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Last week, I got to attend the bloggers meet #VLCCStyleStatements at VLCC, Aminijikarai Chennai. It was really a fun event with a discussion on skin care, hair care, skin and hair treatments offered by VLCC and a pampering session. We had an insightful Q&A session on various hair and skin related topics. While having the discussion, we were offered a very good foot massage that was quite relaxing. Being a busy mom, I was not able to spend time on such pampering sessions in the recent times. So, it was something which was really soothing and relaxing for me.


Many people think that VLCC is primarily for slimming session. No, it is not.  Though VLCC provides one of the best slimming solutions in India, it is not limited to it. VLCC provides various services including Salon services, Laser & Dermat services in addition to slimming services.


One more thing I really like about VLCC is they do not just provide temporary solution for any of your problems. If you go to VLCC for treating your hair fall, they do not just start the treatment right away. They sit with you and understand your lifestyle. They even have in-house doctors too. They find out the root cause and work on it too. After careful analysis only they start treating you. The same applies to skin treatment and slimming treatment. Since they address the root cause of the problem too, I find their solution to be permanent and not a temporary one.


Answers from VLCC Experts for my questions:

As I said earlier, we had a discussion on various skin care and hair care related problems. I have asked the below 2 questions to one of the VLCC experts Mrs.Sushmitha Verma and Mrs. Madhu Sudha. Sushmita Verma is the Category Manager - Beauty for VLCC and Madhu Sudha is the Branch head of VLCC, Amijikarai branch.


1. Do you have any treatment for premature graying?

Expert answer - No, there is no treatment available for premature graying. But we have to find out the root cause and work on it to solve. We should be tuned with the body to avoid premature graying.

2. I have heard some people saying that coconut oil darkens the skin. Is that true?

No, it is not true. Coconut oil is very good for skin. It is a natural moisturizer.

Some of the VLCC Services you should try:

Under Eye Treatment #1 - Derma Heal Eye Treatment:

Eye Filler treatment, exclusively formulated with innovative bio actives. It dramatically reduces the visible signs of ageing around eye area by instant wrinkle filling effect. 24 hour-lasting hydration improves skin texture and boosts radiance.


Under Eye Treatment #2 - Visionergy:

An intensely concentrated treatment, Visionergy is engineered to tackle problems commonly faced in the eye contour area. Powered by a blend of potent actives, 3 combinative actions work holistically and penetrate deep into the skin to promote regeneration for an astounding skin transformation.

Visionergy minimizes and aids in addressing current superficial signs of aging while simultaneously performing at a deeper level to prevent the formation of future skin flaws. Skin feels plumper, firmer and denser to the touch and a natural luminosity emerges. A soothing action targets eye bags and puffiness to revitalize the entire eye area, smoothing out skin and giving the eye contours a minimized appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Vampire Facelift - For dull and sallow skin:

Maintaining glowing skin is hard work, but the much acclaimed Vampire Facelift ( A-PRP) Platelet Rich  Plasma(PRP)is  a  form  of  blood  plasma  taken  from  your  own  self  that  has  been enriched with platelets  and  growth  factors  and  applied  to  your  face  with  dermarloller.  This  encourages cellular  growth, stimulates  healing  and  imparts  a  youthful  appearance  to skin.  You  can combine it   with  other  treatments  like Chemical  Peels,  microneedling  with  radio  frequency, Dermarollers, Botox  andThreadlift  for  smooth  wrinkle free skin.


VLCC PH Road Centres,
No.323, Diamond Dune, Poonamallee High Road,
Next to Pachiappas College,
AminjikaraiChennai, Tamil Nadu 600029

Final Verdict:

For any hair, skin and weight loss solutions, you can definitely rely on VLCC to get permanent solution for your problems. You can also feel assured that you get the right treatment as they find and address the root cause of your problem. Check out VLCC Blog for more information.
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