Zephyr Toys Robotix1 Motorized Engineering System for Kids Review

Zephyr Toys Robotix1 Motorized Engineering System for Kids Review - This is second toy we have chosen for our kid after Zephyr Toys mechanix grand pix from the brand Zephyr Toys. The first one was purely plastic based engineering construction set which is suitable for 3+ years old kid. My son has grown up a little more and he is now ready to play with advanced toys too.

Zephy toys are unique and different from the usual vehicle and other toys. I love it mainly as the it helps the children to enhance many skills and it also has the ability to engage the kid for a long time. If my hubby and kid sit together with Zephyr toys, they spend more than one hour every time.

Zephyr toys review

Zephyr Toys Robotix1 Motorized Engineering System for Kids Review:

The pack contains 114 pieces and the children can create 8 models with the same set and make it running with the motor as it is a motorized toys set. Some pieces are crafted from high quality steel and powder coated. Some pieces are made from superior plastics. The tools are children friendly and they can easily handle the pieces. Though the kids can create 8 different models, they can use their imaginative skills and create unlimited models using the same set.

Zephyr toys review

There is a manual given along with the toy. It is quite clear and it is helpful to understand about the set and to create 8 different models.

Zephyr toys review

Instructions were given in the manual clearly. Even adults will take a minimum of half an hour in my opinion to construct any of the models(only if there is no distraction). If you sit with your kid, it might take more than an hour as you have to answer your child's questions about the activity throughout the process. It is a fun-filled learning activity and we all love it.

Toy Type: Engineering system for creative kids

Skill set: Knowledge, Dexterity, Creativity and Reasoning.

Ideal for : 7+ years Boys(Your girl might also like if she is interested in Mechanical engineering :-) It is a metal version. There are plastic construction toy sets available for 3+ years.

Price: Rs.680 is listed price in the box.


1. Sturdy. I am expecting a very long life.
2. Comfortable for little hands
3. Good for improving their knowledge(art of designing and construction skills), dexterity, creativity and imagination.
4. Creativity of children will improve as they can create various models with the same set.
5. They can learn the basics of constructing mechanical instruments.
6. They get used with the various tools and their usage.
7. It can engage the child for more time(almost for more than an hour)


I am satisfied with the whole set. I do not see any cons. Children should play safely as this is a metal set. Keep them away from very little kids.

Overall Thoughts:

This is an ideal gift for boys over 7 years. All Children who love mechanical engineering will surely love it. Though my kid is just 4 years old, he enjoyed sitting with my hubby for the whole time till he finished assembling the parts.

The bolts and nuts have to be used to fix the spare parts step by step. It took almost one hour to fix it for the first time. My hubby also loved it and went to his childhood days. As soon as he came back from office, my kid showed it to him. He immediately sat with him and started assembling it even without refreshing. Both of them got so much involved in assembling. It was a happy 'ME' time for mommy:)

My kid liked the spanner and screw driver very much. He was holding them for the whole time and helping his dad happily.

Even if the child is not able to construct anything, they will definitely like to play with nuts, bolts, screw driver and spanner. You can ask them to repair other toys just for fun.


As this is a metal set, you should instruct your children on dos and dont's while playing. Tell them how to safely play with it. If your kid is less than the manufacturer's recommended age, you can involve them in assembling under your supervision. You can go for Zephyr plastic toy set if the kid is less than 7 years. You can read the review here - Zephyr Toys mechanix grand pix review.


You can buy it in popular toy shops like Pink Panthers. You can also buy from online websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

My Rating: 5/5.
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