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Dates halwa is my first Diwali Sweet recipe I have prepared for this year at home. Yes, Diwali has started for us with Dates Halwa. The taste is yummy. It is a super hit in my home. Hubby, kid, mom, dad and sister loved it so much. It is getting over soon. I thought of taking pictures tomorrow once my kid goes to school. Seeing everyone's love for this Dates Halwa, I have decided to do it today itself and post it today. So, Dates Halwa is the newcomer in this blog for this year Diwali.

Dates Halwa is the second recipe of dates which I have tried having Dates as main ingredient. I used to frequently make dates milkshake whenever Dates is available more in stock. As Diwali is nearing this time, I want to make a sweet recipe with Dates.

Dates Halwa Recipe

I felt Dates halwa is very easy halwa recipe. But what really you require for making halwa is your time. You have to stand and stir once you switch on the stove. But this dates halwa takes only 20-30 minutes. So, it is not a big deal I guess. It is absolutely worth the time when you see the kids enjoying it. Okay. Now let us see how to make dates halwa at home.

Dates Halwa Recipe - How to make Dates Halwa - Dates Recipes:

Dates Halwa Recipe - Dates Recipes

Cooking Time:  25 mins approx    |  Makes: 1.25 cups
Recipe Category : Dessert | Sweet


  • Dates - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 1 and 1/4 cup
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Ghee - 1/4 cup
  • Cashews - 10
  • Cardamom/Elachi - 2 nos or 1/4 tsp


1. Chop dates into small pieces roughly. The purpose to chop the dates is to make grinding easier and smoother. Your mixer blades will not get spoiled. Boil milk. Keep the dates soaked in the hot milk till the dates become soft. Allow it to cool.

Dates Halwa step 1

2.  Drain and grind the dates, sugar, elachi(cardamom) with little milk which we used for soaking in a mixer till it becomes a fine paste. There should not be any lumps. Add milk little by little as and when required. Keep the remaining milk aside. I had to use all the milk while grinding.

Dates Halwa step 2

3. Heat a kadai(heavy bottom pan, preferably non stick). Add the entire ground mixture with the remaining milk in the kadai. Stir it continuously. Add ghee once the mixture startes thickening. Stir continuously.

Dates Halwa step 3

4. At one stage, the mixture starts darkening and leavening the sides of the pan. Soon, the mixture will get halwa consistency. Switch off the stove if you are going to serve like halwa. If you are going to make balls or barfis, grease a tray or plate with ghee and  keep stirring the mixture for some more time till it becomes thicker than halwa consistency. After you switch off the stove, the mixture should get solidified in the tray or plate and become like barfi in sometime. So, switch off accordingly. Pour the mixture on the plate and spread it. The mixture might not have smooth level on top. Once it becomes warm, use your fingers or a small flat bowl to level it.

Dates Halwa step 4

5. Fry 10 broken cashews in a tbsp of ghee till they become golden brown color. Spread the cashews over the halwa. When the dates halwa become set properly, cut them into pieces of desired size and shape.

Dates Halwa step 5

Dates halwa is ready. I planned to make small dates balls as my kid likes to have sweets in  ball shape. But he started eating as soon as I poured on the plate. I reserved few to make dates balls for clicking purpose and he also enjoyed the dates balls.

Dates Balls

Enjoy this Diwali with Homemade Halwa with your family. I am sure everyone in your family will fall in love for this healthy iron rich sweet :) Happy Diwali :)

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