me from Jabong before. I was happy with their service and collection. Their return policy is very easy and the quality is also good. They will have discounts most of the time. So, I decided to buy from Jabong.

Jabong.com Kids Online shopping Review:

Jabong has really a wide variety of kids dresses. The dresses are very attractive. The collection is really huge. The colors are bold and some are really unique.

Once I have selected few dresses based on the requirements, I asked my kid to choose the ones which he like the most. Below are the dresses I shopped for my kid after getting votes from my son and hubby:)

Note: The price varies for different age groups. The price and discount might might vary time to time. 

Black Jeans with Belt:

Brand - Zucchini
Fabric  - Cotton
Wash - Normal Wash
MRP - 1399 INR
Discount - 55%
Discounted Price - 630 INR

The jeans is in good quality, looks fashionable, stretchable and comfortable for my kid.

Black T-shirt:

Brand - Gini & Jony
Fabric - Cotton
Wash Care - Normal Wash
MRP - 499 INR
Discount - 40%
Discounted Price - 299 INR

Blue T-shirt:

Brand - Playdate
Fabric - Cotton
Wash - Normal Wash
MRP - 399 INR
Discount - 50%
Discounted Price - 200 INR
Buy it here - http://www.jabong.com/playdate-Blue-T-Shirt-1455099.html

The black jeans and t-shirt might dull look in the picture as my kid wore them as soon as the parcel arrived. We went to the park and he played for more than 2 hours with the new dresses. I was not given any time by my kid to take photos when they were fresh. He played hard and the dresses were soiled. The jeans was really comfortable for him. It is stretchable.

All of us are happy with the dresses. My kid love the prints. Of course, he was the one who chose finally. They are branded and The fabric is 100% good quality cotton. The price is so reasonable when compared to other websites and shops. The dresses look appealing and very attractive. They can be washed normally. What else is required to get complete satisfaction?

Love the dresses? Want to shop fashionable branded dresses in affordable prices for your kid? Here you go - Zucchini, Gini & Jony, Evolve.

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