Amla Oil Reviews - Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil Review

Amla Oil Reviews - Today I am going to share Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil review with you all.

It is well known that amla hair oils are very good for hair. Most of the amla oils available in the market received great response from customers as Amla has lot of benefits especially for your hair. There are 3 hair oils which are widely used in India because of their goodness. They are Coconut oil, Amla Hair Oil, Curry Leaves hair oil. There are lot of brands selling coconut oil and amla hair oil. It is tough to find curry leaves hair oil in the market. But you can make all those oils at home itself. Coconut oil is little bit difficult to make at home. But if you have pure coconut oil in your hand with fresh amla pieces, you can easily make your own amla hair oil at home. You can also make curry leaves hair oil at home if you have pure coconut oil and a bunch of curry leaves.

Recipes for making amla hair oil and curry leaves hair oil at home - Homemade Curry Leaves Hair OilHomemade Amla Hair Oil.

Okay. Now let us move onto Amway Amla hair oil review now.

I have started using this amla hair oil from Amway because of my uncle's wonderful experience with this oil. I have tried two more different amla hair oils after using one bottle of Amway Amla hair oil. Since I felt that this amway amla hair oil suits my hair much, I started using this again. I am happy with this oil and planning to continue this oil. Click here to read the review of Amway Persona Preimum 3 in 1 soap.

Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil:

Pack size : 200 ml
MRP : Rs. 72

What the Amway brand claims about their amla hair oil ?

Healthy, Shiny and Strong hair

Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil is enriched with goodness of Amla that conditions hair to make it soft and shiny. Regular use of this amla hair oil prevents dry scalp and strengthens hair roots so that hair becomes healthy and strong.

Ingredients of Amway Amla Hair Oil:

Vegetable Oils
Mineral Oil
Amla Seed Oil
CI 61565
CI 12150
CI 47000

Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil Review:

There is no significant reduction in my hair fall. But I am happy I didn't have much hair fall which will happen when you try using some other hair oils. When I tried using Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic hair oil, I had very negligible hair fall. After switching to this Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil, I can see my hair fall coming back but not much.

The main advantage of using this oil is it gives you stunning black color for your hair. My mom told me that she can see a very good difference in the color of my hair since I used not to have good black color. 

The other notable thing is, my very few grey hairs are not so much visible. So, the people who have grey hairs can definitely see some difference in the visibility of the grey hairs. It is sure to make your grey hairs less visible.

I also got two more good reviews from my uncle and friend. My uncle has been using this oil for one year. His mustache started getting greys but not his head:-)
His friends were started asking him the secret of his black color hair. He also told me that he used to have 4 to 5 grey hairs before using this oil and now nothing is there. It seems to be a miracle. Also, he told that when he left a gap of 1 week without using this oil, he started getting grey hairs back. I have to believe this magic since he is my uncle.

My friend told me that she has also being using this Amway Persona Amla Hair Oil and she also had some grey hairs turing to black color.

These are the comments from my friend and uncle. I did not have experience grey hair turning to black color. They have been using it for more than one year. So, you have to use it continuously to get the results as like other products.  I just saw it lessens the visibility of grey hair. They are not outstanding.

Advantages of Amway Amla Oil:

Not at all expensive
Product from trusted brand
Contains Amla which is known to give shiny black hair
Can apply it even before going out because it does not make you to look so oily
Hair does not become so greasy even large quantity of oil is applied
Prevents premature greying
Grey hairs will not be more visible

Cons of Amway Amla oil:

Some may not like the fragrance but the product is not the one to be ignored by the smell
Can be bought only from Amway business owners and medical shops but not too difficult to find them

Overall Thoughts - Amway Amla Hair Oil Review:

My recommendation to you all about Amway Amla hair oil is to try it for 2 months. By the time, you might be able to judge whether you can continue using this amla hair oil or not. If you find it is useful, you can continue using it for 6 months. There should be significant improvement and you should be able to maintain the health of your hair well. In that case, you can continue using this amla hair oil itself.

Still I am yet to try and write reviews on few more amla hair oils available in the market. Dabur Amla hair oil and Patanjali Amla hair oil are the top 2 amla oils which I want to try desperately.

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  1. how use amla hair apply it directly or need mai with coconut oil????

    1. Hi, You can directly apply Amla Hair oil without mixing it with coconut oil. Use atleast thrice a week. Apply the oil and leave overnight. Wash your hair next day. If you want, you can wash with shampoo next day. You can also heat coconut oil and massage from the root to tip for 5 minutes twice a week. It will promote hair growth and prevent split ends too.

  2. how to use amla hair oil???plz tell me...

    1. Apply Amla hair oil directly on your scalp and from root to tip. Leave it overnight. Add water to a mild herbal shampoo to wash the hair next day for best results atleast twice a week.

  3. You said that you can go out in the oil so if you leave it on for 24 hrs will the grey hairs darken quicker

    1. Once the oil is absorbed fully by your scalp and hair, it does not matter how long you leave it. If you leave your hair more oily continuously when you go outside, dust will get accumulated easily. This problem has less probability at home.

  4. Does it make hairs thick and long ? N if yes , den hw long does it take ?

    1. I did not get significant change in thickness in hair. Length was good but not so much. It depends on your hair type.

  5. First of all it does not contains amla oil,it contains amla seed oil.2nd,It contains mineral oil.Mineral is produced by the time of making of Petrol.Many researches have proved that it is not good for our health and can cause cancer.3rd,It is a 'Type 3' hair oil(You can see it above or below of the ingredients).That means it contains higher amount of non-vegetable oil.4th,It contains preservative.Which is also very harmful.100% vegetable oil does not need preservative.

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