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You will love Frush Ville at first sight. Yes. Frush Ville is a real treat for your eyes when you cross it. I have seen it so many times while traveling in the OMR. Recently we did a shopping in a furniture showroom in Navalur, OMR. You can read about that furniture shop here. While returning, my hubby asked whether we could go to Frush Ville which is located in OMR itself. I already felt full but I couldn't say no as my hubby told that the ambience is so good. Frush Ville is very close to Polaris, Egattur in OMR.


The restaurant is small but if I say it is awesome, it is an understatement. Until I entered into the restaurant, I did not have plan to write about it in my blog. But I couldn't resist taking pictures after seeing the nice ambience and updating them in my blog. I took it in my phone as it was an unplanned shoot :) So, the picture quality is not so good.


Its a perfect place if you want to dine with your family. You can have light dinner in the lovely ambience. It was so greenery. I loved it so much. We have ordered juice, falooda and sandwiches.



You can have fresh juices, sandwiches, ice creams and even chat items. OMG, I have never seen so many juice options in my life. There is a lot of options available. They not only have common juices from fruits like Apple, Pomegranate but also fruits from all over the world including western fruits. I do not have the list of juices right now with me. If I have, I would love sharing it too. You should see the menu card to trust me. The options are plenty more than you could  imagine. My hubby is a fan of fresh juices and he was excited to see such a big list of juices.

I do not even remember what my hubby ordered. It is not a simple one. It is a combo of so many fruits and it is so complicated to recollect:)

I did not note whether they have soft drinks. And you do not need to bother about it. You should enjoy the taste of fresh juices.


Customer Service:

The customer service is very good. There was a person who served us. I guess he does not know Tamil but he was so friendly. Even my kid liked him so much. My hubby and me had a doubt whether he was an employee or one of the owners. My hubby told that he might be an owner because it is rare to see such wonderful employee nowadays. His service was excellent.

He helped us in all ways right from ordering juices and sandwiches till we left the restaurant.

Taste and Quantity:

Taste was perfect and so good. I ordered Masala Veg Cheese Toast and I liked it so much. Believe me, that is the best toast I had till now. My kid loved Falooda so much and quantity was too much for him as he is little. So, I got opportunity for tasting it too. It was yummy. I loved it too. I have tasted Falooda in many restaurants. Only few of them were good. In some restaurants, they had spoiled the taste by adding different fruits which do not match well in taste. But in Frush Ville, Falooda was just perfect. My hubby ordered juice and his feedback is also very good. He offered me a sip at last and it was tasty.



Their price is so nominal and will not hit your pocket definitely. You do not need to worry about cost at all. The bill for juice, falooda and sandwich came to around 200 plus which was reasonable.

Final Verdict:

Go there and you will not get disappointed. If you want to have a light family dinner in nice ambience, Frush Ville is the best option in OMR.

Note: This is my personal opinion and experience about the restaurant. It might not be the same for everyone.

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