Mantra Gold Coatings Review

Mantra Gold Coatings Review:

Recently I got a chance to visit Mantra Gold Coatings, a store that aims to create spiritual bliss in every household. It is a home decor and cultural gifting shop. You can find elegant idols, lamps, beautiful name plates, handcrafted bronze Murals, wall arts, pooja mandapams, decoratives, pooja articles and much more.

Mantra Gold Coatings is a retail initiative to provide 24 Carat gold coating services and gold coated products, gifts, artefacts, and accessories.

You might wonder why there is an exclusive store related to spirituality.  Do we really need to give importance to spirituality in life? I found the below interesting points about Spirituality in a research article.

  • Some observational studies suggest that people who have regular spiritual practices tend to live longer.
  • Patients who are spiritual may utilize their beliefs in coping with illness, pain, and life stresses. 
  • Some studies indicate that those who are spiritual tend to have a more positive outlook and a better quality of life.
  • One study showed that spiritual well-being was related to the ability to enjoy life even in the midst of symptoms, including pain.
  • Spiritual commitment tends to enhance recovery from illness and surgery.


People who give importance to spirituality and love to indulge in spirituality at home must visit this store at least once in lifetime.

Here is what the owner has to share with us:

To be frank, I believe our Decor products, Idols and lamps talk to our guests in store. My team members are mere facilitators. It is when this communication happens, the  guest becomes very happy and he keeps coming to our store, just to enjoy the display. There have been doctors, who will come for a break at our store, in afternoons, evenings, stay for some time, smile and say I will come back. These are our happy moments, our moments of Peace. 

I agree with the doctor. It gave me immense happiness while I visited. It gives you a peaceful experience that can be realized only when you visit this beautiful store.

If you are someone who restricts yourself buying inexpensive decor items with no expectation on quality and durability factors, this store might not be a right place to you.

If you are serious about quality, durability, uniqueness, elegance and love to own masterpiece collection, then Mantra Gold Coating is just the right place for you. Each and every product is a masterpiece that comes in it own cost. I always believe that quality product cannot come in a cheaper price tag. So, their price seems to be reasonable.

This is a store which is favorite for many celebrities like Sridevi, Kushboo, Suhasini and Poornima.

They are confident that their products can last for a lifetime unless you mishandle them. Even in that case, you can get them serviced. The maintenance is simple but should be given importance.

If you want to own unique items that can last for a lifetime, don't think twice to visit Mantra Gold Coatings.

This is one of my very few posts for which I would like to add more photos than content. Yes, the photos can convey more than what I can write. Once I entered the showroom, I started clicking each and every product with my Asus Zenpad 8.0. I was planning to take my Nikon DSLR as I expected the store to be a real treat for my DSLR. But the day was cool and it started to drizzle in my area. Still I managed to click some real good photos to share with you.

I realized that I have taken 86 photos totally only while transferring the photos to my laptop. This shows how much elegant the collections are. I have made a slideshow of the photos as I feel there are a lot of photos that I wanted to share with you. There are some blurry photos which I had ignored. But there is not even a single photo which is edited.

Know about their unique pooja room concept called Samarpan:

Mantra Gold Coatings recreates the miracle of a temple in its pooja room concepts, which is called as SAMARPAN. They happily design and execute customized pooja room concepts.

They have served more than 18,000 households and 1,500 Temple projects across the country.

Mantra Gold Coating Showroom Locations:

Mantra Gold Coatings - Alwarpet showroom address:

270, TTK Road,
Next to Sankara Hall,
Chennai 600 018

Contact Landline : + 91 (44) 2499 1023
Mobile Number : 9962515630

Mantra Gold Coatings - Ambattur Showroom address:

No. K-34, Sector 1,
10th Street,
Ambattur Industrial Estate,
Chennai - 600 058

Mobile Number: 98848 09700

Mantra Gold Coatings - Hyderabad Showroom address:

Plot no : 283 / A,
Road no : 12,MLA colony,
Near OMEGA Hospital,
Banjara Hills,Hyderabad - 500 034.
Phone : +91 (40) 4222 2223.

Of course, Mantra has its online store at But if you are located in Chennai or Hyderabad, I highly recommend you to visit their store directly. I am sure that you will get an amazing experience that cannot be explained easily. You will never regret driving to this store as you will get an absolutely incredible artistic experience.

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