Instant Ragi Dosa - How To Make Ragi Dosa with Ragi Flour

Instant Ragi Dosa - How To Make Ragi Dosa with Ragi Flour:

Instant Ragi Dosa - Ragi dosa made with ragi flour as the main ingredient without the need of grinding batter beforehand. You can make the ragi dosa just with ragi flour, salt and water which is good for diabetic people. Optionally, you can add regular idli dosa batter if you have in stock for a better taste. For crispier dosa, rice flour can be added. Tempering few items mentioned in the ingredients list and adding to the instant ragi batter will also enhance the flavor and taste. With all these items combined, instant ragi dosa tastes best. I have already posted Kambu adai/Bajra adai/Pearl Millet adai here. I have posted Ragi Murukku recipe too.

Ragi Dosa

No need to doubt about the taste. My hubby who is a picky eater demanded more ragi dosai than usual:) My kid also had it without any complaint.
Ragi Flour Dosa 

Ragi is called Kezhvaragu/Keppai/Aariyam in Tamil. Ragi flour is called Kezhvaragu maavu in Tamil. It is commonly known as Finger Millet.

Ragi in different languages:

Tamil - Kezhvaragu/Keppai/Aariyam
Hindi - Madua/Marua, Mandua, Maruwa/Maduwa, Mandwa, Ragi
Kannada - Ragi
Telugu - Ragi/Tamidalu
Malayalam - Muthary/Kuvaraku/Kurumbullu/Panjipul/Ragi

Now let us see how to make ragi dosa. I am sure that it is one of the best ragi dosa recipes.

Instant Ragi Dosa - How To Make Ragi Dosa with Ragi Flour:


Ragi Flour - 3/4 cup(150 ml)
Salt - To taste
Water - As required

Idli Dosa Batter - 2 tbsp(I have added)
Rice Flour - 1/4 cup(I have added)
Buttermilk or Curd - To taste(I did not add)

To Temper:
Oil -  tsp
Mustard seeds - 3/4 tsp
Urad dal - 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds/Jeera - 1 tsp
Big onion - 1 finely chopped(big size)
Green Chilli - 1 finely chopped
Curry leaves - few
Coriander leaves - As required

Instant Ragi Dosa 


1. Mix Ragi flour, Rice flour, Idli Dosa Batter and salt in a mixing bowl. Add water little by little and make a thin batter like Rava Dosa Batter. It should be in easy flowing consistency but not too watery. Cover it with a lid and keep it aside.

2. Now, let us get ready with the tempered items. Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add urad dal and let it turn golden brown in color. Add cumin seeds and curry leaves. Saute it till the cumin seeds crackle. Add finely chopped big onion slices and green chillies now. Saute till they become translucent. Switch off the stove.


3. Mix the tempered items with the prepared Ragi Dosa Batter. Add finely chopped coriander leaves and mix well. As I have added rice flour and idli dosa batter, the color of the batter is not so dark.


4. Heat tawa and coat the surface with oil. Once the tawa is hot, mix the Ragi Dosa Batter well and pour a ladle of batter over the tawa as we do for rava dosa. Drizzle a tsp of oil over and around ragi dosai. Start from outer side, pour in circular motion and fill in the holes at last. Cook both sides well till the edges become crispy. If you do not use rice flour, it is not easy to get crispy Ragi dosa.


Instant Ragi Dosa with Ragi flour is ready to eat. Serve with any chutney. Coconut chutney, onion tomato coconut chutney, onion chutney and tomato chutney are the best.

Ragi Dosa Recipe


1. Use rice flour to get crispy ragi dosai.
2. Use idli dosa batter for a better taste.
3. You can make thick ragi dosa like Ragi Uthapam  but the taste will not be so good.

Hope you liked the recipe - Instant Ragi Dosa - How To Make Ragi Dosa with Ragi Flour.
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  1. Hi Pink and Pink!, I loved this recipe, very well explained with useful pictures and instructions. The result seems to be so yummy! I'm giving this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing.
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