Amway Persona Soap Review

Hello friends,

I am completing three months of using Amway Persona soap. I am happy to write the review of the soap. I never planned to try this soap. I always heard good reviews only about Amway Persona Amla Hair oil. Click here to read the review of Amway Persona Amla Hair oil. I have never heard about this soap from anyone. Thanks to the owner of the beauty parlour who introduced this soap and Amway Dynamite Hair cream. I just went for layer cut and came back with these items:-)

Amway Persona Premium 3 in 1 Soap:

Pack size: 75 g

MRP: Rs. 43

What they claim:

Persona 3 in 1 soap moisturizes, deodorizes & gives excellent germ protection. Its conditioning formula cleanses your skin with naturally-derived ingredients. Also contains trusted premium almond oil derivatives for rich moisturizing, leaving soft skin, supple and smooth. The Triclocarban in the soap is proven to help control bad odour and provides germ and deodrant protection. Its unique lingering fragrance will refresh and help control bad odour. Dermatologically tested.


Sodium soap

Methyl Ether
Decyl Polyglucoside
Titanium Dioxide
Almond Glyceride

My View:

I am using Himalayas face wash for my face. I am using the Amway Persona soap for daily bathing. As they said, yes, it moisturizes, protects and deodorizes. I was using Hamam soap from my childhood. It was also a very good soap. But I feel it is not much helpful if you are looking for moisturizing effect especially if you have dry skin. Amway persona soap moisturizes your skin well.

I found it as a very good deodorizing soap. It will protect you from bad odour atleast for eight hours. I feel good even in this so hot summer. The fragrance is very good and you can enjoy the fragrance for long hours.

I never had skin problems since I was using Hamam soap. I didn't get any skin problem also after using Amway Persona soap also. Yes, it protects the skin.


Not so costly

Product from Trusted brand
Very good moisturizing soap
Effective on dry skin.
Good deodrant soap
Awesome fragrance


Like so many cosmetic products, this soap has also Triclocarbon which seems to be harmful. I am not sure about how much they have added. Amway is claiming that it is to give long lasting germ protection. It also kills odour causing germs thus giving long lasting deodrizing effects. Just do a search in Google to know the side effects of Triclocarbon.

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  1. Thanks, no doubt this is nice product I knew when
    I read this post, and I also know a better company whose manufacture 100% natural beauty product
    this product no harmful for human body skin.I said
    because I use one of this product.


    1. Yes Omar. This not at all harmful for the skin. Thanks for your comment.

  2. iam using this product fr my 8 minths old boy..since 3 days no reaction feel like continuing should i or not please suggest

    1. Hi Divya, I also have 1.5 years old kid. When I took him to the beauty parlor where I bought this soap three months ago.. The owner lady suggested me to use the soap to my kid also.. She said it is safe for kids too.

      I hope your child is not allergic towards this soap since 3 days have already passed without side effects. If the child has any allergy like rashes towards the soap, stop using it immediately. Always use less amount of soap. Use water to lather more. It will be very good if you can check with a doctor too.

    2. Hi Divya, Just check the update on the post about the Triclocarbon ingredient in the soap.

  3. can i use persona soap for face wash pls tell any thing to me

  4. Sure .. You can use it for washing face too.

  5. Pl refer the bad effects of the ingredients "triclocarban" and "triclosan" in any products before personally use it.

    1. Hello sir, Thanks for the update. I have updated the post about the side effects of Triclocarbon.