LG Refrigerator Reviews India

LG Fridge Review India - LG Single Door Refrigerator Review:

Looking for a review of LG single door refrigerator? Check out the LG fridge review written by one of our contributors who has been using this fridge for nearly 4 years. I thought this model of LG refrigerator holds a lot of good features and worth to have it reviewed in our blog. I have gone through the specifications and features of this LG fridge. Though I am using whirlpool fridge, I thought of reviewing the features of the fridge whereas the author who has been using the fridge for a long time has reviewed its usage, functionality and other aspects.

LG fridge review
LG Refrigerator Reviews

Fridge Details:

Brand  - LG

Model Number -  205XFDE5 

Type - lg single door refrigerator

Capacity - 190 Ltr

MRP is Rs.17290.

You can buy the LG refrigerator in Amazon for less price below. Also check the rate in Snapdeal here before buying.

Important features:

  • 190 L fridge 
  • Powercut evercool with 9 hours of cooling retention
  • Fastest ice making
  • Base stand drawer
  • Moist balance crisper
  • Beauty and care box

LG Refrigerator Reviews - Features Review:

From Editor:

This fridge comes with Power Cut EverCool technology with the longest cool air retention. Even during prolonged power cuts, the food, fruits and vegetables can be kept cool up to 9 hours. This is really a good feature helpful for the people who live in an area with prolonged power cuts. One of m uncle bought this LG fridge model just because there are continuous power cut in his area.

Those who feel the legs of the fridge spoiling the look will love this model as it has Base stand with drawer facility. Not only it enhances the look, it is also helpful to hide the legs. It also provides extra height to the refrigerator which makes your fridge looks taller. You can use this shelf as storage shelf to store onions, potatoes etc. If you have a crawling kid, they will have nice time in playing with the items in the base stand:) Yes, I have seen it.

With its 4 star rating, LG claims that it consumes 23% less power than the conventional Frost Free refrigerator. So, you can save some money from your regular electricity bills and use it for some other purpose. Please note that I happened to see the fridge with 5 star rating in Amazon and Snapdeal. But in LG official website, I saw it as 4 star. So, please check the correct rating before buying.

Nowadays most of the refrigerators come with inbuilt stabilizer. LG says that the fridge can withstand voltage fluctuation ranging from 135V to 290V. So this LG refrigerator can work without stabilizer. But we are living in a country where we are ready to pay extra 2000 to protect the 15,000 worth fridge. Even I use a stabilizer for my whirlpool fridge which does not require stabilizer:)

With removable Antibacterial gasket, you can keep the bacteria away. You can easily clean the dust too as it is removable. It also helps in sealing the freshness of the food and stopping the mould spores from entering and spoiling the food inside.

The fridge comes with unique Egg cum Ice Tray. This is an unique design patent with LG.

LG Refrigerator Review:

Reviewed by author - Bala.

LG 190 Ltr  Refrigerator is an extremely wise choice for budget buyers. I bought this fridge in the year of September 2012.  I was impressed with the color & the elegant floral design and a Kurve handle on it. I bought it in AKDR, Velachery, Chennai for Rs.14300.

It looks very beautiful inside also. Provisions to keep medicines, lemon, fridge bottles, vegetable basket, ice trays, etc are available. The glass shelves are toughened one.

LG refrigerator reviews

I always go for products which are economical only. My perception is whenever new models arrives, we tend the change our appliance/products after some point of time. So, personally I don’t feel like buying the expensive ones. 

Also though the products have many features/latest technology, the usage is the primary purpose. I chose to buy single door refrigerator itself as we are a small family. Instead of buying a double door refrigerator, I opted to buy a single door refrigerator itself for now and it is good in meeting my expectations and serves the purpose well. 

Coming to the fridge again, in 4 years, so far no major issues seen. It has an inbuilt stabilizer, but we have purchased one V-guard stabilizer extra, since we have frequent power fluctuations in our area.

Power consumption is very less. Special feature is the toughened glasses. It can hold even heavy utensils. I even place 7L pressure cooker inside it. There are 2 adjustable shelves available to keep your food items including the batter. Number of slots are provided that enable us to arrange the shelves to get required space as per our need whenever we want.

I primarily use it for storing milk, curd and dosa batter. Sometimes, I also keep non vegetarian food that are left over.

Apart from the above ones, I do store chocolates, cakes, cheese, butter and vegetables.I also store the
cut vegetables, grated coconut, ginger garlic paste, puliogre mix, mint chutney as I am working. All these are fresh for a very long time when I keep them inside the fridge.

I personally do not keep onion, tomato, potato, garlic, yam and eggs inside the fridge and it is not advisable too.

Some of the refrigerator models are having the back sealed. This LG fridge is not sealed. The water from the freezer goes via tray and get collected at the space provided at the back of the fridge.

Once I had a problem of bad odour behind the fridge. The LG service person came on time & explained the cause of bad smell. The water storage area at the backside of the fridge got dried up. The reason for it is, the milk that was spilled in the fridge got accumulated in the tray and flew into the storage tank. It blocked the small hole in the tray, which completely blocked the path. So, the storage tank started giving pungent smell which was due to milk already present there which got spoiled. He also told how to avoid it and keep it clean. 

He recommended me to defrost the refrigerator every 2 days.

To clean the tray: 

  1. Switch off the fridge.
  2. Remove two screws of the storage tank, take it out separately & wash it to remove the dirt/milk well.
  3. To remove the blockage, pour the hot water inside the tray,it clears the block.
  4. As a temporary solution, to get rid of the odour, spray some perfume at the backside of the fridge.

Recently when we shifted to new house, we faced some issue, fridge was not cooling at all. Replaced the thermostat, after that it was working fine.

Both the issues were due to improper maintenance/mishandling. So with proper maintenance & handling, this fridge is pretty good. 


My rating is 4.5/5 for this refrigerator. I would have given 5 star if the price is little bit lower.

About Bala:

Bala is a mom of a 4 year old kid. She is based in Chennai. She is working as a Test Engineer in an MNC in Chennai.

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