Paper Boat Drinks - Product Review

Paper Boat Drinks - Product Review:

Paper Boat drinks are widely available nowadays even in my place. When I got their products for review, I went for a vacation to my native. I clicked the pictures and enjoyed the paper boat drinks too along with my kid and sister. I did not have time to post them here as I was busy with the travel. It has been in drafts for quite a long time. Now, it is time to publish this post.

One fine afternoon, my calling bell started ringing. My kid ran to the door to check who was there. One courier person from professional couriers had come to deliver couriers. He was very curious to know what was inside the pack. I came to know that he was kind of doubtful when he told that it looked like some liquids packed inside:) It was good that the parcel had the brand name 'Paper boat' mentioned outside. I explained him about it and told him that drinks had been sent for review. I am sure he might not have completely understood. But I wanted to make sure that there was nothing bad inside:)

Products I got for review:

1. 2 packs of Ginger Lemon Tea
2. 2 packs of Tulsi Tea

I was little hesitant initially to taste those drinks as they were herbal tea. I had lunch just before I received it and felt so full. Still, I took a glass cup to pour the tea out of curiosity.

Before opening I wanted to take few snaps too. Good that I took it beforehand. As soon as I opened the pack and poured into the glass cup, my kid took it and drank the whole cup. In fact, he asked for more. Then only I came forward to taste it. It did not disappoint me. I also had a cup and I liked it. I am sure it will be better if it is cold as they mentioned.

Okay. Now let us know more about the paper boat drinks.


1. Natural and functional Ingredients
2. Indian traditional ingredients
3. Great packaging and hygienic

Paper Boat Drinks - GINGER LEMON TEA:

Are you curious to know what is inside the drink? Well. It has 4% lemon juice, a little bit of sugar, a little bit of water, 8% ginger, 6% black tea leaves and some lemon grass too.

Paper Boat Drinks - TULSI TEA:

Are you curious to know what is inside this drink? Well. It has 3% lemon juice, a little bit of sugar, a little bit of water, 7% black tea leaves and tulsi leaves.

Paper Boat Drinks Price - So cheap. Most of their products are priced under 30 INR for 250 ml.

Paper Boat Drinks Packaging - Packaging is so good and you do not need to worry while carrying.

My Thoughts:

These Paper Boat drinks are definitely boon for herbal tea lovers, health & diet conscious people. Just have it refrigerated to get a better taste. In spite of having useless soft drinks, it is really worthy to have these herbal drinks. People who are in diet can carry these packets in their bag and have it whenever they want. You have to remember that it is a herbal tea and you should not expect it to be very tasty like ordinary soft drinks. Then you will not get disappointed. It is widely available everywhere.
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