Good News for all the Lipstick Junkies! Enjoy 50% discount on Top Lipstick Brands

Makeup is and always has been a very creative form of self-expression for whoever indulges in it. Your cabinet is incomplete without a stock of your favourite makeup products. Regardless of whether or not you enjoy a full face of makeup, lipsticks are something everyone takes an interest in. With the makeup industry growing more and more each day, the variety in lipstick shades is becoming a never-ending field to explore, not that anyone's complaining. Whether you are a lipstick junkie or just a beginner, there is the perfect lipstick for you out there, and Myntra's End of Reason Sale is the right place to find it.

Mntra End of Reason sale discount

This collection put together by Myntra consists of lipsticks from brands like Maybelline, M.A.C, Lakme, SUGAR, Bobbi Brown, Wet n Wild and many more. These are well-established brands in the makeup industry that have a large, trusting customer base. They do not compromise with quality and focus on making sure their products bring out the best in their customers. Myntra's collection is superior as it has the best of all these brands, ready for you to splurge on. Some of the best features of these lipsticks are:

  • Finish: There is a wide variety when it comes to the finish these lipsticks offer you including matte, glossy, natural, creme, pearl and more. You can also find these in different formulations that suit you best, for, e.g. crayon, bullet, liquid and pencil.

  • Long-Lasting: Most of these lipsticks last long enough for you to not require any touch-ups throughout the day. It will now be easy to put it on and spend the rest of the day with a carefree and flawless look.

  • Moisturising: These will give you a natural look, and the moisturising formula will save your lips from looking crusty. Shop for these moisturising lipsticks for a natural, smooth and eye-catching finish.

  • Pigmentation: Almost all of these lipsticks are made to provide full coverage, and this has several benefits. You can achieve a rich and unique shade with just a single stroke instead of multiple. This ensures the lipstick does not get over quickly, and you get to use it for longer.

Along with these irresistible features, there are many more that include smudge-proof, lightweight, non-sticky, etc. There is a shade for every occasion, and here's your chance to grab authentic and fashionable lipsticks that will complete your outfit and have everyone talking about your style. With so many upsides, this collection will surely turn you into a lipstick enthusiast if you're not one already.

The lipsticks are starting from a price as low as ₹149, there is no better place to find good quality and extremely affordable lipsticks. Shop from top lipstick brands in Myntra's End of Reason Sale and avail exciting discounts and once in a lifetime offers. Starting from 20th December, make sure you're ready to take full advantage of similar exclusive deals on high-end brands!

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