Rasagulla Recipe - How To Make Rasagulla

Rasagulla Recipe - How To Make Rasagulla:

Rasagulla recipe I have shared here is a simple one and there will be no mess when you try to make rasagulla at home. It is beautiful even to see the little white paneer balls floating in the sugar syrup.


I am telling you that only 1 percent of people get perfect rasagullas in the first attempt itself. My case is even worse. I got it perfect in the first time. But failed in the next attempt and passed in third attempt again :)

I have added troubleshooting notes at the end of this post based on my experience. I have read different rasagulla recipes by Sanjeev Kumar, Vahrehvahchef, tarla dalal rasagulla recipe etc.It is okay even if you fail 4 to 5 times. You can make perfect bengali rasagullas after practice and different kinds of experimentation.

Rasagulla Recipe 

But nowadays I am making bengali rasagulla lot of times. The reason is not only me but my kid also loves bengali rasagulla. Sometimes I plan for a paneer dish for dinner. But I ended up doing some other easy side dish because of shortage of time. At that time, the crumbled paneer takes a beautiful form. Yes, they form as beautiful round and round rasagullas. Even when paneer refuses to take cube shapes, they become yummy rasagullas or paneer dosa at my home. 

How to make Rasagulla

My hubby asks me to add more sugar in sugar syrup like store bought one. But I do not listen to his words always. Sweet guilty consciousness :) But make sure that your sugar syrup is sweet when you make it for guests.

Okay. Lets see how to make bengali rasagulla at home now.

Rasagulla Recipe - How To Make Rasagulla:

Rasagulla Recipe - How To Make Rasagulla

Cooking Time:  20 mins approx     
Recipe Category : Dessert | Sweet


  • Milk - 1 litre
  • Curd or lemon juice - 2 to 3 tbsp as required
  • Water - 3.5 cups
  • Sugar - 2 cups
  • Ice cubes - 10(optional - to make soft rasagullas)
  • Cardamom/Elachi - 2 nos or 1/4 tsp
  • Pistachios or any nuts - To garnish(optional)


Making rasagullas at home involves 5 steps. They are

1. Making chenna
2. Kneading the dough and making balls
3. Making sugar syrup
4. Cooking the rasagullas
5. Sitting time for rasagullas in the sugar syrup.

Step 1 - Making chenna:

I have already posted on how to make paneer at home(homemade paneer). You have to follow the steps till hanging the chenna in a cloth. Check the post on how to make paneer at home. An additional step is to add ice cubes once the milk starts curdling(optional step) to get smooth dough.

Step 2 - Kneading the dough and making balls:

After you have the crumbled chenna/paneer in hand, knead it till it becomes soft and smooth. It will take an average time of 10 minutes. Do not knead hardly. Be gentle and soft on the dough. Make balls of your desired size.



Step 3 - Making sugar syrup:

Switch on the stove and let it be in medium flame. Boil water or whey water in a wide pan(check notes section on how to choose the pan). Add sugar and stir till it completely dissolves in water. Add elachi or elachi powder to the syrup.


Step 4 - Cooking rasagullas:

Wait till bubbles start appearing in the water. Keep the stove in low flame. Add rasagullas in the pan one by one. Turn the stove to medium flame and cook them for 10 minutes approxmiately. Stir them once in 4 minutes. Soon the rasagullas will become double in size and gets cooked completely. Switch off in this stage. Otherwise the rasagullas will start shrinking.


Step 5 - Sitting time:

Keep the rasagullas in the sugar syrup for 8 hours approximately. Rasagullas will become soft and spongy.

Garnish with pistachios and your homemade rasagullas are ready to serve.

How to make Rasagulla

Troubleshooting Notes:

1. Rasagullas are not in round shape:


You have added less water and the height of water is not sufficient for the rasagullas to float freely. The rasagullas should be able to float in the sugar syrup. Otherwise the bottom of the rasagullas will stay touching the pan and those sides will become flat and lose their round shape. Even if you stir them occasionally, the sides which touch the bottom will become flat.

What to do when the rasagullas are not in round shape?

When you see the rasagullas turning flat, Switch off the stove immediately. Take out the rasagullas outside the sugar syrup. Gently shape them to round shape when they are warm. Do this with patient and gently. Otherwise you might end up in breaking them. If you feel the sugar syrup is not enough. Add more water and sugar in appropriate quantity and wait till the sugar syrup is ready and put the rasagullas inside them. If the rasagullas are already cooked, you do not need to cook them again. Just put them back in sugar syrup.


2. Rasagullas are hard and not soft and spongy. Also they make wierd sound(chak chak) when you eat them:


Rasagullas might become hard if the crumbled paneer is not soft enough and the dough is not kneaded properly. I have given preventive and remedial actions for it. If your rasagullas are hard, just give them sitting time of 8 hours before you eat them. They will become soft definitely.

Preventive Action:

Add 10 ice cubes after you boil milk and curdle with lemon. Once the whey starts separates, add ice cubes. I have heard that it will help to get soft and spongy rasagullas. I have never tried. Next time it is in my to-do list.


Once the rasagullas are ready, leave them in the sugar syrup for 8 hours. The time varies based on rasagullas. Keep checking and when they become soft, you can have them. 8 hours is the average time.

3. Rasagullas are not white and get discolored:

When you overcook the rasagullas or make them in pressure cooker, there is a chance for rasagullas getting discoloured. So, check these points to avoid discoloring.

4. Rasagullas are having cracks:

If you do not knead the dough properly, the rasagullas will get cracks. So, knead them gently at least for 10 minutes and the dough gets smooth texture.

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