Loafers for all occassions

Loafers have become a part of style quotient in this modern era. Your wardrobe must have usual clothes, jewellery, make up and cosmetic items. But do you have loafers? If you are new to loafers, it is time to know about it and to own a pair of loafers now.

Loafer Meaning - Loafers are slip-on, lace less shoes. They generally have low cut around the sides of foot. Ankle is exposed in loafers and the shoes do not wrap around the ankle snugly. Hence they are considered as low shoes. Loafers mostly have a very low heel or flat. They have separate sole unlike moccasins.

Difference between Moccasins and Loafers: Loafer has a Moccassin construction.  Moccasin is usually a shoe or slipper, made of deerskin or any soft leather. It does not have a separate sole whereas loafers have separate sole. Soles and sides are made of one piece of soft leather, having the sole turned up on all sides and stitched together at the top in a simple gathered system, sometimes with additional panel of leather. The sole part is very soft and quite flexible. Nowadays, most of the Moccasins have the upper part adorned with beading or embroidery. But most of the loafers do not come with such beading, embroidery or any other kind of additional ornamentation on the upper part.

Generally loafers can be worn for formal, casual and informal occasions. You can wear loafer with socks or stockings as you wish. If you are going to wear a skirt, you can wear loafers without socks. Also for casual occasions, you can wear loafers fashionably without socks. Loafers go well with formal and informal pants, jeans, shorts and skirts.

Loafers come in a range of materials and hence the price varies. Obviously leather loafers come with high price tags. But you can expect high quality. Although, there are a lot of styles available in loafers, moccasins, penny and tassel loafers are quite popular in India. We have already discussed about moccasins. Tassel Loafers have tassels on the instep, looks attractive, trendy, perfect fashion statement. Penny Loafers have single strap that runs across the instep, containing a slit in the center. Use with stockings to look classy.

It is good to have at least one pair of loafers. If you are going to use loafers only for party, choose tassel loafers and look stylish.
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