#DoTheDifficult to achieve your Wellness Goals

How many promises you have made in the beginning of 2016? How many you have actually kept? How many you are going to carry over to the next year?

Promises such as buying a new phone or TV can be postponed but not promises on health. We think that we do not have enough time and convince ourselves for not keeping up the promises. If you can push yourself to devote some time, you can easily keep up your promises.

One such promise I made to myself in the year of 2015 was fitness. I got a partner for walking and gym. But she left very soon due to her personal commitments. I stopped going to the gym just one month after that as I got bored to go alone.

Then I started GM diet, but stopped it as I could not push myself even though I had done before. Then I started doing yoga. Initially it was tough to follow a routine, but I did giving up. I started doing Surya Namaskar 5-6 times a day along with few meditations. I replaced white sugar with jaggery whenever possible. My stamina started increasing day by day and I thought to include some high intensity workouts too. I started doing Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 5.0, a 90 day fitness program. It was really difficult to do the workout initially.

I also had to go through some unexpected issues like impacted wisdom tooth surgical removal, a ligament injury due to twisted ankle, smashed finger in a door and so on. Everything happened unexpectedly and they were completely out of my control. So, I had to go through the pains. Still, I resumed doing the workouts as soon as I got recovered. I have already completed 66 days of this program even though I took multiple breaks.

Initially I was feeling lazy to do it. Nowadays, I feel lazy if I am not doing it. So, I am doing the workouts as the first thing after sending my kid to school. I started including Leslie or Jessicca Smith walking workouts too.

I have already started great results. My stamina has increased so much. I am able to be active throughout the day. I am able to see weight loss too.

Have you seen the latest ad titled #DoTheDifficult from ICICI Lombard? It shows how a father is running in the snow. He motives himself to keep the promise he made to daughter to be fit and healthy.

The ad is really inspiring, engaging and motivating for all the people who are feeling difficult to keep their promises. When I saw it, I felt emotional as I am going through the same. I am pushing myself everyday as I promised myself to be fit. The results are too good.

ICICI Lombard has taken up the task of inspiring the individual  to take care of their fitness and well-being through this ad.

ICICI Lombard provides wellness benefits in their health insurance. With their wellness program, you will be rewarded points for your healthy behavior.

What their wellness program entails?

1. Medical, preventive and online health risk assessment.

2. Wellness points will be rewarded if the individual will participate in marathon, swimathon, cyclothon or in any other sporting event.

3. Customers can avail of yoga and gym reimbursements, nutrition consultation, sports and fitness therapy as part of ICICI Lombard's health insurance offerings. Remuneration of the membership cost is according to the coverage percentage offered in plan.

What are the promises you have made so far? Some of you might have promised to lose weight for your loved one. Some of you might have promised to quit junk food, soft drinks and so on. Giving up a habit or stretching yourself for something is not something easy. It is quite difficult. But you won't mind doing the difficult thing if it is for you or your loved ones.

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