Nestle Cerelac India Review - Cerelac Stages 1,2,3 & 4 Reviews

Nestle Cerelac India Review - Cerelac Stages 1,2,3 & 4 Reviews:

I wanted to share my review on Nestle Cerelac Product with you all for a long time. The time has come now. I was giving it for my kid from 6 months till 2 years. Now my kid is 2.75 years old. I have used all the Nestle Cerelac Stages 1,2,3 and 4. I thought I would post my review on cerelac now itself since I might forget the things as the time passes quickly. I hope it will be useful for mothers of babies(6 months - 2 years) and expecting women to take informed decision.

Cerelac, Farex and Lactogen are few of the trusted brands which are existing in the market for a long time. My mom used to say that she had given Cerelac and Farex to my sister when she was a baby.

How did I decide to try Cerelac?

Like many other new mothers, I was also in a confusion whether to try Cerelac or not for my kid. But my mom strongly suggested to introduce Cerelac to the baby. She told me that it is the best option when we need to go away from home for long hours like day long shopping, functions, parties or any other appointments where we cannot get homemade food. Also, it is easy to carry wherever we go. I found her advice to be meaningful. So I started giving Cerelac to my baby.

Price and Available Flavors:

You can check the current flavors and price in the link -

Was it useful for me?

Yes, of course. I used to give at least once daily. My child liked it very much. I found it very useful when I went outside for long hours, when my child woke up in the middle and played for a long time in the mid night, when my child woke up before me.

What flavors my kid liked in each stage?

Cerelac Stage 1: Wheat Apple
Cerelac Stage 2: Wheat Apple Cherry
Cerelac Stage 3: Wheat Rice Mixed Fruits
Cerelac Stage 4: Multi Grain 5 fruits

I made a point to include Wheat and Apple(or fruits) in all the stages since I included Rice everyday at home.

My suggestions:

1. You should train you baby to Cerelac when you are at home itself. Do not think that you will give only when required. Baby might not eat a new food well all of a sudden. So, you should make a point to give it frequently so that the baby will get used to it.

2. As Nestle recommends in the label itself, mother's milk is best for baby. So, you should continue feeding mother's milk for your baby along with solid foods.

3. You should also include other homemade food items, fruits and vegetables too which are appropriate for the child's age on the advice of your pediatrician.

4. Sometimes the baby might not eat well when you try for the first time. In that case, increase the quantity gradually day by day.

5. If your child takes more time to eat, do not mix more quantity at a time. Since the prepared Cerelac has to be consumed within half an hour as Nestle suggests, prepare one scoop by one scoop.

6. After opening the pack, you should use it within one month.

7. Do not store the unused feed even in fridge. Just discard it. You can also eat as I used to do instead of wasting :) It tastes so good!!

8. Always store in an air tight container. Close the lid once you take the required amount.

9. Use a dedicated clean and dry spoon and keep it in the container itself. Do not use the spoon for any other purpose.


1. Instant and tasty solid food.
2. Easy to prepare.
3. Travel friendly.
4. It contains cereals and milk which provide the best combined benefit of cereal and milk.
4. Free from added artificial colors, flavours and preservatives.
5. Contains immunonutrients, growth nutrients, brain and vision nutrients. 6. Different flavors available. Almost all babies like at least one of the available flavors.

Not all flavors for all stages are available in every store. I had to tell the shop owner in advance to buy the flavor I wanted. Otherwise, I had to check in so many stores. 

To avoid the delay and other problems, you can order online in advance. You can check the available flavors in the link and order in discounted price.

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Hope the review is useful to you. See you soon with another useful review.
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  1. Which is best flavour for stage 2, or which one your abbay enjoy most?

    1. My kid liked Wheat Apple Cherry. He likes flavors with apple. But babies taste vary :)

  2. Cerelac is great way to fulfill your baby daily dietary and nutritive requirements. It

    has Iron, Calcium, Fatty Acids and Vitamins thats helps child in early stage development.

  3. Cab you tell me which variety of ceralac i can use at night time for baby to hav sound sleep?