Are Slippers the New Normal? Guide on how to buy the Perfect pair of Slippers

Why are slippers best for new normal?

As the name suggests, slippers are easy to wear, and they can seamlessly slip on and off our feet. You can go barefoot whenever you want easily. Slippers give a warm feeling and give us a cosy feeling. 

There are different types of slippers available in a variety of materials and styles. Here are the most popular types of slippers that you can consider for this winter.

Bootie slippers:

Bootie slippers are available in both hard and soft soles. The soft sole bootie slipper is best for everyday wear at home. This type of slipper provides coverage all the way to your ankle, which is why this is the best type of slipper to seek warmth. There are beautiful bootie slippers available for kids in lovely colours and cute styles. Nowadays, even memory foam bootie slippers are available online for those who seek more comfort.

Clog slippers:

Clog slippers allow good ventilation, and hence your foot does not need to suffocate. Clog slippers easily bend and expand naturally. Hence it reduces fatigue and suffocation giving the best experience for your feet. 

Scuff slippers:

Open toe scuff slippers are best when you want ventilation while avoiding contact with the floor, which is very cool. These slippers come in easy slip-on shape and mostly come with thin rubber soles. Avoid wearing socks if you want to feel the qualities of wool which gives a warm feeling by regulating the temperature.

Slipper socks:

If you want to experience walking on the cloud, you might need to try slipper socks. Slipper socks now come in unique and customized styles. Handmade slipper socks are also available at many stores. They come with non-slip grippers which makes it the best choice for elders who do not want to go with some complicated styles. Slipper socks make your feet super soft and cosy.


How can one forget the moccasin which comes with soft leather and a flat sole? You can get moccasins with either hard or soft soles. There is a premium range of moccasins available which you can buy to flaunt when you have guests at home. Though moccasins are considered best for outdoor use, moccasin slippers with soft sole are available for you to consider for indoors. You can get moccasins slippers with genuine leather as well. If you are looking for a durable slipper providing a warm feeling, you should consider buying moccasin slippers next time. Moccasins come with a variety of lining which can keep you warm all day.

Slippers are the cheap and best option for the new normal, especially when most of us work from home. Slippers are no more boring footwear as you can get in plenty of styles and colours. Spend some extra time in choosing the right pair of slippers for you as you will be spending most of the time with them on.

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