Recipe with milk powder - Milk Burfi Recipe using milk powder

Hello friends,

I bought milk powder for my lil kid one month back. But, he did not like it at all. So, I thought of trying to se the milk powder  to come up with a super easy recipe. The first recipe, I tried with milk powder is milk burfi. It came out very well. I always break the sweets into small pieces to give to my kid. But, he wants the milk burfi as a whole piece and not as small pieces :-) I am happy that he loved the milk burfi very much. When he demands me a chocolate, I am giving milk burfi to him. He is happy with that and not demanding for chocolates. Better right??

Recipe with milk powder - Milk Burfi Recipe using milk powder

Recipe with milk powder - Milk Burfi Recipe using milk powder


Milk powder - 150 g
Ghee - 50 g
Sugar - 150 g
Water - 75 ml
Oil/Butter for greasing 
Cashews/Dry grapes/Tutti Frutti for garnishing(optional)


1. Heat ghee in a pan. 

2. Once it starts smoking, put the stove in simmer. Add the milk powder and fry for 3 minutes. Make sure the milk powder does not get burnt.

3. Boil water in a pan and add sugar. Stir it occasionally till a string like consistency formed. Add little water if required. It will take some time to get the perfect sugar syrup consistency.

4. Slowly add the milk powder with the sugar syrup and fry well continuously till it gets thickened without lumps. It need not come to a very thick solid consistency. Milk burfi should be a bit thicker than the semi solid consistency in this stage. When you let the milk burfi cool, it will become thicker automatically. Switch off the stove.

5. Grease a plate with little oil or butter so that the milk burfi does not stick into the plate. Keep the milk burfi on it.

6. Wait for few minutes and cut into small pieces in the shape you like. If you want to garnish with cashews, tutti frutti or raisins, you should not wait for more time. I did not do any garnishing since I prepared this for my lil kid.

Now, the milk burfi is ready. Milk burfi is such a simple recipe which takes no time. I am sure that not only your kid, but your whole family will love it. 
Try the milk burfi at your home and leave your valuable comments.

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  1. hello sundari,
    what would the measurements be in terms of cups or katori? i figured out the milk powder n sugar are in equal measurements and water would be half of sugar or what?

  2. Yes... Water can be half of the sugar.. 1 cup will be mostly 200 or 250 g. You have to check urs..