Airtel 4G - Get ready for the truly fastest network ever

Have you watched the latest TVC for Airtel 4G? Airtel launched 4G nationally today with a television commercial. Check it out at an existing Airtel 3G user, I cannot wait to get my hands on the free 4G SIM. The speed looks awesome as per the TVC. It seems like it is the fastest network ever. I had a look at the brand new website has all the information about the product.

Airtel 4G challenge:

The all new Airtel 4G challenge is open to all of us. If we will be able to prove that some other network is faster than Airtel 4G, they will pay our mobile bills for life :-) This is the Airtel 4G challenge. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could win? Sadly, it seems impossible.  I am just wondering if any other network can beat the speed of Airtel 4G so that I could win Airtel 4G challenge.

Free 4G upgrade:

Now another mind blowing factor which makes me to crave for Airtel 4G is the price. We can enjoy the 4G speeds in 3G prices. Still, I can't believe that there is no extra cost for the upgrade. What else do we need for trying something fastest? If you are also an airtel 3G user like me, you can upgrade to Airtel 4G for free. There were a lot of myths that Airtel 4G is expensive till yesterday. Luckily, it is actually as the same price of 3G.

How to start with Airtel 4G?

1) 4G device:

You need a 4G device to be compatible with 4G.

2) 4G SIM:

You need a 4G enabled SIM to run 4G. Don't worry if you do not have it. Order a 4G SIM now for free from the new Airtel 4G website and get delivered at your doorstep for free. 

3) 4G plan:

If you have a 3G data pack, you can upgrade it for free. Change to 4G plan.

That's it. You will be ready to start with 4G.

For Demo:

Visit your nearby Airtel store and experience the fastest network Airtel 4G first hand.

I am ready to get my hands on the free 4G SIM. What are you waiting for? Try your hands too.

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