Anarkali Dress Designs - Latest Designs in Anarkali suits

Anarkali Dress Designs - Latest Designs in Anarkali suits:

Anarkali, a favourite Indian top worn with matching Churidar is a popular choice for all ages. The elegance and style of this attire are unmatched for. This dress befits a workplace or a formal-do or for grand occasions like a marriage, everything depends on the layering and artwork that goes into stitching the dress. While formal and workplace Anarkali may not have an elaborate design or many layering, a function like a marriage sure requires louder colours and heavier artwork in the body of the Anarkali. This dress usually looks good when the fabric material is chosen is silk or georgette. Listed below are the five different types of Anarkali patterns observed in the market.

Anarkali Stitched using Vertical Panels: 

The Umbrella shape of the top is achieved through different shaped full-length Vertical panels. Using many panels with smaller width gives the attire a grandeur suited for a function. When this stitching is carried out on thin fabrics like net or georgette with cotton or silk fabric for lining, the attire gets a royale look. This style of stitching is suitable for almost all the body types, except the Rectangular or Skinny type.

Anarkali Stitched using Half Vertical Panels: 

The bodice of the Anarkali carries a princess seam to which vertical panels are attached to give the flare skirt look. The fabric materials like silk and cotton for lining go well with this type of stitching while the main fabric is usually net or georgette material. This type of Anarkali can be stitched to match the grandeur of a function with heavy embroidery designs on the princess seam or stitched with different coloured silk material to give it a formal yet elegant look. Except for the inverted triangle and pear body types, this Anarkali style compliments your body when stitched to perfection and with proper selection of fabric.

Anarkali Stitched using a Circular Umbrella Cut Pattern: 

This Anarkali type requires a stitched-to-suit bodice with a full-flare umbrella-cut pattern. The main fabric used to give the elegant look can be silk or georgette, chosen with appropriate lining fabric. The flared skirt usually begins from the waistline. A pear or inverted triangle body type may get the flared skirt to begin at a higher waistline. This type of Anarkali is suited for formal do's and is perfect attire for the workplace. Leggings or churidar can be worn to match the Anarkali tops. This type of Anarkali can compliment all the body types when the length at which the flared skirt begins is altered.

Anarkali Stitched using many Layers of Main Fabric: 

This type of Anarkali is becoming a favourite at many gatherings and do's. The bodice carries a princess seam while the skirt can have two or more layers stitched to varying lengths showcasing the hemline borders. Depending on the colour or fabric of the layers, the elegance and grandeur of this dress can be set. Since it requires stitching of multiple layers, thin fabric like chiffon is used for lining while the main fabric is usually net or georgette. This is the most suitable Anarkali style for the skinny or the rectangular body type. But, when stitched to perfection, this style can compliment any body type.

Anarkali Stitched like the Tiered Skirt: 

This Anarkali has horizontal panels stitched together to give the tiered skirt look to the flared skirt. The bodice can be made to look grand by making use of layered fabrics or embroidered designs to match the attire. The flared skirt can be made to look more elegant by stitching a lace at the tier joints. This style of Anarkali can be stitched to suit every body type by altering the length of the bodice. A short bodice for skinny or hourglass body type gives it a regal look.

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