GM Diet for Vegetarian - How to lose weight in 7 days fast

GM Diet for Vegetarian - How to lose weight in 7 days fast - A complete guide:

Are you tired of preparing diet charts and diet plans to reduce weight? Are you exhausted with the failure from a lot of diets to lose your weight? Here is the best diet plan for quick Weight Loss - GM Diet plan.

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GM Diet 7 Days Vegetarian Plan
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GM Diet Indian Veg 7 Days Diet chart

I have been successful with the GM diet plan and have lost 3 kgs in a week. The net weight loss varies with person to person based on different factors. People who are in diet and walk for 10 minutes will lose less weight when compared to the people who are in diet and walks for 30 minutes daily. One of my friends who fought hard to conceive was advised to reduce her weight. She had been in GM diet plan to lose weight for 2 times and reduced weight. She was in 7 days GM diet plan once a month and she was in diet again in the next month after a 3 weeks gap. She followed GM diet Indian version. She was able to conceive immediately after losing weight. It is a real experience and GM diet plan gave her a turning point in her life to lose weight and she was so happy about it.

Some diet programs to lose weight make you to wait for months to see the visible results in weight loss. But GM diet plan is a fastest weight loss program. GM diet plan is a famous 7 days weight loss program not only in Indian but throughout the world

How to lose weight in 7 days? How to lose weight in one week? How to lose weight in 10 days? The most popular questions when it comes to weight loss in the current scenario. We do not really want to weight for a long time to see the fruitful results.With fastest GM diet, you can lose more weight in 7 days. It is a guaranteed weight loss program if you are following the diet seriously and properly. People lose 2-5 kgs or even more based on their physical characteristics after following GM diet.

I personally prefer Indian vegetarian version of GM diet plan as I am a vegetarian. Vegetarian diet plan is most effective when it comes to weight loss. Following a vegetarian diet program is the fastest way to lose weight.

GM Diet Vegetarian Plan:

Important, Important and more important - Drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday as mentioned. Drink in frequent intervals. Do not drink less quantity in morning, more quantity in evening or vice versa. Keeping yourself well hydrated is quite important to become successful in the vegetarian gm diet plan to lose weight.

You have to get the fiber, iron and other nutrients from the vegetables and fruits. So, do not restrict yourself on the quantity.

You can consume GM diet cabbage soup anytime during the 7 days diet plan to lose weight.

GM Diet Plan Day 1:

GM Diet day 1 is nothing but including only fruits except banana in your diet. No other food items and beverages other than water. Watermelon is the sweetest way to start with the vegetarian diet plan. It is a real gift  from nature for people with sweet tooth when you are in GM diet.

Melons like musk melon, watermelon help you to lose more weight. But you do not need to limit yourself just with melons. You can have variety of fruits in unlimited quantity. Apple, Orange, Grapes, papaya, mango, sweet lime, strawberry, litchi, pomegranate, Sapota(chikku) are some of the fruits which you can take. Avoid bananas in the first day of GM diet.

10 glasses of water is must on GM diet day 1.

GM Diet Plan Day 2:

GM diet day 2 is full of vegetables. Start with a boiled potato with one spoon of butter for your breakfast. It is a good start as it gives energy and carbohydrates for your body to move on. You can have unlimited vegetables in unlimited quantity. But try to stick to only one number when it comes to potato. So, choose a large potato for your breakfast.

You can have variety of vegetables like carrot, beans, capsicum, cauliflower, leafy vegetables, cabbage, brinjal, pumpkin, bottle-gourd, snake-gourd, beetroot and so on.

You can have it raw or boiled. You can add a variety of dry herbs for seasoning the vegetables. Try to avoid salt. But if you feel very difficult, limit yourself with a pinch of salt. You can sprinkle pepper too.

10 glasses of water is must on GM diet day 2.

GM Diet Plan Day 3:

GM Diet day 3 is a combination of GM diet day 1 and GM diet day 2. You can include both fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantity. It is good to avoid banana and potato.

10 glasses of water is must on GM diet plan day 3.

GM Diet Plan Day 4:

GM Diet day 4 means you are half way through the GM diet. Eat 6-8 bananans and 3-4 glasses of milk. Don't you feel happy on this day? There are two things to be happy about on this day. One is the achievement of successful completion of half of the GM diet. Another one is the banana which can please your palates. 4th day was very easy for me as I like bananas which is rich in potassium.

10 glasses of water is must on GM diet plan day 4.

GM Diet Plan Day 5:

On GM Diet Day 5, you can eat 1 cup of brown rice and 6 tomatoes. Don't you feel relieved when you are allowed to have rice in your diet chart. The tomatoes are rich in fiber and all the toxins from your body will be cleansed.

12 glasses of water is must on GM diet plan day 5.

GM Diet Plan Day 6:

On GM Diet Day 6, One cup of rice with more quantity of vegetables excluding potato.You are just one day away from the completing of your Indian vegetarian GM diet plan.

12 glasses of water are must on GM diet plan day 6.

GM Diet Plan Day 7:

GM Diet plan day 7 is the most sought day for everyone. You will be already enjoying your thin look and happy with your weight loss. Today you can include any quantity of vegetables and fruits in addition to 1 cup of rice.

12 glasses of water are must on GM diet day 7.

You are done! Appreciate yourself for completing 7 days GM diet weight loss diet successfully. Feel proud of yourself.


Don't dunk yourself in rasagulla, bajji, fried items, oily items or similar things as soon as you complete the diet plan. You will regain all the weight you have lost very soon in such case. So, be careful and judicious with your intake to maintain your weight.

Some real facts:

I have tried GM Diet Indian Version seriously and lost 3 kgs of weight. In the same time, I have to tell you the fact that I lost only 1 kg when I did not follow the vegetarian diet plan properly. Yes, I have learnt the lesson that if I cannot follow the diet plan properly, I should not start it at any cost. When I was in GM Diet last time, I did a lot of cheating.

Here are some things I did which should not be done when you are in GM diet:

  1. The first mistake I had done was the time chosen. I thought it would be easy to be in diet when my kid is in holidays. No, it was not in my case. It requires lot of energy to run behind the kids. You need to spend most of physical and mental energy towards your kid especially if they are kindergarten going kids. 
  2. I had a cup of tea with milk and sugar daily. I almost felt every morning that I could not move ahead without a cup of tea and convinced myself to take it.
  3. I had one roti on some days which are left out at dinner time. 
  4. I had eaten a small bowl rice on the first 3 days which are left out by my kid in the lunch time. I felt bad to waste them and I felt hungry more importantly.
  5. I missed drinking the minimum glasses of water on some days.
  6. I did not do any physical exercise and not even I went for a few minutes of walking. My kid was on his holidays and I did not get time really.
  7. I did not take more fruits and vegetables to keep my energy levels up. So, I could not keep me away from rice and roti.
  8. When I felt that it is not easy to move with the GM diet plan to lose weight, I did not stop. I went ahead with the second day, third day, 4th day,5th day, 6th day and 7th day without stopping but with continuation of cheating:)

Finally, the net weight loss is just 1 kg. I did not feel that it is worth to be in GM diet with cheating here and there. Even though I did not have rice and roti as much as I have in normal days, I was not very successful when I did not follow the diet properly.

I could have been able to lose 1 kg with just walking and rigorous physical training. With a lot of food craving because of improper dieting, it is not good to be in GM diet. Your result will not be impressive.

GM Diet Weight Loss Tips:

With the fastest Indian GM Diet weight Vegetarian, you can reduce weight quickly with complete dedication. Here are some tips which can help you to get most benefits from this Indian vegetarian diet.

Weight Loss Tip 1 - Do not sit and diet:

When you are in GM diet, you put so much effort in dieting. You are controlling your food cravings and appetite which is quite difficult especially in the first few days.

Won't you feel happy when you see some good amount of weight loss in the end? Everyone wants it right. Keeping you physically active can help you a lot in reducing weight with this diet plan.

Be it walking, exercise or any other actions which can help you to keep you physically active. They will help you a lot in improving the overall weight loss. But make sure that you do not undergo any strenuous physical activity, vigorous physical training or stressful exercises during these 7 days.

Concentrate on keeping you physically staying in addition to the diet food which can help you a lot to lose weight fast. Do not sit idle.

Weight Loss Tip 2 - Start preparation 2 days before:

Preparation for GM diet plan refers to both physical and mental preparation.

Are you going to join your new college? Are you going to join a new company? Are you going abroad? Are you going to get engaged soon? Are you going to get married? Do you love someone and you want to lose weight to make a good match? There might be several reasons like the above which might lead you to try GM diet plan. In such cases, you will definitely have a motivation factor and you are well prepared for being in GM diet.

What about the other cases when you just like to lose weight without any motivation factor? Well, GM Diet requires mental preparation in that case. Motivate yourself to lose weight fast and develop a strong willingness and decision for weight loss. Unless you are well-determined, you will not be successful in any weight loss program. Before starting your GM Diet, Indian weight loss diet plans or any other weight reduction program, keep yourself mentally well prepared to achieve your weight loss goal.

Physical preparation is the next thing you need. Start focusing on your food intake 2 days before itself. It is not easy to suddenly stop eating your rice, idli, dosa, roti especially if you are Indian and keep you away from sweets and snacks. Your body and mind needs sometime before you completely stop for a smooth dieting. So, try to reduce the intake of such foods and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Also, start drinking water more before 2 days itself so that you do not feel difficulty in drinking more water during the 7 days GM diet.

Weight Loss Tip 3 - Have an alarm to drink water in frequent intervals:

It is very easy to forget drinking the required glasses of water. Also, it is not so good to drink more water in the evening to catch up the missed glasses during morning time. Drink in frequent intervals and try to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Drinking 1 glass of water in the morning and drinking 10 glasses of water in the evening is never a good idea. The best way is to set an alarm to drink water in frequent intervals.

Weight Loss Tip 4 -  Come with a 7 days diet chart and keep everything in stock:

Don't you feel worried in the night if you do not have your favorite vegetable for the next day morning which will be the 2nd day? Avoid such scenarios. Decide what kind of vegetables and fruits you are going to take during the diet and make a complete diet chart for 7 days. This is applicable for both nonveg and vegetarian diet.

Planning is quite important in dieting and buys everything you need beforehand if the market is not easily accessible for you. Keep everything you need in stock.

Weight Loss Tip 5 - Try to consume variety of fruits and vegetables:

Do not eat apple for breakfast, lunch and dinner even if you love eating apple very much. Try to include different variety of fruits and vegetables like watermelon, papaya, orange, sweet lime, carrot, beans, cauliflower, bottle gourd, spinach and so on. Eating same thing again and again will be boring irrespective of non-veg or Indian veg diet plan to lose weight.

Weight Loss Tip 6 - Being positive:

Never run your diet days with questions like whether you will lose weight after 7 days. Stay positive and confident. There are thousands of people(might be millions too) who are successful with GM diet. When others can do it, you can also do it. Be determined and keep going with a positive mindset.

Facts to keep in mind:

1. Being chubby is not a disease. It is normal and based on several factors. Heredity is one of the factors in deciding your weight. You cannot be thin when all your family members and ancestors are chubby. You cannot be fatty when all your family members and ancestors are so thin. You can increase or decrease weight in a moderate amount. Trying to go beyond your levels in improper dieting can lead to several diseases.

2. Be happy if you are physically active. Are you physically active but feeling that you are overweight? Check your BMI. If it is not too much, you do not need to really care about it a lot always. If you are overweight or obese, you cannot be physically well active at all the time.

3. Being thin does not mean that you are beautiful. Being fat does not mean that you are not beautiful. When you are beautiful and happy inside, it will automatically reflect in your face. Nothing is beautiful that a hearty smile which can give you a beautiful look instantly. Try to stay away from the people, things, work which can stress you out.

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