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First of all, I want to thank you for visiting my blog. 

I am currently focusing on the below topics which I specially dedicate to all the ladies. 

1. Food
2. Home Remedies
3. Beauty and Health tips
4. DIY Ideas
5. Fashion
6. Shopping
7. Product, website and service reviews
8. Kids care 

About the Recipes:

All the recipes will give you a clear indication on how to prepare the food item. You might need to adjust the ingredients and instructions according to your need. The cooking time given in the recipes is approximate and vary depending on quality of the ingredients and the vessels you use. I am sure that you can experiment the recipes with variations and develop your cooking skills.

About the Images:

All the images are photographed and copyrighted to me unless otherwise mentioned. Please do not copy them without my permission. 

I was using Canon PowerShot camera to take photographs. Seeing my passion towards photography and blogging, my hubby gifted me a Nikon D5100 DSLR with 18-55 mm lens.

Contact me: 

For any queries, suggestions, feedback or comments, you can contact me at pinkandpinkblog@gmail.com. I am pretty happy to receive it.

Please leave your valuable comments about my posts or blog and also share your experiences in this blog which is sure to help someone at some point of time.
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  1. Nice blog. Lot of information. I like the name of your blog, sounds catchy:)

  2. Nice to know you.......happy blogging........

  3. Nice to meet you here.I am Jayashree from www.evergreendishes.com

    1. Hi Jayashree, Nice to meet you too. Keep meeting me here :)

  4. Great to see your blog. It's really informative. Please do visit mine if you get a chance. It's www.beingmumma.in

  5. Great job.......... Super......

  6. Dear Madam , where in Chennai do you get this Alum.
    My mail ID is : goodpartha@gmail.com ;
    My Cell No. is : 9444398950
    Please Reply.

  7. U can find in country drug stores(natu marunthu kadai in Tamil)

  8. Hi Sister,
    As i was reading your Avial recipe, i came across the word "Sundakarri" and pongal festival remained me of my home i thought neega somewhere around tirunelveliya tha irukanumnu and i checked about you and really felt happy:)
    Kept up sister,Nice Blog
    Ungalta iruthu innum ethir parkurean
    A tirunelveli bachelor living in chennai

  9. I am in Bandra Mumbai, is Amway Amala hair oil available any where close, can you please tell me