Home Remedies for Skin Whitening - Top 3 ways to use Gram Flour/Chicpea Flour/Basen Flour for skin

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Gram flour is a pulse floor made from Chana Dal/Chicpeas. It is called Kadalai Mavu in Tamil.Do you know that some north indian people mix Gram flour/Chicpea flour with turmeric powder and apply it on the girl babies skin for the first 2 years? When I asked about the reason to such a girl who applies chicpea flour for her kid daily, she told that they believe that this is the secret behind the fair skin for the girls in their area. I know that chicpea flour is very good for skin. But I did not know this secret in the past :-)

I am just sharing some wonderful tips which can help to get the rich benefits of Gram Flour/Chicpea Flour/Basen Flour to make your skin more fairer and glowing. At least use it twice a week. To get maximum benefits, use  Gram Flour/Chicpea Flour/Basen Flour daily.

Top 3 ways to use Gram Flour/Chicpea Flour/Basen Flour for skin whitening:

1. Use it for bathing:

Just mix required Chicpea flour with little turmeric powder(click here to see how to prepare Kasthuri Manjal/Curcuma Aromatic Turmeric powder at home) and use it as much as you like instead of soap. No skin problems will touch you. You can use this for your babies without any harm instead of using soap.

2. Use it as face mask:

Mix 2 tablespoon of Chicpea flour with 4 tablespoon of milk and add little turmeric powder. Add dried and ground orange peels with the mixture. Click here to check how to prepare ground orange peels here. Apply it on your face and keep it on for 15 minutes or wait till it become dry. Wash well with cold water. See your face glowing and fairer as soon as you wash off your face.

3. Use it as scrub:

Mix Chicpea flour, rice flour, ground almonds, yogurt and turmeric powder. Apply it on your face and wash off after 30 minutes.

Benefits of Gram Flour/Chicpea Flour/Basen Flour for skin:

1. Clears the dead cells from the skin

2. Makes the skin soft and smooth

3. Removes the tan

4. Lightens the skin

5. Using it with yogurt helps to reduce the oil in the skin

Hope you enjoyed the post on Home Remedies for Skin Whitening - Top 3 ways to use Gram Flour/Chicpea Flour/Basen Flour for skin. Please leave your valuable comments.

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  1. hello!!! can u pls tel me if this remedy can give permanent skin lightening?
    cos my skin gets readily tanned wen i go out in sun even if i keep doing these natural stuff at home...and pls do suggest some method to lighten body skin like hands and legs?

  2. Hi Abaya, could you please what kind of stuffs you apply and found ineffective.

    Lemon juice is the best stuff for tan removal. You can choose either one of the below three options and check which one works for you.

    1. Apply fresh lemon juice on the affected areas and allow it to dry.

    2. Mix gram flour, lemon juice and curd. Apply and allow to dry.

    3. Mix turmeric powder, raw milk and lemon juice. Make a pastd and apply. Allow it to dry.

    Wash with cold water.

    These are effective and commonly used home remedies for skin tanning. Whatever home remefies you follow, you need to use it continuously to see the results. Please try these options and let me know whether it will work out for you. Otherwise we will see different remedies.

  3. I agree..after trying so many expensive products and facials, I started doing this for my pre-wedding planning. I used this combo - Turmeric+Gram flour+Lemon Juice+ 2 drops of olive oil [for moisturization] + Milk Skin [the layer that comes up when you boil rich milk]. I used it only at night as using in morning darkened my skin..

    But after 3 weeks, the results were pretty good and much more long lasting than any facials!

  4. Hi, very nice to read. Give me some tips for gents early 40s. Now I want to keep myself fresh. JR Moorthy New Delhi.

  5. Hello sir, sorry for the late reply. You can follow all the home remedies I have shared in this blog except turmeric powder face mask. Turmeric should not be used by men. You can check the available home remedies in the index at the top or in the right side bar. Keep visiting my blog.... Good day!!!

  6. can boys use it regulary..?!

  7. Yes but without mixing turmeric powder.

  8. My neck region is really dark suggest me good home remedy

  9. My face affected pimbles and block dots becz facial effect i have trouble my skin plzhelp me and how to remove pimbles and blockdots but lemon is not suitable my skin plz help me i am very feel plz help me and homeremides give me i am waiting for ur ans mam

    1. You can use turmeric powder regularly to get rid of pimple and black dots problem. You can make a pack with mixture of malai(cream on top of milk), besan flour, turmeric powder and milk. Apply it regularly. You can also apply neem paste. Crush neem leaves and apply the juice on pimples. Wash your face with clean water at least 2 times. Himalayas Neem face wash also works on pimples. Please take care of your diet too. Reduce oily items. Avoid polluted areas. Sometimes harmonal imbalance may also lead to pimples. In that case, consulting doctor is recommended.

  10. i am 12 yrs old i am very black suggest me some tips to become white

    1. Hello Vaasanthy, It is not possible to change the color tone drastically. But you can follow the above tips and home remedies to lighten your skin tone. Keeping skin flawless and glowing can make anyone good looking irrespective of the color.

  11. i am 12 yrs old black in colour suggest me some tips
    thanks in advance

  12. my face is too oily what should i do

    1. Use Multani mitti or sandalwood face masks twice a week. Use rose water to tone ur skin. Clean ur face with gel based face wash for oily skin twice a day. Use a soft face wipe to clean ur face once you wake up. You can use papaya face pack also once in a week.

  13. kadala maavu+manjal+olive oil+lemon+milk skin combo is vry gud but how many times should use for a week?

  14. Hi, please help me what kind of remedies can be used for my girl baby for skin whitening. She is 8 months old.