Music Learning And Child Development

Music Learning And Child Development:

I’m sure no one exists in this world without the love for music. The choices and preferences might differ but everyone loves to indulge themselves musically once in a while. A trend has started off late with more and more parents enrolling their kids into music schools. Research proves that music influences a child’s motor skills, language learning capabilities, cognitive development, and social as well as academic abilities.

Parents have unanimously understood this positive impact of music, and want to tap on it by helping their children build their passion in a disciplined manner.
Music is also s great means of self-expression. Children have their fair share of emotions too, be it negative or positive.  Music serves as the best outlet for them to express their personality, moods and intelligence through unspoken words.

Both my husband and I never had the chance to learn music as kids. So, we were naturally excited at the prospect of our son learning music, and wanted to figure out whether he shared our view on this as well.

We decided to take our son to a pianist who gives music lessons in our neighborhood. Although he wasn’t thrilled in the least about the visit at first, once we got there, he took an instant liking to all the keyboards lined up and the sounds that were emanating from them.
Honestly, it makes me so proud to watch my son move his adorable little fingers while playing ‘twinkle twinkle little star” and “happy birthday” on his Casio Mini Keyboard.

After researching a bit on the Internet, I’m pretty sure that his new hobby is responsible for his better grades in Math, not to forget his teacher flashing me a big smile and congratulating me for having a very well mannered and social child at hand. Yes, my child is the cool kid in class cum piano master.
If you too want your child to explore the wonders of music, then you better not waste time any more.

Casio Mini keyboard not only comes highly recommended by music patrons but personally too, I found it to be unarguably the best choice with a good practical design and easy-to-learn functions.

It also comes with a 3 year warranty incase you run into any system wear and tear.
Trust me, learning music is a joy and it will come easier with a good instrument at hand. Up your parenting game and introduce your child to the world of magical music that’ll help him become an all-round individual with a smart brain and pleasing personality.
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