Homemade Pickle Recipes - How to make pickles at home - Easy Pickle Recipe

Homemade Pickle Recipes - How to make pickles at home - Easy Pickle Recipe:

I have compiled the list of Homemade Pickle Recipes here. I have included all the homemade pickle recipes which I have posted in this blog. All new post on homemade pickles will get updated here.

As you know, homemade pickles are healthier and can be made fresh as and when required. Absolutely no preservatives need to be used. Moreover the taste can be altered according to your ow taste buds. Love spicy hot pickle? Add more red chilli powder. Love Salty pickles? Add more salt. Don't want oily pickles? Add less oil.

The recipes here are to help you to get a basic idea on how to make pickles at home. No stringent measurements have to be followed. Last but not least, do not forget to add fenugreek powder in pickles. It gives you an awesome taste. Don't have fenugreek powder? Just dry roast the fenugreek seeds and grind it in a mixer. That's it.

I got a doubt long back - What is the difference between thokku and pickle(Urugai)?. I checked with many people. Some said both are same. Some told different definitions. At last, I concluded that thokku is little watery and pickle has no water content. If you see a store bought pickle bottle, you cannot see the water content whereas you can see more oil. In thokku, it is kind of semi gravy where the mixture has little water content. Also, I have heard that thokku has little less shelf life when compared to pickles. Do you know any other difference? Please let us know.

So, if you want the pickle to have little water content, make it as thokku by adding little more water. Switch off before the water is completely evaporated. If you want it as pickle with no water, add less water(required to bind the ingredients) and allow the water content to evaporate. You can even skip adding water by adding more oil.

So, now you are aware of the tricks of making homemade pickles. Its time to check out the homemade pickle recipes.

1. Sweet Mango Pickle - Mangai Urugai(in Tamil) - Aam Ka Achar(in Hindi) Recipe:

Recipe Link - Sweet Mango pickle

2. Citron Pickle - Narthangai thokku or Narthangai Urugai(in Tamil) Recipe:

Recipe Link - Citron Pickle

3. Gooseberry Pickle Recipe - Amla Achar(in Hindi) - Nellikai Urugai(in Tamil) Recipe:

Recipe Link - Gooseberry Pickle

4. Tomato Pickle Recipe - Thakkali Thokku*Thakkali Urugai in Tamil) - Tomato Ka Achar(in Hindi):

Recipe Link - Gooseberry Pickle

5. Orange Peel Thokku - Orange peel pickle recipe - Pickle made from Orange skin:

Recipe Link - Orange Peel Pickle

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