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I have recently bought a wall sticker for my bedroom. I never thought of buying a wall sticker for my home until my kid had scribbled in our bedroom.

One fine afternoon when I was half asleep, I was hearing some weird sound. When I woke up, my son was scribbling on our white wall with a black sketch pen. I managed to stop him immediately. But I knew that whatever he had scribbled could not be undone until we cover it up with something.

I was feeling both happy and sad. It was his first scribbling in our wall. So, I wanted not to cover it up completely. I also did not want to leave the room as it was. Then I decided to buy a wall sticker which can go along with his scribbling well.

After a thorough research, I bought a wall sticker in eBay. Let me write a review of that wall sticker in a separate post.

Do you think wall stickers are a waste of money?

Some might think wall stickers are a waste of money. Actually, it is not. Even the stickers priced at Rs.200 have been marked as re-usable. I am not sure whether you can re-use them after you repaint the wall. To say that, I need to wait for 4 more years at least. But there are some expensive stickers from genuine brands which claim that their stickers are re-usable. So you can decide and choose.

Anyways, we are not going to paint every year. On an average, we repaint our home every 4 years. So if you buy a sticker worth Rs.300, you are not even spending Rs.100 for a year for wall sticker. It can give you real pleasure whenever you and your guests see your wall. Do you think it is a waste of money? I don't think even if the stickers are not reusable after removing them.

When it comes to decorating Nursery and Kids room, wall sticker is the cheapest decor option. Nowadays all parents show interest in decorating kids room as most of the kids have dedicated room almost in every household and there is where they spend most of the time. So, the kids room should be pleasant and comfortable for them. Kids room decor should never be taken for granted and you should spend your valuable time to come up with the best for your kids. Ask their opinions and wishes on how to decorate the kids room. Involve them in designing and implementing.

Buying Guide for Wall stickers:

1. Choose the theme. The theme should be based on your personal or kids preference. If your kid likes vehicles, choose vehicles as the theme. If your child is a girl, then she might like some cute teddies, barbie dolls, and butterflies.

2. Choose the color based on your wall color. Always go for contrasting colors. The shopping sites have the images with a correct background mostly. So, if your wall is white in color, choose the wall stickers which are displayed on a white background image.

3. Check the size. The websites must have mentioned the size of the stickers. Make sure that you measure the area you want to cover and choose the stickers accordingly. Do not choose a sticker if there is no measurement given. Otherwise, you might end up in buying plant size stickers when you actually want a tree size sticker. It might look like a tree in the picture but when you see the measurements, you will come to know that it will not even cover a 1/8th area of your wall.

4. Decide the budget. If you are buying them for the first time, try to get some best sticker in lowest price. Once you are satisfied, you can go for higher price.

5. Check reviews and ratings before you buy the stickers.

6. Check the re-usability. If you are going to buy an expensive wall sticker, check whether it is re-usable.

7. Imagine. Once you decide to buy a sticker, imagine how it will actually look in your wall. Go and look at the particular wall and imagine. Keep the size and colors in mind.

How to Buy Wall stickers wisely?

1. Decide the theme, colors, size and other specific requirements. For eg, I have chosen vehicles as a theme. I want most of the stickers should be dark in colors to go well with my white wall. My specific requirement was there should be few small and long stickers which should cover the area where my son has scribbled with sketch pen:) Some might need a golden fish or a monkey in the stickers.

2. Once you have decided the above, open the online shopping sites which sell wall stickers. Narrow your search results using filters. You can set the minimum and maximum price too. If your maximum budget is Rs.500, do not set the maximum price as Rs.500 since there might be some really interesting stickers available at Rs.525. So, always add some extra 50 to 100 bucks and set your price range. Sort by Price. Also, check whether you have any coupon codes to apply and check out the terms.

3. Browse through each and every site and bookmark or shortlist the stickers you like.

4. After browsing through all the sites, you can easily come to know which sites have a better price. Close the window of the sites which you want to drop.

5. Check the sellers rating and customer reviews for the shortlisted stickers. If you find something with most positive reviews and you also love it, make sure to grab it. If you like a sticker which has no review, check out the reviews of other stickers from the same brand or seller. You can come to a conclusion.

Recommended Best Online stores for buying Wall stickers:

1. Ebay
2. Amazon
3. Snapdeal
4. Flipkart
5. FabFurnish
5. Firstcry
6. Babyoye

Useful Tips: 

1. Reserve one or two stickers from a pack if possible  for future use. You might not know when your kid will tear a sticker.

2. If the stickers have not cut properly, cut it using scissors. It is not a tough task as you think.

Stay tuned. I will soon post my review on the wall sticker which I have bought.
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