10 Latest Saree Trends - Latest designer sarees 2017

10 Latest Saree Trends - Latest designer sarees 2017:

Sarees are a real favorite of Indian ladies and are also featuring a great deal in the pages of latest fashion trends the world over. Sarees make you look gorgeous and dignified at the same time. If draped properly and supplemented by the right kind of jewellery, sarees can win you glances and hearts in every party or festival where you wear them. You can wear sarees in every occasion – some formal meeting or any informal gathering, wedding or office party. We are sharing here the latest saree trends in India - the designer saree designs which you will really love for sure.

10 Latest Saree Trends - Latest designer sarees 2017:

Latest saree Trend #1 - The Dupatta Saree:

These exquisite sarees are just a replacement for the lehenga that come in two pieces – a lehenga and a dupatta. With a matching choli, of course. In usual lehenga, the lehenga is first worn, and then the dupatta is draped over it. But in dupatta saree, the saree itself has dupatta which you can use it to cover your head or your shoulder itself. 

The dupatta saree highlights every curve that you possess and can accentuate the beauty of your waistline. You can wear the dupatta front to back or back to front, as you feel like. The pleats on the pallu created by the dupatta, should be narrow and hung loosely from the shoulder to look nice.

The dupatta saree is ideal for wearing in weddings and other traditional occasions, as the best dupatta sarees have heavy embroidery work throughout the saree including the dupatta. You can also have the dupatta adorned with patch work. This is the latest saree trend especially for the brides who wear dupatta saree during weddings.

The dupatta saree comes in a variety of fabric like silk, georgette, or satin. But the dupatta is usually made of chiffon. The colours of the two pieces may contrast each other. The choice of two bright colours, or one bright and one sober work perfectly to suit you in every occasion.

Latest saree trend #2 - Cape Saree to look terrific:

Want to look really glamorous and try the latest saree trend that is the favorite of many Bollywood stars? You may try wearing a bright and highly embroidered cape over your blouse. This gives a totally different look from your usual self. The way of draping the saree is the traditional way, with the pleats neatly done and the pallu hanging back from the shoulders. With the cape on your saree, you look highly glamorous. And you thought capes were worn by the Supermans and the Batmans from the children Superhero books. Check how beautiful Deepika Padukone is looking in this cape saree.

Traditionally capes are worn by ladies from the earlier generations and mostly woolen ones during the winters. Capes go very well with your traditionally worn saree, petty-coat, and blouse, mainly on ladies with a slimmer shape, as the cape tends to make you look bigger at your shoulders and bosom areas.

The typical capes worn with sarees are not the round ones, but the shorter version, that only cover the shoulders and are open in the front. You can wear them in contrasting colours with the saree or of the same tinge. The capes are mostly heavily embroidered and they make you look smart and elegant. If you can carry the cape styled saree, you can really be the most talked about the lady in the entire party. While the latest designer sarees are also coming with cape, the latest trend is to wear it with a saree with minimal design.

Latest Saree Trend #3 -  Readymade saree to make your life easier:

A readymade saree is a pre-stitched one, that you just need to tuck in your petty coat, with the Patli all done in nice pleats and so is the pallu. No wonder why this is one of the latest saree trends in 2017, the year no one has no extra seconds to spend in draping saree. Thus the saree is not a 5.5 meters or 6 yards long fabric that you need to drape. All you need to do is wear is like a skirt and you are now ready to walk into a party. Many of the latest designer sarees are readymade sarees now.

You look graceful in a typical party wear saree and nobody’s the wiser. This is a nice choice for those ladies who are not quite used to draping sarees but want to try them on on special occasions. You can opt for various colors, types of fabrics, and embroidery on the sarees. The readymade sarees are mainly made using heavily embellished material that can be easily worn in parties and social rituals.

The foreigners feel comfortable wearing these sarees as there is no risk of them coming undone in the middle of an ongoing celebration. The popularity of the traditional Indian saree has gone up in the West as a result of the introduction of the readymade saree. However, the blouse or choli needs to be worn separately.

Latest saree trends #4 - Half and half saree:

A half and half saree is mainly a saree created by fashion designers and dealt with by the boutiques. Most of the designer sarees are now half and half sarees as this is the latest trend in saree. They are actually two sarees, each cut into two halves and then stitched one after another. One part acts as the pleat, starting from the waistline, and the other starting where the pleats end and run to form the pallu. The blouse normally matches the part that remains in the pleats. The two sarees are so selected so as to contrast each other. The technique of draping the saree is normal.

At present, you will find hundreds of Indian women wearing half and half sarees on a regular basis, or on special occasions. They are not so expensive, that you can select to mix and match two sarees in any price range. However, sometimes these boutique–styled sarees are affixed zardousi or embroidered borders, that enhances the price a bit.

Sarees are going through tremendous innovations and these half and half sarees are a typical example of such introduction of innovative ideas.

Latest saree trends #5 - Butterfly pallu sarees:

Also known as the Bollywood style, following the use of the draping style by most of the leading ladies in Mumbai film world, the butterfly pallu sarees and their easy yet unique way of draping have become very popular. Sarees are universally accepted as a versatile attire, as you can wear a saree to work everyday and also wear them on very special occasions like wedding, office parties and religious festivals. Butterfly pallu saree is the latest saree trend in the year of 2017. There are so many designer sarees coming in butterfly pallu style.

The way of draping the saree is easy. You just need to take the pallu around the back and hang it loosely over your shoulders. You can wear any saree, any make any fabric and any design in this manner and create your very own style. However, the draping can be done best with a lighter saree like a chiffon, kota or silk one. The pallu is typically embellished with heavy needle work, giving the saree the look of a fluttering and happy butterfly. You may wear a butterfly pallu saree with a blouse that comes with deep cut design and stylish pattern.

Latest saree trends  #6 - Multi-colored Ready pleated saree:

A colourful saree, made for all ages and all occasions, the colour pleated saree looks smart and gleeful on you. The saree material is, in most cases, georgette or chiffon. The colours are actually multi-coloured prints that occur throughout the saree, in its pleat area as well as the pallu part. The saree is casual wear in most cases, but can also be a huge success in parties and office gatherings. These sarees, in most cases, are provided with matching blouse pieces. You can wear modern costume jewellery with the saree to take you to a different dimension.

You feel happy and your mind is set free when you wear multi – coloured pallu sarees. The best colour pleated sarees are hand printed with the most exquisite work by designers. These are also boutique styled sarees, the patterns of which come out of the designers and are unique in most cases.

Latest saree trend #7 - Lehenga saree:

An new introduction in the trend of sarees in India, the lehenga sarees is a mix of the traditional lehenga – choli and a designer saree. The portion of the saree around your waist is in the form of a lehenga. The upper portion or the pallu is formed out of a saree of same or contrasting colour and design. Lehenga saree is the new decade's latest trend.

The lehenga saree finds its origin in the craving of all such Indian and foreigner ladies who wanted to wear sarees but found it too cumbersome to drape one. The designer came up with a lehenga worn with a partial saree on it, giving it a very traditional and very much Indian look. You can have your very own tailored lehenga saree for your wedding or for someone close. The draping is easy, as you have to wear it like a skirt and zip it up on the side, and then wear the saree part as the pallu, leaving it hanging on your shoulders. The saree looks best with a designer choli and heavy traditional jewellery.

Latest saree trend #8 - Patli Pallu saree: 

These are very modern sarees, again born out of the designer’s wish to revolutionise and globalise the ethnicity of the Indian saree. Here, two sarees, similar or contrasted in colour matching are so stitched that one saree forms the first part that you start with tucking in your petty coat, and also forms the pallu part, while the other part forms only the pleat or the patli. The draping of this saree has to be done with extreme care, as the overlapping of parts will not look good. The blouse is most often made of the part of the saree that remains at the pleats.

This type of saree is the latest trend in saree designs which is quite common among office goers. However, the silk sarees are elegant enough to be worn in any special occasion. You can get the pallu part embroidered to give it a richer look. Worn with metal costume jewellery, these sarees can raise eyebrows in the social gatherings without a doubt.

Latest saree trend #9 - Mumtaz style saree:

Want to look really lovely, trendy and attractive in the party? You may try the Mumtaz style draping. In this style, the saree is not worn with pleats. It is wound round the body repeatedly and the pallu is then casually hung over the shoulder. You definitely look thinner and more beautiful in this saree style. It is named after the great Bollywood diva Mumtaz, whose signature style this happens to be. This latest style of draping the saree can be used for any saree material and make, but a lighter one will work out the best. You wear these sarees mostly on festive occasions and may cause quite some ripples in the minds of the people around you.

Latest saree trends # 10 - Vintage sarees:

There are some saree styles that are like vintage wine. However much you have worn the same saree in so many different occasions, yet it does not lose its charm. You come back to the sarees whenever there is an opportunity to wear something traditional. And with these sarees on, you are always the show – stopper. They are mostly in silks, tussar and benarasi silk fabrics with intricate work or fine prints or brush – work. 

Hope you liked this latest saree trends - the latest saree designs which are trending in India right now in 2017. Which is the latest designer saree trend you love to try? Share with us in the comment section.
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