Milk Chocolate Pedas - Chocolate Milk Burfi Recipe - Cocoa powder recipes

Milk Chocolate Pedas - Milk Chocolate Burfi Recipe - Cocoa powder recipes:

Milk Chocolate pedas/burfis recipe is quiet easy recipe which requires no cooking or baking. So, it is a very simple and easy recipe. You can prepare Milk Chocolate burfis in just 15 minutes. Since Diwali is nearing, it is a must try sweet recipe which can save lot of time. The short ingredient list and quick preparation method impressed me a lot.  My dad recently came to my house last week. My mom prepares homemade snacks every time for us and sent this time too. I wanted to prepare something new this time to impress her :-) 

Milk Chocolate Pedas - Milk Chocolate Burfi Recipe - Cocoa powder recipes:

Milk Chocolate Burfi

Milk Chocolate Pedas - Milk Chocolate Burfi Recipe  - Cocoa powder recipes:

Milk Chocolate Burfi Recipe

Prep Time: 10 mins    | Makes : 6
Recipe Category : Sweet 
Easy sweet recipe - Diwali Sweet recipe


  • Marie Biscuits - 4 nos
  • Milk powder - 3 - 4 tbsp
  • Cocoa Powder - 1.5 tbsp
  • Any nuts like Almond/Pista - 2 tbsp
  • Ghee/oil - Few drops
  • Sugar - 3 tsp
  • Milk - To sprinkle to make the dough
  • Coriander Leaves - 1 tsp

Instructions to make chocolate milk burfi:

1. Take marie biscuits, milk powder, nuts, sugar, cocoa powder and grind them to a very fine powder in a mixer grinder.

2. Sprinkle milk little by little to the ground powder to make a soft dough.

3. Use few drops of ghee/oil to avoid stickiness while rolling into your desired shapes. I added oil since I did not want to have ghee flavor in the sweet.

4. Refrigerate for long shelf life.

I made little balls for my kid and see how quick he is finishing them without any compulsion.

Note: Use 3 tbsp milk powder to get less domination of milk powder taste. If you like the taste of milk powder much, add 4 tbsp.

Try Milk Chocolate Pedas - Milk Burfi - Cocoa powder recipes for this Diwali and leave in your valuable comments.

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