Blouse Designs 2017 Latest - New Saree Blouse Patterns

Blouse Designs 2017 Latest - New Saree Blouse Patterns:

Time has gone when saree was considered as a traditional wear. Girls and women have an entirely new perspective about sarees now. There is really a change in the trend in the last 2-3 years. The trend change has come after the designer blouses have started making their presence. With a new blouse design catalogue with full of new blouse patterns, the tailors are mesmerising us. The blouse designs are so much in varieties. They are sufficient enough to confuse us in reality. It is a healthy change in India where sarees were about to get missed. All credits go to designer blouses.

Before few years, your job is completed once you spend some time to choose the saree. But it is not true anymore. You need to spend considerable time for choosing the blouse design from a catalogue of different blouse patterns. If you go to a popular and crowded tailoring or designer shop, you need to wait for your turn to have a look at the blouse design catalogue. To help you saving your time, we have presented 10 latest blouse designs that are trending in 2016. You can also be creative to modify the designs and come up with a good one at home.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #1  - The Gorgeous Full Sleeve Blouse Design: 

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - Full hand blouse design

Full Sleeve blouse patterns are trending nowadays. Full sleeve blouse design patterns were once popular and then went off. Now it is one of the lovable latest blouse designs of 2017. Full Sleeve blouse design is preferred mostly by tall women and women who wants to hide their arms. Full sleeve blouse design pattern might not look great on short women. But still, some might look gorgeous if the design is suitable for their body shape. 

You may be surprised when a full sleeved blouse is deemed gorgeous. In reality being gorgeous doesn't have to do anything with the type of sleeve. The full sleeve lends more space for elegant and elaborate designs which give the royal and regal look. 

Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan exudes royalty in her boat neck heavy work velvet blouse with full sleeves, worn with a net saree. The boat neck and the net saree in combination offer greater design visibility on the blouse. The boat neck also showcases the beautiful and slender neck. People who are wary of close neck blouses may be interested in boat neck which focuses the onlookers attention to the necklaces. Boat necks must sit tight, but not at the point of causing discomfort, to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

The Full Sleeve blouse design is suitable for all tall women and thin women. But mostly it is used to hide the fatty arms.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #2  -The Magic of transparent hands: 

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - Netted 34 hand blouse design

With velvet blouses abundant in the market, you do not need to rely on a tailor who can stitch complicated design patterns. You can easily look attractive by wearing velvet blouses. Velvet blouses can easily uplift your appearance. They make you look gorgeous, outstanding and stunning.

Velvet blouse with transparent hands lends the wearer a sleek look, while the collar imparts a class to the wearer's aura. The elaborate design for the velvet blouse is on the body and not on the sleeves. You can have stone works or embroidery work on the blouse. Be it stones or embroidery threads, try to choose in contrasting color to make the blouse very attractive.

Even if you saree does not come with velvet blouse, you can buy it separately in the stores. Velvet blouses are available enormously in different colors. You can easily buy velvet blouses in the desired color.

The transparent hands compliment a saree with heavy design work. Heavy work in a saree and blouse must be in tandem to avoid the overstuffed look. This is why a heavy work blouse goes well with a transparent/net saree and a mediocre blouse design compliments a heavy work saree.

Mrs. Madhuri Dixit Nene has achieved this balance perfectly which is why the saree compliments her body contours, without giving a stuffed look. She always wears the saree and blouses in the way that she looks slim and tall.

Velvet blouses look good for evening parties. You have to make sure that you stitch the blouse with a nice lining cloth. Otherwise, velvet blouses will make you uncomfortable very soon, especially during summer season. 

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #3  - The cut work blouse design: 

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - short blouse back design

Cutwork in blouse designs adds another dimension to the new blouse design giving it the needed depth. Cutwork goes well with any type of saree. A net saree, silk saree or heavy set velvet saree, the cut work blouse renders the wearer beautiful.

Medium cut work looks elegantly beautiful, while heavy cut work may not go well with heavy work sarees.

This new blouse design is highlighted at the rear end with elegant border highlighting the shapely shoulder blades. The model here looks elegantly beautiful with just enough design to highlight the shapely figure and grandeur of the saree.

For a heavy cut work blouse a transparent saree is the best choice, while for a medium cut work saree such as the one shown, a heavy saree will compliment it greatly.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #4 - Brocade tie-back design:

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - blouse back neck design

This design is the most beautiful of the creations and is worn when it is time to flaunt the shapely figure and back. Embroidery work on a silk saree transforms it into a style garment which is perfect for flaunting the curves.

The embellished full sleeves with matching border give a chic and fabulous look to the wearer. Shriya Saran in the picture is wearing the Sabyasachi creation and carries it with much grandeur and finesse.

 The tie-back blouses are nowadays a craze among women especially who has a beautiful and well-shaped arms and back to show off. Moreover, the tie-back blouse pieces are less prone to wardrobe malfunctions.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #5 - The elegant strap blouse design:

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - Simple blouse design

The strap blouse is for the occasion when the saree design is much heavier and grand. To showcase the saree design in its entireness, a strap blouse is the best choice.

The strap is balancing the heavy embroidery and stone work highlighted in the saree, with its own glam quotient. The strap blouse provides room for highlighting the grand necklace and other jewellery which are adorned for special occasions. Hence, to show-off the saree in all its grandeur, a strap blouse is the right choice.

Any hairstyle goes with this blouse design as the chic element is in the saree which is showcased perfectly without overdoing it.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #6 - Simple High Neck elbow length net blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - Closed neck - full hand blouse design

The high neck in this new blouse design renders the wearer with a special appearance, more so when the person has the sleek and slender neck to highlight. High neck blouses are known to exude royalty much like its full sleeve counterparts. In this image, Deepika Padukone is simply stunning in a  Georgette saree with embroidery work all over the body.

The saree has elegant work within its borders which is rightly showcased with a net blouse. The net blouse with simple pattern design balances the heavy set design work in the saree border and gives an elegant and dignified look to the wearer.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #7 - Velvet body embroidery blouse with net full sleeve design:

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - embroidered blouse design

The velvet body blouse in dark shades offers greater design visibility. The net full sleeve blouse gives a majestic look to the wearer. The designer silk saree with embroidered border and blouse with matching border is the right look for a special occasion which requires that authoritative look.

 The model seems to exude grandeur, authority, and simplicity all at once. The back of the blouse bears beautiful cut design which showcases the stone and embroidery work on the blouse and compliments her beauty. The different design for the border and the blouse body form a complete picture with the border of the saree giving the right finish to the exquisite and elaborate design on the blouse.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #8 - High Neck Sleeveless Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - sleeveless blouse design

The high neck sleeveless blouse is an attention seeker. The floral embroidery in gold coloured blouse gives it an imperial look. The neck is not too high to obscure the necklace.

A saree which does justice by showcasing the design to the maximum extent is a suitable choice. Jaqueline Fernandes in the peach coloured saree embellished with a golden border with heavy set design work at the bottom matches with the grandeur exuded in the golden embroidery laced sleeveless blouse.

Grand occasions demand new blouse designs which impart a certain element of finesse. A high neck sleeveless blouse is one such design favourite with the royalty.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #9 -  Plain Sleeveless Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns - sleeveless blouse design pattern

If a saree is too grand to be showcased, then a plain sleeveless blouse goes well with it. Mrs.Kajol Devgan in the black polka dot designer wear saree from a creation of Sabyasachi, matches it perfectly with a plain sleeveless blouse.

The net saree has elaborate work on its border and compliments the blouse perfectly. A net saree is the best choice when either the blouse has heavy set maggam or cut work to showcase or if the saree has a design pattern to show off.

The elegant chic look that she exudes arises from the fact that, all things plain can render a wearer an amazing look, especially when the wearer is comfortable wearing it.

Having plain sleeveless blouse in various colours is always an advantageous prospect. Plain sleeveless new blouse design saves your money too. No tailor or designer charges more to stitch plain sleeveless blouse. You will always look outstanding even if you wear a plain sleeveless blouse. It is one of the most simple yet elegant new blouse design that is always an evergreen blouse pattern. There is no need to spend for sequins, stones, embroidery etc. For parties, choose the blouse in velvet cloth which looks shiny.

Latest Blouse Design 2017 #10 -  Sequin stitched dazzling short sleeve blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs 2016 - 2015 - New - Blouse Patterns -  v neck blouse design

Short sleeve blouse with sequin work is an exquisite piece to wear along with a saree which has little or medium sequin design in its body, except at the ends. Who doesn't love to wear a blouse with sequin work? It is not something a new trend entered in the year of 2016. If you wear a blouse with sequin work, you will easily look gorgeous even if you wear a plain saree with no design. It will definitely make you chic and beautiful. But please note that it looks good only for parties and weddings. Do not choose it for formal occasions. Also, it is not good and comfortable to stitch for a daily wear saree.

Sonakshi Sinha in the pink colour Georgette saree which has explicit sequin design at the ends of the saree and otherwise plain looking body looks stunning with a matching coloured raw silk short sleeve blouse with heavy set sequin work.

The V shape neck allows for exhibiting necklace jewellery on special occasions like in a wedding. When one gets a V-shaped blouse with short sleeves she should take care that the size is right, otherwise, the blouse will slip away from the shoulders.

When you go for a blouse with sequin work, make sure that you have a good lining cloth material stitched inside to avoid getting your skin irritated. Also, you have to choose some high-end sequin designs to avoid your bangles and chains pulling the sequins accidentally. In that case, the sequins will come off easily.

Hope you like the article 'Latest Blouse Designs 2017 Latest - New Blouse Patterns - New Blouse designs'.  We are looking forward adding many more new blouse designs in this blog. Stay tuned!!
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